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How fast can a BMW M3 hit 0-60MPH?

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Google it son.....those numbers are all over the place. The question is how fast can YOU make it hit point in bragging how fast a professional can get it to 60 if you can't come close!

Dude I am not an idiot its 4.8 seconds I just wanted to know if anyone else knew it lol :P I thought i was supposed to make a question so people can anser it not to help me. Thanks though XD




If you have SMG - try the launch mode! :-)


Just a remark ... the M powered cars are not for a simple straight line drag race .. they are build for the normal road , for real life. you can drop you kids of at school with an M5, drive it very smooth and gentile to the race track .. and then hit all the lambo's ferraries and all those macho cars in the face ... It's just an incredible 4 doors saloon , than is capable of doing some very spectacular racing


watch this ;-)

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I already seen this video and yes the BMW m5 is awsome I drive a 530i which isnt the fastest car but it handles really nicely, if i were to every buy a new bimmer I would get an m5 dinan but I doublt i would ever be that rich.

I doubt 2.1 sec a mercedes AMG Sl 65 hits 0-60 in 3.7 seconds that that costs 104 thousand dollars and that car is designed for straights.

My neighbor has a 2003 m3 smg, whats launch mode?


The launch mode is pretty cool... Here's what you've gotta do. 1. Turn on the "Sport" button 2. Turn off the "DSC" (Stability Control) 3. Tap the GearShift, so you're in "Manual" 4. You should notice that you have an extra bar on the scale that tells you how ferocious the gearchange should be. (Increse it to max) 5. Now.. To Initiate the launch, you hold the gearshift forward, and punch the gas, (The car should only allow it to rev to like 350rpm, or something around that) 6. Relase the gearshift, with your foot still on the throttle. ... If done correctly, It should take off pretty quickly! Have fun! But, I dont think you're supposed to do it too often. It's not all that good for the tranny. (European Models are allowed to rev up higher when doing the launch. The US ones are limited to try and protect it. Go Figure.) I've got an '02SMG M3 =)


well lately you can buy yourself an older M5 of 2002, for 15.000-19.000 Euro's in Germany. I'm planning to buy myself one, but the newer M3 is on my list to! It's just another car for another drivings style. I'm so happy with the one I got, agile, quick, responsive ... Even those Japanees Evo's and skylines are just not that fun to drive... For the M5 or M3 question .. need to think this over ... but prices are going down for those cars. I thinks it's a cool time to buy yourself a 4 doro saloon that goes quicker than a ferarrie ... :) Take that you macho , gay people , with gay shoes ... need to weare gay shoes to drive it .. ever drove one? :)

No lol, I am only 17 I still need to go to college and get a job lol. Also i wouldnt buy myself a used sports car because if someone is trying to sell it they probably went hard on it which means that its likely to break down on you.


That was a joke. but there is no german car what is disigned for straights. oly the americans do that. for some reason they like drag racing.


dude honestly your not gonna outpace a ferrari around a track in an M5... or an M3.... maybe a straight line but lots of cars can do that... hell a 360 doesnt catch up to my mustang till were at 100mph...


meh... i wouldnt hesitate to buy a used 430... say you get one for 170k (american quite common price) the 15k refresh from ferrari makes it a new car again... also you could just get inspected... and these cars are designed to blow through wear parts so they never really hit the potential of the expensive parts... blown engines in ferraris are quite rare the computer usually shuts it down before its abused too badly...


ever drove the new M5, before you say this ?


ive been shotgun in one around a track never driven a M5... I have driven a couple M3s tho... i dont really like them... not enough theater... and ive driven a 360...

As a matter of fact mercedes are usually very heavy cars and are made in germany and drive really fast on straights and drift on turns so i would say that mercedes is more of a straight fast car rather than one designed to handle really well.

Wow my little question here has become into a forum full of people arguing over which car is better, i never expected this to happen.


What kind of mercedes are we talking about? S class SLK CLK SL. and then we got the AMG. By the way those cars made for the Autobahn. you know what that is right? high speed.


