2014 terrain slt my battery randomly dies on me also. the dealership told me it was the cell phone charger drawing to much amp. 7map. they charged it for me and told me it wasnt a warrenty issue and


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dealership said cellphone charger was drawing to much 7map. they fully charged battery and i took car home. today i put a new cellphone charger in the power outlet and it drained the battery???? now my backup camera is shutting off by its self when backing up. the car has started again but i can tell the battery is low because it is hard to turn over. Is there an electrical issue with the terrains that gmc is hiding and wont admit to because of the scare of recall

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There must be some short somewhere or some other electrical issue. It is possible that battery is faulty however.

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Fully charge the battery then have it load tested. Your battery may be worn out. Typically the original battery is only designed to last 3 years. So if your Terrain was made late in 2013 you may be due for a new battery. A cell phone charger should not kill the battery. When Hurricane Sandy hit and I was without power I charged my phone on a regular basis for 3 days without the car running and it didn't effect my battery. HTH. -Jim


thanks i will try another dealer about the battery.

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You're welcome. Glad to help. -Jim


I have a 2014 Terrain, and three times I went to start it and the battery was fully drained. I had it jump started by AAA and they gave a quick test. the charging system was good, the battery, although low was good, and they said it appears a light was left on to drain the battery that quick over night. Three times the dealer rand a full diagnostic check and could not find any issues. The first time, I had driven it 40+ miles away and then back so the battery was charged. the battery was tested and it was good, all the cells were holding charge. There has been other terrain owners with the same issue on this posting. We used to have kids taking gas from our cars, now maybe they are taking electrons from our batteries? I really have no answer. If your phone charger is not connected to a phone, it does not draw any charge. It is a minimal draw anyway. I think it is a design flaw in the computer system. All my lights are set on auto turn off after a few minutes so it is not that. The radio turns off when the door is opened.

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We had the same thing happening to our 2014 GMC Terrain. It happened about 11 times. We jumped it about 1/2 the time so we could get to where we needed to go. The other times we had it towed. We decided to trade it in...the CARFAX shows every time that it was in for service. Not good for trade-in value. They didn't want to give us anything for it. It was in excellent condition and had 43,000 miles on it. Very sad. Definitely a lemon. We were going to work with GM to let us know what they'd do for us but hubby was impatient to get out of this.

I have a 2014 Terrain SLT that was purchased in March 2014. Love the car but it's battery died unexpectedly on December 26th, 2014. This was just the beginning of many times that this has happened since then including yesterday, February 21, 2017. I have been taking my car into the dealership for this problem since 2014 and they have yet to find the cause. They have replaced the battery 3 times in addition to the original battery. So far my car has only died while parked at home which has been a blessing. The dealership has tested the car each time to test for a draw on the battery but could not find anything. They have suspected that something in our garage was waking the computer in the car that was causing the drain. I started parking my car under the deck instead of in the garage yet it still dies. They have suggested that I ad a trickle battery charger to my car which I didn't do because I think there is a problem with the car that needs addressing. I can't believe that my car is sensitive to it's surroundings and if it is...is that my fault or the car manufacturer? Do I have to be careful where I park my car each time I go somewhere? I think not. I have documented all these occurrences with GM and am hoping for some kind of help in either fixing my car or having it declared a lemon. From what I understand I have to complain to the state representative in order to have it declared a lemon however I purchased my car in another state other than where I live and I have not pursued that avenue as of yet. My warranty runs out in mid March so I fell the urgency to get some answers. I am so glad I found this site. Glad I am not the only one to have had this problem. I sure hope we can all find out what is wrong with our cars. Love my Terrain when it runs!!


twnzx24me, This is not the first posting of the Terrain and it's battery issues. As you have seen from my post above, it happened to me three times. Each time a full day of testing was done, so I was told, and nothing was found. Others have done the same thing, but nothing was found or replaced. I have gone a year now with no repeats, but am weary all the time. I have to park the GMC outside because I want my 69 Vette to be housed. Something in the garage causing a drain because activating the Terrain's computer? They smoking dope or blowing it up your ....? The battery check out fine, one guy replaced the battery only to have it drain again. I think there is something in the4 computer that causes a slow drain. the battery is fully discharged. not just a little, but dead. I agree, I love the car, wish it had a turbo on it like the MBZ does for more guts and better economy, but it's not in the works. You can contact the state department of consumer affairs and ask about the lemon law in your state. It is a car sold nation wide, no matter where you bought it. I'm sure GM corporate may contact you. If I could keep the same payments, I'd trade mine in for a new one that does not have the problems.

