I have a2009 Toyota Camry that burns oil due to faulty parts that they used. Should I replace the engine or get rid of the car?


Asked by caggey May 06, 2014 at 01:31 PM about the 2009 Toyota Camry LE

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Toyota sent out a bulletin to dealers about this problem, and yet they refuse to pay for the
problem.  They want $5000 to replace the engine.

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Common problem on Toyota 4 cylinder engines. Shame on Toyota....they used to build very reliable and long lasting cars. Engines used to last about 250,000 miles. The defect is pistons and rings. I think you have to remove the engine to replace these parts. As was suggested above....shop around for a Reman. engine.... also see if there is a Class Action Lawsuit you can join. Sounds like lots of Toyota owners are having the same problem.

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Obtain a copy of the Dealer bulletin if you can and then call your states attorney generals office. They will help you out with this.

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I recently was in contact with one of my BEST Toyota Camry customers with this exact same issue. 2009 Toyota Camry with a 4 cyl. engine. She took this vehicle to her Toyota dealership and they performed an "Engine Oil Consumption Test". It failed the test. The Dealer replaced PISTONS and RINGS. Cost to my customer.....$0.000. Issue resolved. These engines are now "supposed" to be good for 150,000. It appears Toyota has indeed "stepped up to the plate" on this issue.

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I have a Toyota Camry 2009 and the dealer checked that it had high burning oil consumption. They replaced the piston and piston rings and gave me a rental car for 3 days. The charge was $0.00. It is great that Toyota is caring. I am impressed with their commitment.

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Good for you and good for Toyota. However...you might consider having someone check to see if Toyota replaced the SPARK PLUGS on your repaired engine. When an Engine uses excessive amounts of oil...it usually FOULS spark plugs which will soon fail to operate properly. Good luck with your repaired Toyota.

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My engine totally went out, Toyota wanted to charge 1700 just to perform a diagnosis.. ??? to break the engine apart and find out whats wrong with it... took it to another mechanic, he said its this burning oil consumption thing and the pistons rings was totally heated and melted rings... PAYING OUT OF MY BUTT just to find out whats wrong then to come on here to find out this is a common issue with the 2009 Camrys.. this is crazy!!!! this damaged my car causing ever more damage. this is horrible.. p.s. it was 90 mile over my 100,000 mile warranty and 3 days over, smh what scam

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CALM DOWN. What Engine is in this vehicle? 4 or 6 cylinder? Save ALL your receipts which resulted from any repairs to your 2009 Toyota with a 4...6???? cylinder engine. THE WARRENTY OF Toyota's 4 CYLINDER ENGINE FOR 2009 HAS BEEN EXTENDER TO 150,000 miles. You should have received a notice from Toyota concerning "Excessive Oil Consumption".... if you are the original owner. So...get your paperwork together and get back to us here .

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For those who continue to have an issue with Toyota "Excessive Oil Consumption".....and have had to PAY $$$$ for the repairs. Try this: If you are not the ORIGINAL Owner of the vehicle in question...go to...www.toyota.com/ownersupdate......to establish proof of ownership. Gather ...a copy of the Repair Order......Proof of Payment...and send these documents to ..... Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc. Toyota Customer Experience WC10 19001 South Western Ave. Torrance, CA. 90509 Good Luck

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my 09 camary failed the oil use test 14 months ago and I was finaly contacted to say the parts have arrived.They say 0 for the repair of rings and pistons, but i am having the valve guide seals replaced. I am the second owner. I have been told I will get reimbursed for the many quarts of oil I added waiting for the repair. Camary now has 157,000 on it and i hope to drive it another 200,000.

