Does anyone have any ideas what i can do to make my hyundai elantra a little more mean and have a little more power?


Asked by Oct 12, 2008 at 04:39 PM about the 2007 Hyundai Elantra 4 Dr GLS

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I am trying to make my hyundai a little bit more powerfull and custom. i cannot find any parts that i can get in the states. only in canada. kinda way outa my way. and a tad bit expensive. does anyone have any ideas that are custom or know of a place that has parts for that car.

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Don't do it. Hyundai Elantra is faildogs

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what you mean?


A Hyundai Elantra? What a...... a........ it's not even interesting enough to justify using words on it. I suggest getting a 'mean' and/or 'powerful' car and not waste time polishing turds FTW

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He's saying if you wanted a mean and aggressive car wit more power you shouldn't have gotten a Hyundai Elantra, but on that note this is what i found i don't know exactly what you're looking for but if you want more power get a CAI, Exhaust and if you want it to stand out and look like a rice rocket go body kit. But you're better off just leaving it as a stock Hyundai Elantra and not get laughed at. If you wanted a fast car the Elantra wasn't the right car to pick. But anyways check out a local performance parts store too.

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aight guys thanks


the only thing really needed to do to a hyundai is get a cold air otherwise you are wasting money

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If you want to get serious, drop the 2.7cyl V-6 engine in it. I'm not kidding; I've thought of it myself. The engine bay is big enough to accomodate it. The question is whether you want to spend the cash to do it. An alternative is to buy an aftermarket turbocharger kit, but you're rolling the dice with that and will definitely void your warranty. In the coming years, Hyundai will start dropping a 2.0L turbocharged engine in its new Genesis coupe. Guess what? That same engine will obviously fit in an Elantra. So you do have options, even if they are pricey.

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buy a VW

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Don't waste your effort on a High and Dry elantra... if you're going to waste money on tuning a car... buy something worth tuning, and use the elantra as a driver car while you work on the other.


I completely disagree with everyone saying its not worth your time. If you want to do it go for it. Everyone said that the 1st gen Neons were a waste of time but now a year and a half later I've got a 1st gen Neon that does 9 seconds. It all depends on what you are willing to do and the time your willing to put into it.

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You must have an automatic. My '04 GT hatch has TOO MUCH power without Traction Control (stupid of me to cheap out and not get that). A softer compound tire has fixed that a bit but I still get wheelspin in1st gear in the wet. I don't think the Elantra needs more power. There are some aftermarket suspension add-ons that will help it handle better at high speeds. Even better, take your car to a recetrack that does motocross with your own car. The professionals will show you that your car is 'meaner' than you thought when they teach you how to drive it properly at high speeds. As for 'meaner' looking, you should have bought a black car.

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Trade the elantra for one of the new Genesis Coupes. Opt for the turbo 4 with the track options. This will get you a reasonably quick 4 cyl with brembos and a decent suspension. Within the next year we will see ALOT of parts for the turbo 4 coming out also. And with turbo cars you kick it and you make more power.

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I bought a 2004 elantra gt for the wife, (automatic). I chose black, and because we have a large dog, had all the windows dark tinted (to keep the heat out) god what a difference! Its proportions balance out, and it looks really quite good. Its not fun to drive long distances (2000miles in 48 hours and I could hardly walk after) but as a little city car its ok. Drinks gas something fierce tho... We got it new when hyundai just came out with their super warranty. that was what sold it over the mazda 3 and the golf. (we wanted a small hatchback). Otherwise its been a less then outstanding car.


yo bro my sisters got that car and i had to drive it for a few weeks... it sucked im used to the power of a camaro so it was a big step down so i fixed that. 1st- Theres an air filter attachment called a "turbonator" you can google it and itll show up. (thats about 15-25+ hp) 2nd- Take off your catalitic converter-this helps exhaust flow (this works great but its not the simpelest thing to do) OR 2nd-Make ur exhaust straight piped-or turn downs- or do what my buddy did and take a saw and cut the pipe anywhere between the cat and the headers and bend the pipe down so u dont sing ur undercoating (it free, its fast, and it eliminates all backpressure in exauhst. and sounds mean as a race car.)

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Ok..first off the whole point of an elantra is mostly for gas economy. It gets very good gas mileage. Tuning in my opinion is stupid and wasteful. If you want a fast a fast car. But if you're really that serious about tuning your elantra there's a guy who custom builds superchargers for them.. also..i'm pretty sure that "sawing" off the exhaust could lead to problems when you want to have your vehicle inspected..atleast in ny it does..and the cops would probably give you extra special attention

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^^^that dudes right its for gas saving more then anything. and ya if you cuz off your exhaust piping when you decide to sell the car it wont fly over with most ppl ( u mite get some kid who wants something that sounds mean. Now if you dont care about any of that then go and do it cuz it will help. or just to test it Jack up the front of ur car and unbolt the the pipes conecting to the headers (sometimes call exhaust manafold) if you think the sounds worth it then do it. and as for cops its a small engine so it isnt going to be that loud. if you did it on a six cilender then it mite b a problem but this shouldnt. just make shure if u cut em u rilly want to because its all new pipeing to fix it


Not worth it IMO.


