What is the average expected lifespan of this car (in miles)?


Asked by Mar 18, 2007 at 02:26 AM about the 1999 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro

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Thats a loaded question! It completely depends on how well the car is taken care of. If the car was taken care of then it could run for a very long time (meaning services and regular maintenance was done.) If it was not taken care of it probably won't be a very reliable car in the long run. There is just no way to put a mileage cap on how long a car is going to run. One thing to keep in mind is that as cars get older they will need more maintenance and Audi parts aren't the cheapest. They aren't the most expensive either but it's just something to keep in mind.

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Thank you, but I'm certainly expecting that. What I'm trying to get at is: If my 1999 A4 2.8 quattro is well maintained, could I expect 100,000, 200,000 or even more more miles? I know that each car is individual, so I'm not trying to pin anyone down. I'm trying to get a sense for when is my investment into maintenence going to get eaten up my (relatively) predictable cost. (As an example, I'd expect an acura to give me an average of 200K - but please, I'm not trying to talk about Hondas!) Thanks again for any estimate!!

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Well mine is running excellently at 141,000+ miles and I plan on having it for a lot longer. Although I only bought it about 10,000 miles ago, I can tell the previous owners took excellent care of the care and except for a few minor dings on the rear bumber, it is in perfect running order. I put Hi-test 93, 44k fuel inject cleaner and full synthetic in it and shes in tip top shape

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iv worked on and around allot of euro cars . i dont know much about this spacific type but i can tell you that an audi that is well maintaind avridges 190 to 230 thousand miles there 5cyl engines were great. this quote only means without major overhall of moter or tranny.once you get over 120 thousand things like starters,alt,cv-axles,can go any time no matter who makes it...

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If you follow the suggested maintenance steps at the proper intervals, drive it reasonably easy, and are driving mostly highway miles, then I could see you getting about 200,000 out of it.

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Forever. If you take care of it. I'm at 171K and still ticking.

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I have a 98 1.8T and its got over 185,000 runs perfectly. I've put 50,000 miles on it since I bought it and had to replace the cylinder head... not cheap, 5 grand... the bolt that holds the timing belt in place broke. make sure you do all the preventative maintenance and she'll go for a good long time. One bad thing about Audi's is that almost all the parts are expensive, and not a lot of people work on them. Take good care of it and it will do the same to you :)

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It depends on how much the car is used. If it is frequently there would be a lot of miles as the lifespan. If rarely used then fewer miles lifespan.

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I have a 1998 with 160,000 miles on it. I love my car but I'm heavy on the gas pedal since its standard and its performig great. No problems what so ever. Iv read post were people complain about the cost of repairs but iv never had to put anything big on mine. just the regular oil changes.

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98 with 325000 and still going

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I have a 98 2.8. Bought with 85k, now have 132k. I have needed nothing but regular maintenance. I am considering selling only because of the horror stories. But it's hard to let my baby go. Honestly its been the most reliable car I have ever owned.

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156k, wife drives it with common sense, i drive it like its stolen half the time, runs like a champ. just take care of it.

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I have the same exact car and I'm at 208641 and it seems to run fine. I have always maintained it properly

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My 98' Audi A4 Wagon has 239k and is still running and driving Great. Timing belt, water pump, Clutch each redone 2x… Great car! And so so Beautiful.. What a Drifter… vroooom vrooom

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I have a 2000 Audi 2.8L QUATTRO, I drive her like she's on the autobahn most of the time. LOL 197K miles. I put 10K a year on her with out and back to work alone. I've had to put out a few $$ on top of regular maintenance & tires. she's heading toward 15 years old now & she's having a couple of small issues. It is HARD to find someone willing to work on them, however. She's worth every penny. I call her REBA.. LOL Me & REBA.. I think we will be together for a while!! There's nothing like an AUDI

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I have 215,000 miles on my 98 v6 a4 , everything's great besides I just replaced the exhaust but should I sell it while it's still running great ?? And how much could I get it's all black leather (interiors tip top) and the outside is pearl white with a tiny ding

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I have a 2001 A4 Quattro 2.8L with 296,000 miles. I bought it with 14,000 miles as a certified pre- owned with a maintenance contract that featured free scheduled maintenance services at any Audi service department up to 100,000 miles. Maintenance of anything mechanical was taught to me by my Dad. He drilled into us the importance of routine maintenance. I have my car serviced according to Audi specifications as necessary. My mechanic, who specializes in German cars, says that with continued conformity to that routine, there is no reason that my engine could not last an additional 300,000 miles before an overhaul is needed! Of course only time will tell... I will keep you posted.