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I'm not sure any of you still read this, but I drive a 2009 camry 4 cyl. I have 297,000 miles on it. I was past the mileage for the whole repair at the time they issued the recall. I probably go through a quart every 200-300 miles. It's become second-nature to check the oil whenever I stop for gas. I'm always topping it off and buying a bulk 6-pack of 5w-20 synthetic. Despite what many would consider an annoyance, the car runs like it's a 50,000 mile car, perhaps somewhat due to the oil almost always being clean. The car is paid off and gets about 35-37 mpg (with a few custom mods I did myself). Besides the point, I thought I'd share this with you all, so you at least know what the 09 camry is capable of. Cheers & happy driving! -Wes

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I Have a Camry 2003 2.4 lts , 4 Cyls , its done over 260000. miles ! Yes it burns oil, I check it everyday ...(.I am old fashioned, ) and top it up , It gives me 350 miles per tank of gas. So far I have changed the clutch, $500/ , and the coil $ 400/..I use Mobile 1 High milage Oil , and Shell/Exxon Plus gas.Plan to have the Pistons changed . This model was sooo good , it was discontinued.

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I have a 2007 Camry and it failed the oil consumption test. They "fixed" the problem by replacing the piston and rings back in October. Now it is leaking oil again and they said it was my crank shaft pulley causing the crank shaft gasket to leak, and they said they didn't touch that while fixing the piston and rings. Now they want to charge me $400 to replace the crank shaft pulley but will cover the seal. If I don't let them fix it they are going to charge me for the rental they told me was covered yesterday.

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I had the pistons replaced in my 09 Camry after failing oil consumption tests. A week later, my car was not driving well and they said it was the shift points and are charging me $300. I did not have this issue prior to having the pistons rebuilt~

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My 2009 Toyota Camry through a rod through the engine block because of excessive oil consumption. After speaking with a dealership and corporate Toyota refused to cover the cost of replacing the engine which the dealer quoted at 5,000 USD for a used engine and 6,000 USD for a rebuilt engine. An independent mechanic indicated that the rod was thrown due to low oil pressure, there were no leaks apparent, clearly the car burned through a significant amount of oil causing catastrophic engine failure. I was left no option but to seek legal aide. The following web address is for information regarding a class action lawsuit that is currently in progress regarding this issue: http://www.classactionsnews.com/consumer/toyota-excessive- engine-oil-consumption-class-action-lawsuit

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I have a 2008 Toyota Camry - 5th owner! I got my oil changed at my local Toyota dealership and at that point, started the oil consumption test because it was eating oil like crazy. This was about a year ago. In the middle of the oil consumption test, the engine threw something metal that caused Toyota to pay for the tow (due to already starting the test) and then they gave me a free loaner 2016 Camry for 45 days. When my car finally came back to me, They had replaced half the engine. Cost to me: $35.00 for the oil change. It now runs like a brand new car. However, I did have a flooding out at the car wash issue earlier this Summer. I am unsure if it is related at all. As someone mentioned earlier...contact the state attorney general. They had a program in place that covered up to 150,000 miles or up til Oct 15 2016. They had to of replaced the program with something to remedy the rest of the bad apples they have out there. Before this whole fiasco, I had to replace a control module for cluster gauge failure to even get my odometer to work for the consumption test. What a headache!!!!

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My 2009 Camry Hybrid burnt oil between every oil change. It finally started making a noise in the engine and the light came on. I took it to the Toyota dealership in Longview Texas and they were going to try the excessive oil consumption test. They realized that I could not drive the cat the amount of miles to do the test, so they wanted me to pay $216 to take the cover off of the engine to see what was wrong. Then I moved the car to another Toyota dealership and they tried to help. Toyota demanded that I come up written receipts of an oil change per year since 2011. The place I had the oil changes done is now out of business. I cannot get receipts unless I can supply them with the exact date I got them done. They said they would write a letter that I got my car routinely serviced there. Toyota would not accept the letter. Feel like I am out of luck on this. Now looks like I will have to trade, but woman at dealership acts like it will cost $20000 to replace the engine so my car would not get anything on a trade in... is that true??? We really aren't even sure what is wrong with the engine????

