Why doesnt by 2010 Equinox Wiper motor move the wipers?


Asked by Aug 23, 2014 at 07:31 PM about the 2010 Chevrolet Equinox LS AWD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Driving home in rain on Turnpike, my wipers moved past the windshield on drivers side and
stopped working.  I checked fuses, they look fine, took off wipers and cleaned groves but
motor sounds like it is on but doesnt move the blades.

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There may be a piece of linkage, a rod, that connects the two wipers come off or broken, and/or the same that goes from motor to the driven side that in turn moves the other wiper

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My wipers on my 2010 Chev Equinox just stopped working and plopped into posiiton where they are when not in user

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My 2013 not even two years old vehicle is having the same problem jakemcg. They were working then all of a sudden stuck all the way to the left drivers side hanging almost off windshield in the pouring down rain. I had to literally hang out my window in the rain to push them back over. My question is how a brand new two year vehicle is having so much trouble. My Equinox has been in the shop at least 4 times four some kinda factory defects. Engine light has been on and car stalls etc. Of course under warranty but this is the pits. This has been the worst vehicle I have ever brought out of my car purchasing history. That's why I usually buy foreign. My 2006 GMC Envoy right before this one did not disappoint however. But this one sucks. Is there such thing as purchasing a new "lemon". I've never traded in any of my cars I've purchased but I'm ready for a trade in on this one for sure. I Will contact GM to see about recalls on this issue but I'm sure the response like so many others won't be productive and solve my issue.

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Dee, I purchased a 2013 Equinox this past February and just had the same thing happen. Not fun driving in the pouring rain on a busy Atlanta highway and all of a sudden the wipers just stopped in the up position. I had to do some quick thinking, got into the emergency lane and Crept until I reached an overpass. Got out, pushed the wipers down but they didn't work at all. My cell phone had died and the charger I normally keep in my car was not there. It took me 2 and a half hours to finally get to an exit and sticking my head out the window to make my way to a grocery store where I got help. Problem just got fixed. The motor was fine but there was a piece that broke which caused the wipers to not work. Chevy needs to be responsible and somehow settle as they put us both in a very dangerous situation. Not sure where to start to let them know. As well, see if this is an ongoing problem that will put others at risk.

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I have a 2013 Chevy Equinox. My windshield wipers aren't working. I'm leasing but I'm over my $36,000 mileage so they won't even cover it. I'm pissed and considering leasing elsewhere after.

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My 2013 wipers just quit when I was driving. Got to shop told part broke off but have to replace whole wiper transmission . cost$300 very upset this was my first Chevy purchase. Car has less than 50,000 miles. But need working wipers.

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My 2013 Chevy Equinox has the same problem. The wipers just stopped working in the rain one day last week. Ridiculous that Chevy would not do a recall and fix this since it seems to happen quite frequently.

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My 2013 Equinox RH wiper quit, of course while it was raining. 50,103 miles on it. The shop says the wiper transmission has bit the big one. Not thrilled at all to see all the complaints online. You'd think that there would be the making of a recall, but alas, I have to pony up the cash now.

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Similar to everyone else, my wipers just stopped in the vertical position in a heavy rainstorm. Thankfully, I was still in my subdivision and not on the highway. I had to drive with my head out of the window to see to get home. Chevy needs to address this problem! It is dangerous!!

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My 2010 Equinox had the same problem. Wipers stopped in the vertical position while in a heavy rainstorm, driving down the expressway. Cost of wiper transmission----$250.00. Not very happy.

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my 2011 GMC terrain wipers stopped working, pitch black 5:30 A.M on the way to work. I will check the fuse, I hope its that but most likely a broken linkage.

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Just happened to me driving home in a heavy rain storm. Wipes just stopped and having rain for next 2 days. Have to get into shop but goggled this issues and found out it has happened to many. This is a hazard issue, that Chevy should be replacing. Any ideas how to get this to their attention.

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Help! This same thing just happened to me on Friday in a very heavy rainstorm on the highway! The wipers on my 2010 chevy equinox just stopped, I had my 3 kids in the car, it was so scary! Luckily I was able to pull over to safety and wait out the storm, but obviously need to address the issue... I've had this car for just under a year and it has been in the shop 4 times, I've had 4 different rental cars, it's horrible! Does anyone think Chevy/GM will do anything for me?

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I had the same problem in 2014 with my 2010 Equinox. Same horror story during a heavy rain on the highway. Very dangerous. There is an apparent recall on these at least in Canada. http://healthycanadians.gc.ca/recall-alert-rappel- avis/tc/2016/59144r-eng.php Also here: https://www.auto123.com/en/news/127000-chevy- equinox-gmc-terrain-recalled/62469/

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I had this problem on my 2010 equinox last night. Heavy rainstorm,thunder lightening hit guard rails and got hung up. Very heavy traffic. Had to be towed. Could have been killed. When it was about two years old it just stopped on highway. Had to have engine rebuilt. Been in the shop for numerous other things. Horrible car. Hate it.

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2014 Chevy Equinox with a broken Wiper Transmission. 2010- 2017 recalled in Canada. USA 2010 - 2014 issue with this and only 2013 have been recalled. what is wrong with this picture?

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My daughter's 2012 Equinox has the same issue with the wiper transmission and she doesn't have the money to fix it. Since she has my grand daughter of 16 months age with her, I am going to get it fixed for her (and keep the receipt for reimbursement when GM finally does the right thing to recall all affected years). Of course, it is probably going to take a major lawsuit, most likely due to death or serious injury, before GM will recall the other years other than 2013 here in the USA. Sad!

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Just had this happen to me with my 2013 Equinox. Pouring down rain and they flew over to the drivers side, got stuck, then stopped working. Terrified me. Luckily I was close to a gas station so I was able to just pick up some Rain X and make due till I got home. Major problem!!!

