Ford Fusion Hybrid Questions

AC Turning On Randomly

I was driving my car this morning, going to get breakfast and my AC turned on all by itself. I thought that was odd. I turned it off, and then maybe another 5 minutes later it did it again, sporad...


Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Age Sensor

My hybrid system stopped working a month ago. I took it into a dealership and eventually it was discovered that the computer sensed the battery to be over 9 years old and instructed the hybrid system...


2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid High Voltage Battery Replacement

Can you replace a high voltage battery on a 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid?

Ford Fusion Battery Drain Problem

Ford Fusion hybrid battery drains and car will not start


The wrench warning light ONLY comes on when I'm driving in 80+ heat at 70 mph. It stays on until I stop the car. When I get driving again, the warning light comes back on. When I'm back home in 6...