Honda Element Questions

Why Is My Element Unable To Exceed 69 Miles Per Hour?

My 2007 Element with 167,000 miles on it began seriously bucking on a long trip to Texas. The engine light was on steadily. Two persistent mechanics tried everything and finally replaced the positi...

2003 Element Shakes When Accelerating 45-50 Mph

This seems to be a common problem, but I have not found an answer yet. My car shakes/shimmies from side to side when accelerating between 45 and 50 mph, and this is the only time this happens. It ...

Honda Element Speedometer Is Not Working And Check Engine Light Is On!

Honda Element Speedometer Is Not coming on and showing any numbers. Also the check engine light is on solid all the time.

How To Leave A Review For A Specific Dealership?

How to leave a review for a specific dealership? I click add my review and it takes me to a different dealership than the one I dealt with.?..?


What is the meaning of uncertain on price comparable

Honda Element Overview

The Honda Element. Is it a box, a car, a truck, or an SUV?
The correct answer is SUV, although there are a fair number of drivers who say it's replaced their truck and an equal number who say it's a great car for getting toddlers in and out and doing errands around town. In fact, there is enough love for this little SUV that Honda Element owners' clubs exist all around the country - and there's a huge market for Element accessories.
First introduced in 2002, it was designed to capture younger drivers with its front and rear bumpers, dent-resistant rocker panels and rear seats that stow to the side rather than fold down. And, its rear door is a double door: one opens upward, the other folds down like a tailgate.
The Element also has a variation of suicide doors - the kind where the door handles of the reard doors butt up against the door handles of the front doors. Unlike real suicide doors though, the front doors of the Element must be open in order to open the rear doors.

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