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Change Battery 2012 Ford Con Transit Keyfob

Replace keyfob battery

Ford Transit Connect Stuck In Park

Vehicle is stuck in park because shifter won't move and brake lights don't come on. What is likely cause of problem?

Is There A Master Reset On My Transit?

2016 Ford Transit Connect Won't start, power is good, turned off in drive and then put in park. I think it doesn't know it's in park.

I Am Trying To Remove The Factory Roof Racks On My 2017 Transit Connect XLT...

So I took one loose end cap to my locksmith to make a key which unlocked the other three. I called everyone and YouTubed this to no avail. Then I "discovered" that the key releases a long Torx-like ...

Stuck In Park But Transmission Is In Nuetral

shiftier is stuck in park, but transmission is in neutral