This may not be a performance car but for the price it gets the job done. I have a 2006 and have added a shortram intake, flowmaster muffler and removed sliencer, and I built a custom throttle body spacer for a little better torque. I average 32+ mpg and drive 121 miles a day. So it can be done.

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I have a 2009 hyundai elantra and I added a body kit got a custom paint job added new lights and put a magma flow muffler on it also did other shit to my engine and shit looks and sounds great all these people talk shit saying its stupid to waiste money but everyone that sees my car says that it looks and sounds great. I even raced a 2010 350z and beat him so all these people talking about its a waiste of time don't know what they are talking about! Go on or autoanything for some shit but u need put at 3,000 to make that shit nice af

I personally Don't like the older elantra but people have told me the same about my 2011 elantra. However, I LOVE the after market body kits for it AND I just enjoy the intieror and the extieror of the car. So I say go for it man I know how you feel!


This used to be my dad's car ,he passed away 3 years ago.i put some money and effort and last Saturday I won the first place," Best Import"

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dont listen to them man theres alot of things on hyundai elentra you can do i have an o1 hyundai elentra gls with an evo body kit... if you want more power get new cams... get short ram intake, get a new throttle body. check out or check out

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i have a 99 Hyundai Elantra, i put slotted rotors, ngk spark plugs and wire, magnaflow exhaust system, headers on it, you can find spray to put on it or a universal turbo, and oil cooler, depending on how deep your pockets are, theres a lot of stuff out there, dont listen to what they say cause after you fix it you probably well bet them in a quater mile depending on the driver, good luck to you

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Brent how does the flowmasters sound on there ? i've been thinking about switching, i have all of my resonators cut off

Louis, nice to see someone with some interest in the same car. Not sure if you have the 2.0l g4gf? I am looking to get some easy cheap addons to my 2000 elentra strictly for performance be it HP or handling. I bought this car several years ago and after months of debating and the thing needing work anyway(water pump/timing job and clutch which means I will likely machine the flywheel for a little quicker rev) I have decided to not sell and just make it a hobby car. What would you recommend first? How did you do your custom spacer? Notice some gains with these adds? Thanks


I have a 2003 hyundai elantra gls and while doing reserve have stumbled upon a website that exclusively deals with stage one turbo kits for any year elantra 2.0 beta its priced at 2k also amazon has some decent parts like a cold air intake and some nice American racing rims which I just recently purchased my self I also have found a master rebuild kit for around 400 elantra-2-0l-l4-engine-master-rebuild-kit-ek120m- 3/?gclid=CKuo2PHjt8wCFQQpaQod-a0CAg also avaliable in all years I have been constantly working on my 03 have had it for 2 years and love it

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What about a 2003 hyundia accent gt is possible to place a decent turbo on 1.6l

Ya deff don't listen to the ones that hate because there is a lot of different things you can do to your elentra alpine has a supercharger that was made for it just look in eBay right now there is one it's to bad that alpine don't make them anymore but for mine I've got it down to 2740 lbs and i have a dual reactive exhaust with quad tips over sized high flow cat cold air intake with my k&N up in the nose with a four and a half pipe and adjustable coilovers running 17" rims with low pro tires and four two one headers evo2 rear bumper and Evo2 certified vfiber front m3 side skirts and the car is seamless you could draw a line around the whole car without running into a seam and i am in the process of putting in a supercharger from a slk and i use to have an apex neo fuel manedgement t3-t4 turbo using obx ramhorn header wrx fuel pressure regulater and so on so dont believe these guys when they say there is nothing when there is plenty that you can do ive been enjoying mine for over ten years and i plan on enjoying it alot longer just do the research and have fun and when all said and done blow there doors off and laugh after when you saved gas doing it lol

That's a serious question and deserves a serious answer. Don't listen to all these haters and dreamers. You can do a lot with that car. I put a T3/T4 turbo in my 2000 Elantra at 112K miles. That was 5 years ago and it still runs great. It was running at 8 PSI boost but had too much power. It now runs at 6 PSI and will still break the tire loose in 2nd gear once the boost hits at 3500 RPM. I did a lot of other mods like a stiffer suspension and raising the B&M short shifter so I could reach it. That's all the good news. The bad news is that you are probably going to have to make all your own parts and a decent exhaust manifold will be your hardest find. I bought a OBX turbo header that has split over time in so many places I think I have more repairs on it than original metal. 308 stainless just doesn't survive thermal expansion well. Looks like you have a post-2000 Elantra so you will not be able to use a high pressure fuel pump like I did because your regulator is in the gas tank. Without being able to use an FMU, you will have a hard time getting the proper air/fuel ratio. If you do get it all working, it will be plenty robust. I have put on 50,000 miles and still have no Check Engine codes. I put a killer metal flake paint on it last year. The holes in the hood are to let out the heat of the turbo.

I have just purchased a 2016 hyundai elentra gt haychback looking for performance parts that i xan use i know of a cai but which is good then i wanna replace heqders and full custom dual exhaust gonna drop it where can i find body kit for it and then could i put 350 horsepower in it ok

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