You don't like M3's? And you own a Mustang. It's like not to like a Yeyron and owning a Fiesta. Ha. I raced a lot Mustangs and there was no Mustang what could keep up. On a road course, Drack is an other story.


you need to race a mustang with a little money under the hood... i have driven the M3s and i just dont fancy them there good cars dynamcially but they lack feeling, emotion and theater big time... The new ones with the V8s are beasts and the only time ive raced that one i was in a vette so it wasnt too much of a race... they are not as purpose built racecar as a vette... in a straight line i find that i usualy fall back a couple lengths because they are powerful cars... and through the twisties most mustangs loose some ground but i have outpaced a 2000 M3 with a respectable driver around a local track in my stang... im 260RWHP 399RWftlbs/tq... so i dunno... for the price im certainly sticking with my ponies... and the yeyron... you mean veyron... so your making the comparisin M3 to Veyron and Mustang to Fiesta... i hardly see that fair... maybe M3 to Veyron Mustang to Ascari A10... id never have a veyron because once you have one then theres nothing better so whats the point... if the pinacle moment in driving has already happened then nothing else will ever be as good...


It is the typical USA Europe discussion... people watching to much topgear. The point is that in the states you have straight roads for over 100 of miles, while in Europe you do not have any road who is straight! anyway in the states it's a 50 miles/hour limit :) haha ... in Germany and other countries we can drive as fast as we can!!! What's why we make cars who need to be 100% safe. That's why they are so expensive... but I admit ... with all the cars I have been driven , I just like M3. It's a cool concept of a car , that really works well, and it’s a perfect balance of breaking power/ engine response/ and comfort. ( do not like the new once, to fat ) yes the mustang is cool ... and it's fast in a straight line ... but like the crossfire and a lot of other US cars .. I have the impression of a cheap car. It's plastic , with plastic overlays ... This is just my humble opinion I do not say people have to think like this. now the veyron is another question. It's not even the fastest car. Because it's incapable of putting all those 1000Hp on the ground. This is just a show off car to prove we can make a car that is technological advanced, pricing unrealistic and only the rich people selling you these cars and their fuel can drive with .. .If I'm correct only 40 examples have been made. But it's VW group that made an exercise to see how far they could push a production car.


what? no ... the speed limits in both countries are the same and a car from either will perform all it needs to in either country... and where in the states is it a 50 mile a hour limit??? no... i suppose on the autobahn it may make a difference but for the normal roads nah your governed by similar laws... you picked the worst american car for your comparisin and its not american its actually just a merc sl... and your opinion is not humble... many american cars have terrible interriors but they are not priced to have luxuary interriors... most american cars now come with an interrior upgrade package now that brings it up to par but i admit that should be standard... I love the mustang and it can be made to be a very efficent track car... Ford racing sells lots of kits from the factory that can be installed on new or used mustangs (with a warranty) that can propel street mustangs to well over 1G skidpad... i personally know of a mustang that generates 1.15G... and it goes around corners hungrier than any other ferrari i have ever seen or driven... and i pushed that 360 i drove... and this mustang pushes a lot harder than it... and at 600hp it is a beast... sure it has been lightened but still is comfortable enough to drive more frequently than a ferrari... and at a total of 80000 dollars including a bran new car its not bad... (top speed is about 185 because the mustang isnt aerodynamic... but does a quarter in the 10s...)


skylines and lancers are up to 1700HP ..; and under 80.000 Euro. About the crossfire, it's US interior .. so what are you arguing about! According to you I'm not humble because of what ???!!! And let me correct you that in some of our countries there are NO limitations ... the ile of man, some parts of scandinavia, germany on the roads... of course not in the cities .. why are you discussing that ??? I do not get your arguments !!! You wanna promote the mustang ? :) It's a cool car .. that's what you wanna hear ? it's a cool car ... But as standard as it is ... it is a plumb car ! that's NOt being humble ... cheers


Most of Europe does have speed limits. Sure there are exceptions. The crossfire is a merc with an American interior. Hence part of the reason it's half the price of the merc it's based on. I've seen 1200 hp supras but never a 1700 hp sti. I'm talking about street legal cars. I have part ownership of a 2400hp engine and it's not even close to topped out. But I'd never put it in a street car. ( twice LOL.).


what do you want us to say ???!!! and i mean that ironic


I agree to the M3 and mustang point. There is no speed limit in Germany and that on only 3% of the autobahn. on straights. They are expensive why the Germans engeneer all the goodies. and all other copy it. The Crossfire is more German then American is biuld by Karmai a German company and a copy of the SLK the same what biuld the VW corrado. Please people forget the Veyron. It was a silly comparison. And Vw loses about 300000Euros on each Veyron.


Stop arguing about which car is better, they are each good for their own reasons, and either modified will be a beast.

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