2012 Hyundai Sonata Accelerating Problem

Asked by Jun 15, 2012 at 11:23 AM about the 2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.0T Limited

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The car has been doing this since I got the car, brand new.
Randomly when I start my car, always when its been sitting overnight or all day, it won't really accelerate. It will slowly but if i give gas...its doesn't really react. Almost like you are trying to start in 4th gear.

BUT...when I shut the car off and back on....the problem is gone. Hyundai techs are scratching their heads and its really starting to upset me since the car has 8k miles on it.

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Take it back to the dealership and leave it there until fixed. Contact Hyundai and make a lot of noise. Get a lawyer. You should have brought it back the first day you drove it off the lot and demanded a different vehicle.

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Hello, I have an SE Trim 2.0T 2012 with exactly the same issue. It happened only once so far and by shutting the engine off and restarting the car, the trouble was gone and it was running fine again... I'm very pleased with my car but was still wondering if you found out what was responsible for the trouble you encountered. Hopefully there's a fix for this :o(

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Guess what, just found out this is a known issue and relates to a deffective Wastegate actuator sensor... please contact your dealer to have it looked at since theere's a recall on it :o) mine isn't replaced just yet but will be looked at tomorrow... glad this news was all over the internet

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I have a 2012 Azera with 600 miles on it and I can't accelerate above 25 mph. Almost killed a few times or close to a serious wreck. I am a first time Hyundai customer and I am not happy. It's at dealer.

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Hi, I am the current owner of a 2012 2.0t Sonata. Currently 25k miles. Been having the same problem. Usually, I turn the engine off and after restart everything is normal again. Today I deed the same procedure, but engine light came on and power was gone for good. I take it to dealer tomorrow.

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Agreed with past posts..The problem is electrical (electronic wastegate actuator). 90% of the time the voltage is out of specification. Take it back to the dealer till they fix it. You will need a scanner to view voltage for the actuator in order to set it correctly. It's not super simple so unless you have access to all the proper tools ( scanner, wrenches, and TSB info on procedures) take it back.

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Thank you for your answer. In fact I told tech guy at dealer about this. So far, problem resolved.

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It's not an answer is a problem that Nancy had on her 2013 Sonata, that the accelerator got stuck and she had a real bad accident in.P.R. and she's trying to sued the company. Have you heard of any kind of problems like this?

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2012 sonata hybrid-they replaced throttle body & gasket and car seems OK. now Don Cassell


I have the 2011 Turboed Sonata and am now getting the wastegate gauge fixed for the 3rd time (at $250 a trip) and so I told them one it was fixed I was going to sell the car and would never buy another Hyundai. Shockingly, when they were fixing the wastegate the rod "broke" and it is going to cost me another $350. I cannot believe that they can have the same exact problem, 3 times on one car & still charge that much money to fix it. If anything, recalling the part makes since with so many complaints that are listed online. Instead, they are making sure to never have a repeat customer. I really like the car too (if it didn't cost me $250 every 6 months for the same problem).

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I since sold the car after giving them an ultimatum and believe it or not they never bothered or offered an alternative solution. .. i got my self a brand new STI from Subaru and showed up at the dealership advising them to forget about me ever buying a Hyundai again. Don't get me wrong, because i sincerly liked my turbo Sonata. Now i see they have nerfed the power on new models, this is i understood that a definitive conception issue was found which in the process cost me 13K in loss switching to a new car. Bye bye Hyundai, gave Subaru 45K instead of doing business with them again. Never liked my new car as much as i like this new AWD with plenty of pickup.


I have a Hyundai sonata 2012 2.0t with less than 40k and having the same issue the dealership said my fuel system needs a cleaning some reason that doesn't sound like it's going to fix the problem thanks to you guys I may just have out what's wrong. It's a shame I can find out the problem on the Internet in 15mins vs wasting a whole day off work at the Hyundai dealership in Charleston South Carolina and they can't find the issue.. will not be buying a Hyundai again!

