Ford Fusion Hybrid Questions


The wrench warning light ONLY comes on when I'm driving in 80+ heat at 70 mph. It stays on until I stop the car. When I get driving again, the warning light comes back on. When I'm back home in 6...

Battery Won't Hold Charge

Had the oil changed in y 2017 ford fusion 5 days ago. Now battery won't hold a charge overnight. Charges as I drive but drains overnight.

Car NOT Found Online

A 2019 ford fusion Titanium keeps popping up, But I Can Never find it!

2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Coolant Loss

Service Mgr tried to tell me that it was normal for the coolant to wear out & evaporate! How would this condition effect battery life?


Ford Fusion Hybrid Battery Age Sensor

My hybrid system stopped working a month ago. I took it into a dealership and eventually it was discovered that the computer sensed the battery to be over 9 years old and instructed the hybrid system...