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I have a 99 a4 quattro 2.8 with 185,000 miles on it. It still drives like new, but I have been very good with scheduled maintenance. I have done the clutch / flywheel once, timing belt and water pump twice, valve cover gaskets once, all belts / fluids changed on time, some minor suspension / exhaust work and i fill a leaking center differential in the winter. That being said, under 7,000 has been spent on this car in 16 years (dont count tires, oil changes or gas). If you take care of them, they last. Find a moonlight mechanic, do your maintenance when its time and you will be driving it for years to come. They are only worth 3,000 now so dont sell it. Ride it into the dirt. Im shooting for 300,000. Car is 16 years old and has been paid off for 11 years and I still love it.

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I have a 2001 TT Convertible. Totally a problem free car for me. Has 171,000 and runs like new. I'm sure the synthetic regular oil changes, premium fuel, and timing belt and water pump replacement done 2 times so far have had a lot to do with it. A few other little things like emissions sensors, cv boots, and the boot around the stick shift are just little things. Aside from the glass on the top at the rear separating nothing else to complain about. Its funny when your in that car driving around, it seems people think you are loaded with cash. I had test driven the Porsche Boxster, prior to buying this car used, and I like the Audi much much more. But that Bose AM/FM cassete player had to go.

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Ive come to realize recently. Any car just about will be reliable and run a long time. Provided that the maintenance is done when it is suppose to be done. First time audi owner with a 98 a4 Quattro. I have driven ford and gm cars my whole life. Currently own a ford f150 with 200k on it. Maintenance is done regularly on all my cars. Thats usually why i own them for a while. Parts are on average with the market price for its competitors prices. Its the labor that gets you. I had the audi oil leak estimated at the fort worth audi dealer. They wanted over 2k to fix it. I spent $25 on plugs and changed them my self (torque to specs). $162 on crankshaft front seal and valve cover gaskets. ASE shop in town changed it for a additional $753. A fraction of what the dealer wanted. Audi currently has 140k on it and hopefully i can get a additional 60k on it. One of the only things i don't like about the audi, everything is made of cheap plastic just about.

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I have a 2012 audi a4 with 30K or 24,000M....and the dealer says we need a new clutch caused by wear and tear?....I had 3 previous audis with no problems....

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I drove my 95 for 4 years before the clutch locked up. Unless the clutch starts slipping ot is locked up, there is ko need for a clutxh replacement.


really great and entertaining comments for audi lovers but to diehardlinux 900+ dollars is not a fraction of 2k. much less yes. not a fraction.

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I have a 2006 Audi A4 2.0 turbo cvt engine. I bought it with 73k miles and I currently have about 108k. I drive mostly highway miles to and from work, otherwise my car is in great shape due to the amazing Audi dealership. I have had regular maintenance and keep it really clean. Its due for the 110k service soon, which is the timing belt etc...Audi has told me that the cars will last a long time if they are regularly serviced on time. That's my plan thus far because I know I can get a lot more mileage from it. I love it!! I plan to only stick with Audi =)

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I'm very happy to have purchased my Audi A6 back in 2007. I'm very confident that I can easily double my existing 230,000 km with continued serviced as provided by my local Audi Dealership.

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I own a 2001 audi a4 2.8 quattro. Needed a few wheel bearings, and old rims were bent. I replaced the front control arms, It also needed new eccentric bolts for my toe adjustment. All of which cost me mabye 1300$ in all. No big deal at all. I put 30k miles on and it currently has 183k miles on it. I only use 93 octane which is to low if you ask me ;) full synthetic oil (0w-30 Mobil 1) makes a big difference in *smoothness* (If you have a manual transmission) getting a b5 s4 next fow showww. 0000 = :) F.Y.I. listen to the advice..... take care of it and it'll run for a long time. Its not taboo to see a 2.8 30v (A reliable engine) get to 250k miles. I've seen it.

I am due to buy an Audi A3 Cabriolet 1.9 tdi fshistory 1 previous owner but has 90K on clock and is being bought for £6,900, is this seemingly ok for the miles but car is in perfect condition and has been looked after. I will only use as a run around and will no doubt clock less then 10k per year.


I have a 2000 audi mileswith 323,997 miles n still runs great...Can anyone share what gas they use on thier audi?

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Shell's Premium Plus

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I have a 2009 A4 2.0T - 202,000 miles. Premium fuel, and regular synthetic oil changes. This thing runs like it was brand new!

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I have owned 2 Audi's with very high miles... My 02' A6 2.8L Quattro rolled 300K and I let a buddy borrow it(Younger guy) He was a knucklehead and wrecked it just going to the gas station... Not a friend anymore. I then bought a 2004 Audi A4 1.8t 6spd and its rolling 240K. Both ran/run brand new. Sometimes I wonder why anyone would build something that did not do this.

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