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Same issue with my 2010 Equinox on a rainy night ~ just had it fixed at the dealer ~ was told it was the motor ~ asked about a recall, of course was told there was no recall ~ $394.00 fix ~ not happy

Same issue with my 2011 Equinox this morning. It was pouring rain and I was on the interstate. I was able to pull over under an overpass but it was terrifying with vehicles flying by at 75 miles an hour. The wipers flopped over off the windshield on the drivers side. I was able to move them back to the starting position but they will not work. I had to drive 20 miles in a downpour with no wipers on the interstate!!

Happened to me yesterday. 2012 Equinox in pouring rain. Stopped in up position. 375.00 for transmission motor.


Contact ur state attorney general office of consumer protection and file a complaint against GM.

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2012, same issue. I watched a YouTube video and saw how to fix it. I did it myself, pretty easy. Got the part on Amazon for $75 and replaced it myself. If you have some ability to unscrew things you could do it yourself... still doesn't solve the issue that a car should not have these types of issues on a critical piece like a wiper

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2010, Yep, at about 55 on a two lane between Eufaula and Opelika, AL my wipers took a hard left-- right off the windshield and stayed there. Cars in front of me and behind me, I couldn't see anything or even to get off the road, I slowed to 22 mph until I could find a place to pull off the road, COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. This is no joke..

2012 same here in 2017

Had to replace wiper motor. Was raining so hard I could not see. Wipers stopped up and over too left.

My dad's 2011 Equinox is in service now for the same problem. Wipers just stopped during rain storm. Had to get off the highway. Found a local Chevy dealer who identified the problem and advised there were recalls. However, when got home and took to dealer where the car was purchased, they said the recall is only for specific VINs. My son in-law had the same problem years ago with another GM vehicle. If GM won't stand behind their products, I guess it's time to look elsewhere for our next vehicle purchases.


Same thing happened to my 2012 GMC Terrain. I am shocked and dismayed that after calling GM they said that is hadn't been sent out for recall. This is clearly (no pun intended) a problem that GM is aware of yet they do nothing. Going to write the transportation safety board in DC and report them to the Attorney General Consumer Protection Division in my state. We have tried out best to be loyal to GM as it is an American Company but hey they can take a flying leap if they realize they have a problem and don't fix it. Going to go Chrysler next time. Rented a Chrysler 300 on vacation was impressed with performance and quietness. Gas mileage 31 MPG with A/C on and 80 MPH out West legal speed limit.

I had the same problem with my 2015 Equinox, 50,000 miles, in June 2017. Driving home in the rain and turned on full power and they went past the windshield and stopped. Thank goodness for extended warranty or it would have cost me over $200 to fix.


Same problem with my 2011 Equinox. Was driving home in a severe thunderstorm with wipers full blast and all of a sudden came to a complete stop facing upward. Got so scared because I had my 3 week old son and 2 year old. Hopefully they make a recall on this!

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2010 EQ, on the highway in Charleston WV. Stopped working. Heavy rain. Off the drivers side edge of windshield. Pulled off, bought RainX, blah blah blah. It was not pleasant. I am going to try the YouTube route and fix it myself.

This is not an answer. it is another report. I was driving my 2012 Equinox on a 60mph highway under a pouring rain, with the wiper on fast speed, suddenly the driver's side wipers arm passed the windshield's edge and got stuck over the driver's door. very dangerous situation due to the fact that basically I lost visibility of the road due to the heavy rain, there was not a road shoulder at close distance and cars were driving a 60mph behind me. put my emergency lights and fortunately for me the drivers behind me were professionals. and accident did not occurs. I had to go back home under "on and off rainy conditions". Normal conditions 45 minutes drive took me 2.5 hours to made back home (on highway) because the broken wiper plus the danger of get involve in an accident. This 2012 is my second equinox, but I have had so many problem with it that I will never will buy a Equinox any more. My first Equinox is a 2007, I had good experience with it and that was the reason why I bought the 2012. This 2012 has been in the dealership shop 2 time already since March 2017 just after the warranty expired $720 and $530, plus now the windshield wiper problem.( I bought it used certified in 2016). REALLY A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH THIS EQUINOX. Octavio

Driving in the rain and the driver side windshield wiper extended beyond the windshield and got stuck. I can hear the motor running, but they are not working. Luckily nobody was hurt.

Add another 2014 Equinox to the list. Last night the wipers just quit during a heavy storm. On the freeway of course. Very dangerous. I figured it would be the fuse, but based on this thread, looks like it is not the fuse.

This happened to me Friday 12/29 during ice/snow in Missouri & on the highway. I was petrified to say the least. After researching, I found the same 2011-2013 recalls but not other years, however the issue sounds the same. How is it possible the ball & sockets wear out & come apart on a vehicle that's 2 years old? It's not covered by warranty so how does GM track the amount of issues to even get them included in a recall? It's being fixed as we speak & costing me $409.07.


This is actually the second time this has happend to me. First time gm gave me the run around and I put the money out myself to fix it. This time I called gm and it looks like they are going to pay for it to be repaired because they know it's a faulty piece. I don't understand how it can be recalled in Canada but not here. I'm going to figure out how to contact a government official or lawyer to get this sloved even if they reimburse me because this is a serious safety issue. I think everyone on this forum should contact gm 18002221020 and also your local representative to get this resolved before somebody winds up hurt or even dead.

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Please everyone on here contact the national hotline for highway safety because this is a faulty piece that can leave someone dead! GM knows about the issue but is doing nothing to fix it! The only way is if everyone this happens to reports it so it can be investigated. This has happend to my 2014 equinox twice. And I've paid over 500 dollars

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