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My car has 230.00 miles they tell me i past the miles to fixed my 2009 toyota camry LE i put oil every week i want to make a complain for toyota dealership

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Plz anyone can tell me what can I do, I have 2008 Camry 55000 miles and I surprised there's no one dot oil inside it( I changed from 1 month). And before I bought this car from 3 months made I full diagnosis inspection for the car and said everything is perfect, today told me it will cost 5500$ ... at Toyota sun in Holiday Florida, or you can tell me which dealership can do to free . I'm in

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We bought a 2009 toyota Camry an have problems with it using oil since like 60 days after we bought it can we still contact the dealer

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Hi, I have 2009 Toyota matrix burning oil excessively. I called Toyota dealer and they told me that I don't qualify for the warranty/free repair because my car has over 150K miles. I there anything I can do?

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Did anyone whose car passed the 150k milage find a solution to fix the car at the dealer ?

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I have a 2009 Camry it did not pass the oil consumption test. They did the recall for free gave me a rental car. That was 15000 miles ago. Now my car has 98000 miles on it. I took it to the dealer a couple weeks ago because it sounded funny. They said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. The noise got louder there is no acceleration took it back to the dealer and the counterbalance shaft failed and my engine is totaled. For $5,000 they will put in a new used motor which has 30,000 miles more than mine had on it. This was my very first Toyota not what I was expecting.

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Hi Guru, I am sorry about your toyotal experience. Well, I have a Toyota Camry 2007 that bought about a year ago, and I know the history a bit on the car. Apparently, the top half of the engine was rebuilt due to the oil consumption a few years ago. Now, I am in th same boat again, the car is overheating and now believed to be a blown head gasket. I have always owned hondas, until this camry and believe it or not a 1991 toyota tercel, which I stilll have that ran pretty good. I am bit of a believer in hondas over toyotas. But, now I am stuck with two toyotas that are not in operating condition. Stay tuned, my car is at AAA for a full check over diagnostic.

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Very disappointed with Toyota. My oil consumption issues started about 3 months ago. My 2008 Camry has 137,000 miles. I never had oil light or other symptom to suggest a problem. Toyota will not cover since over 10 year limit. Their customer service poor. I will not purchase a Toyota and should consider myself "lucky" to have driven it 137,000 miles as one employee told me.

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Very disappointed to find out that the Toyota will not cover my 2008 Camry due to the excessive oil consumption. It caused the pistons to blow the engine without any warnings. The vehicle only had 77,000 miles on it which was well below the 150,000 that they extended it to but past the 10 year they offered. The customer service was friendly but did not offer a solution except thank you for your purchase now move along. Needless to say I can’t see investing in another Toyota again.

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Thisis not a answer, just a comment. I just purchased a 2008 camry. Prior to purchase never saw this whole discussion or law suit on "excessive oil consumption". After registering the vehicle in the Toyota service website, it stated the prior owner had a inspection 1 month ago and it failed "excessive oil test". Stated to repair it needed new pistons, rings and value seal. Obviously they traded the car in immediately. Toyota Dealer sold car to another Dealer which I bought the car from. I am now discussing with dealer on the repair under their warranty. Wow....i have been a Toyota owner for 20 years and always trusted their engines/tranny. Now I may be toast and my faith in Toyota is gone.

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I have a 2009 toyota camry with 145,000 miles and it has been consumming 1 quart of oil every 2 weeks. I believe it is the piston rings and the mechanic wanted to charge me 1400 or more for the job??? Should I go the Toyota dealership for the bulleting engine oil consumption? Thank you. Kathy White whitekathy7@gmail.com

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Toyota was required to replace my pistons at no cost to me when I failed an oil consumption test. Have you been to a Toyota dealership?


Has anyone ever tried seeing is the PCV is clogged and replacing it? What is a PCV? Positive Crankcase Valve. It is used to push out the POSITIVE pressure when the pistons rotate after combustion. If this is clogged OIL will go into the combustion chamber and you will burn oil. A cheap part that is often overlooked and never maintained. Try it out. If this helps, don't give me credit. This is something I found out from an old honest mechanic :P

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I have a same problem with Toyota camry 2007 We should all file law suit for Toyota dealer

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