Ford Fiesta Questions

Fuse Number 20 On A Bantam Rocam

The fuse number 20 on my Ford bantam Rocam 2007 model keeps blowing. When I replace it, it drives for a short while then pops again. What can be the problem please

Intermittent Electrical Speedo Failure And Engine Cut Out.

Speedo arm does not move off zero, then next start-up, everything normal. Engine can just die on long hill ( with A/C on). Not steep. Shut everything off, restart and all goes as usual. Cyclical metal...

Serpentine Belt Replacement On A Ford Fiesta 2018 Stretch Fit

don't see any adjustments how do I replace a serpentine belt on a 2014 Ford Fiesta if it's a stretch fit and it seems like it's way too short I'm afraid I'm going to break it

2011 Ford Fiesta Door Lock

I have only one key Its just the "smart" blade, no fob. last week the driver door key insert will not lock or unlock any of the doors> It only has the driver door key insert, no other door has it...