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John, thank you for your response. My car died the first time in Dec of 2014. I called GM roadside assistance and they sent a guy to jump start the car which worked. The next time it died my husband charged it at home after seeing how to hook it up from the GM guy. We didn't know where to attach the cables when we first looked at it. These new cars make simple things more difficult by hiding the battery under the computer as I'm sure you have discovered with your experiences with your Terrain. On Feb, 10, 2015 I took my car to the dealership to find out what was causing the battery to die and after testing they installed a new battery. The old battery failed testing. On Feb 24, 2015 the battery failed again. Dealership kept it till Mar 4, 2015 trying to duplicate the draw on the battery but still couldn't.On Nov 20, 2015 I was leaving on a trip only to find my car battery was dead once again. My husband charged it and I drove for the entire weekend and driving around 300 miles. No problems. Again on Dec 9, 2015 battery died again...dealership could not duplicate the issue but I also had to have the auto breaking module replaced due to it failing. They suggested that I add a trickle charger to my car which I didn't do. Battery lasted till Sept.6, 2016...died again. Dealership replaced battery for the second time. Between Sept 6 and Sept 20th, my two main headlights blew out at the same time. I found it strange that both headlights blew out at the same time. Dealership replaced lights. On Dec 6th, 2016 the battery failed and again the dealership replaced the battery. This is battery 3 not including the original factory battery. I have parked my car outside and under our deck since Sept 6, 2016 to see if indeed they was something causing the modules to wake up and drain the battery when housed in the garage like they had suggested but it once again died yesterday, Feb 21, 2017. I am waiting to hear back from GMC regarding this issue once again. I have been very patient during this journey but am increasingly frustrated. I feel like the dealership is just putting a band-aid on the problem by replacing the battery the battery all these times and telling me my car has been fixed when it clearly has not. My warranty runs out in about three weeks. Don't know what my options will be then.


twnzx24me Call GM customer service and state your problem and history as stated above. Not the customer service at the dealership, but corporate. They have in the past been extremely helpful. If that does not help, try your state's Department of Automotive Repair and talk to them. You are not alone. This site has a lot of people sounding off about the exact same issue.

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John, I have a question for you. Today after I removed my key from the ignition and had opened the door the radio turned off like it always has but the thought came to my mind...maybe I should start turning the radio off each time before I get out of my car in the future just to see if the radio could possibly be the cause of my car battery dying so many times. Well, not thinking I like I said had turned off the car, had the keys in my hand and the driver's door opened when I reached over and hit the button to turn off the radio. Of course as I was doing this I realized that the button would not turn off since the car was not running. Right? Much to my surprise ...the radio came back on!!! No keys, door open and radio came back on! Have you ever seen this happen before? Is this a new thing in these newer cars as a feature or COULD this be the cause of my battery dying? Any ideas you may have regarding this issue will be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end and since my warranty ran out in late March of 2017 I am trying to figure out what my causes are. I even tried deprogramming my garage door remote in my Terrain in case there was something with the signal was causing a cell in my car's computer to WAKE Up like the dealership suggested.

Happy summer to all....have any of you been able to get this figured out? My terrain just started doing the same thing...I bought a 2014 with 44k miles on it. Now it's dying all the time and the battery has been tested as good. Has anyone had them look at the apparent "bluetooth issue" that was in other GM vehicles and drained battery? Hoping to not have to have a mechanic spend HOURS looking for a draw....


Ok, let me junks myself. I got the 30K service done today and oil changed. I asked the long time service written if he has had many Terrains come in with dead or drained batteries lately. He said it was a problem for a while, but it has not bee an issue as of lately as far as he knows. Perhaps there is a part change that is done if it comes in and the consumer is not told? Watch, tomorrow my car will not start. So far so good. I hear the 2018 Terrains will have three new engines, two gas and one diesel, all turbo. Nothing about milage as of yet. I think if I can, I'll give it one year, then get a 2019 diesel turbo if they work out without issues. Wonder if they bought the VW supply of turbo diesels? They should improve the milage of the Terrain a lot with the Turbo chargers, and the passing speed.

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