New GMC Savana Cargo

2024 GMC Savana Cargo Overview
New 2024 GMC Savana Cargo For Sale
$40,700 - $44,600
$38,014 - $41,656

GMC Savana Cargo Questions

Get In Touch With Seller

I am trying to get in touch with the seller of a vehicle I am interested in purchasing... is there a way other than “make an offer” to communicate?

Flashers Don't Work.

Changed flasher module but signals and flashers don't work

Sometimes Cranks But No Start

sometimes when i crank it no start. release the key and tap it, it starts. other times it starts properly. new crank and cam sensors, good fuel pressure. don't know if there is spark because it is i...


Van Dies Right After Startup

I have a 2001 GMC Savana 2500 V6 I use for work it was running fine then just didn't start at one of my customers homes. Had it towed home replaced the fuel pump and filter still didn't start. Rep...



GMC Savana Cargo Overview

If the Savana can carry the A-Team, the Cargo lives up to its name and holds all their equipment. This full-sized van has over 300 cubic feet of max cargo space. Since its inception in 1996, consumers have witnessed 2 generations of the Savana Cargo: pre and post 2003.

The 2003 remodelling featured exterior alterations, new engines, and the addition of all-wheel drive. Because of the significant cargo space, the Savana Cargo has 2 doors and only has room for 3. Overall, the Savana Cargo presents a solid option for drivers with a lot of baggage who want their van to look more modern than the Mystery Mobile.

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