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My problem is the same but I find when I let my foot slip off the brake it seems better but will see when it gets colder (-10 degrees) I plan keeping car until spring and see how pretty the tail lites look then ! ave no complaints against dealer as he;s done all he can


A similar thing happened to me. I am seeking modest compensation. Can you suggest how I should proceed? Newmac23@gmail.com

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I have a 2012 Sonata and had the fuel pump replaced last year. they said it was "faulty" and not covered under my warranty (BS). Now im having WORSE problems accelerating but its not all the time, its randomly, it stutters, i hear a rattling noise & a TON of smoke billows out the back. Im taking it back in monday, but am worried they are going to try to say its my issue. Im so tempted to get a lawyer, Ive had nothing but problems since I purchased this car.


Had the same issue. Dealer was no help. The only thing the discovered was that it happened while lights were on. Issues with cruise control while lights are on. Spent $350 replacing brake light switch and battery. Did not solve problem. I noticed a tiny tail light out during these issues. Replaced the light myself. $5 and it seems solved.


I had a similar issue with 2012 Sonata. Also had acceleration issues, or lack there of. Took it to the dealer who told me bad battery and brake light switch. Changed both as recommended. Problem persisted. I took it back and they found I was having issues while headlights were on. They mentioned unusual wiring under steering column and offered new wiring harness for $3500 plus labor with no indication it would solve the issue. I said no thanks. Got a Carfax and found the car used to be rental fleet. Realizing it was likely an aftermarket kill switch or GPS tracker, I took it to a stereo shop. They removed the aftermarket wiring for $75. Car now runs perfectly whether lights are on or not. Problem solved!

Ok guys I will share with you my story ! I dont know if there is still people here who's gonna read it but anyway ! I bought a 2012 sonata turbo new, after 8 days I past someone and i felt like my motor was on 3 cylinders. Ill spare you the details, but they change my motor because a valve was broken. When I get out of dealer, check engine again. They change the turbo and it wasnt fix! I had now the problem you all talked about ( no power and if you re-craink it it's gone). Finaly one day they find out ! The mecanic guy put loc-tight on the connector between the motor and the turbo and no problem until now ! .. 17 time to the dealer at the end. Imagine the time I've lost. ... 3 years later... I'm now at 60 000 miles and my check turn on after I put gas and of course I always gas the motor off and the cap was fine. No power and check stay on even if I re-start my motor. I'm pist off of hyundai, they don't care about there custumers and I was really suprise to see How much we are... I had broken hose for cooling fluid, my windows at the back on driver side explose on the high way and nothing happen, it was -15 for the first time of the car history.. So probably the widows was bad installes and too tight .. Dealer told me I have to talk to my insurance .. I'm sorry but I was like " fuck you " .. So I thinking to take a layer because my girl friend is one but not in the same field and see told me that with your stories we can have something big together.. For all the time lost and if we are a lot we wont pay a lot of money for layer ! Tell me what you think please and thank you !


My wife and I didn't feel like going through all of the trouble we saw in the future. We got her a new Jeep. She said she felt a weight being lifted off her shoulders. I had no idea it was bothering her so much. We will not buy a Hyundai again.

Chefmmoore what did you find out about your sonata hybrid? I have the exact same problems going on with my car except for the fuel pump. The dealership can't figure it out so they voided my warranty claiming lack of maintenance due to sludge they found in the oil pan 4000 miles after they changed the oil at the dealership.

I have the 2012 Hyundai Sonata 2.0 Turbo. I have had it at the stealership 5 times over the past year alone for this issue. It seems like every time I take it there for this they tell me there was a recall and that the recall will resolve the issue. I just got my car back last Saturday and it was dropped back off this past weekend because the issue is still there. As much as I don't want to get another vehicle and can't really afford another vehicle, I am going to have to look for another vehicle. The end goal for this vehicle was to give it to my daughter when she graduated this year, but at this point I don't feel like it will ever be a safe vehicle. Trying to cross any multiple lane roads or merge onto a highway is certainly a death wish in this vehicle and I am not willing to take that risk with my only child.

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