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My Power Steering And Power Brakes Both Went At The Same Time. Fluids Are G...

NO problems and then both stop at once, coincidence??? seems unlikely.,

Why Do I Have To Send A Picture Of My Drivers License

Why do I have to send a picture of my drivers license?

Oil Pressure Does Not Read PSI

I just replaced my oil pressure sensor but my oil gauge is still not registering PSI

Is It My Transmission Or Other?

My 2001 GMC Sierra 2500HD has the 4L80E transmission and it is stuck jn a gear not sure which one but it doesn't have reverse or neutral either and when j put it in Park it still wants to go forwar...

How To Get Instant Offer

I don't see any place to put in my information and get an instant offer on my used truck like the ad's say

GMC Sierra 2500HD Overview

The GMC Sierra 2500HD adds an extra dimension to the 2500 franchise with extra power. This 3/4 ton pickup truck tows 13,000 lbs. and comes in Work Truck, SLE, and SLT trims, just like the other rugged pickups in GMC's lineup.

The most noteworthy changes to the Sierra 2500HD so far came in 2007 with the introduction of a high-powered 6.0 L, 353 hp V8 engine with an option to upgrade to 365 hp. This truck has a prominent grille, headlights, and a re-furbished interior. Overall, GMC sees the potential for growth with the Sierra 2500HD and plans to capitalize in the coming years.

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