what car spawned the m3 and m5

Asked by Nov 30, 2008 at 06:51 AM about the 1986 BMW M3 M3evo

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what car did the bmw m3 and m5 come from

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sorry your wrong. they both came from the the legendary bmw m1.

hi i am some one who likes to talk about cars , i am not a person who likes to cause drama, as i own a bmw e30 m3 and a e34 m5 i no a bit about the cars , what you actully said was correct bmw but what i wrote was WHAT CAR NOT CAR COMPANY . i think i am more than a trivia searcher as i own the cars and have had 21 bmw i am now looking at getting a bmw e60 also. , So sorry if you thought i was being rude cheers chris

yes what car . answer m1 not what company.


The M1


The e30 was the real first M by BMW The M1 had only a engine from BMW. the rest was build an designe by lambo.


Actually the M3 and M5 had little in Common with the M1 just a little of the headwork. The E30 M3 (the first M3) was an a 4 cylinder and the M5 a 6 I've enclosed a picture of the M3 history ...you can zoom in and read everything on it. It will tell you about all the different M3's. The M3 was built on the basis of one of the toughest motors BMW ever prodused ...the M10 which in turbocharged forms made as much as 1500 horses. Based on the 1986 model year E30 3-Series, the first M3 was introduced with a 2.3 L I4 S14B23 engine (or S14 in shorthand). The engine design was based on various BMW genealogy; basic block layout from the M10 4 cylinder (found in the 2002 and 320 series) overbored and reinforced to similar specifications of the BMW M88 inline-6. The valve train and head architecture from BMWs M1 and later M6 inline-6 cylinder was adopted for aggressive breathing, resulting in outstanding performance for the day.

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merc 190e cossie.. in a way


your a douche if you want to make trivia then make a bmw trivia site... where you can post all the trivia about stuff you feel you need to make yourself feel good and keep it there... Who was the first person to officially work with ford in conjunction to build the first OFFICIAL ford lisenced mustang? NO LOOKING IT UP ITS A VERY EASY QUESTION... I dont really care i just figured id post something to make you sad inside... ... THEN Jump...


i believe it was mr. shelby but i could be mistaken.

Hi this is coming from one of those typical American pricks , i see you drive a typical AMERICAN BOAT with a typical 4.6 litre v8, what i dont understand is why you still after all these years keep putting a stupid size engine in a boat like that and it only comes with about 140hp . In England our small cars come with more than that, . i am surprised you can read and that your not out on the farm with jon boy , being done by your dad, as looking at the size of your picture fat boy i would sell the car and do some exercise , ps stop eating dunkin doughnuts and get a life you hillbilly FREAK. I am sad inside , but only for you as driving that piece of crap must be horrible so PLEASE MTV PIMP HIS RIDE.


Actually, the genesis of all M cars comes from the 3.0 CSL's of the 1970s.



step 1 140hp... no... look it up then find out what proper tuning, stage 1 cams, full intake (from filter to lower intake maniflold, pi head swap, and a full header back exhaust setup makes... then take the torque number and try to make it match your euro cars... 400ftlbs... i think the 599 almost generates that much... 2... boat... i dont figure... just because you like high strung overpriced things with black and blue badges (from being whooped at the track all these years...) is your own problem... you should put some cars in your garage on there so we can all see your impressive M division cars... im sure your biggotry towards the general american public is founded in the deepest european indoctrination... you have no business offering any personal advice to me... Ps im not american and liking V8 muscle cars does not make anyone a hillbilly... Im sad for you too. It must be difficult living with only what the telly tells you to do and buy... it must also suck not being able to perormance drive your car... but im sure its nice to tell anyone you can that you drive a M division car... Christian go swim the channel and get swept out to sea...


Christian, why ask a question if you believe you already know the answer? Im not trying to cuss you but you are bashing on about these m series machines like they are the only cars on the planet. The M3 IS the baby of the 2002 turbo & the M5 IS the baby of the 3.0csl, PERIOD. The M1 was developed as a race special and was never intended nor developed for road use so how could it be the forbear of the other m division cars when they are clearly road cars first and foremost? The only comparison is the 'M'.... As in 'motorsport' that bmw used to sell more cars to people like you! Morons actually believe they are buying into a piece of automotive history when tey buy an M3, dream on! What has Bmw actually won as a manufacturer compared with say aston martin, jaguar, ford, ferrari, mercedes benz? Even vauxhall vxr racing has won more championships in btcc than bmw could ever dream of so you can stick your m3 where the sun dont shine coz i can think of at least 10 better cars i could buy for less than half the money with twice as much sporting pedigree as any bavarian wannabee.....

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Ok... so, the beginings of the m3/m5 are in doubt as far as I can see. some say 3.0csl others say... blah blah blah. who the heck cares... really? The M3 is an awesome machine, the M5 is also a wicked machine (altho a little small inside compared to some others). Can anyone, other than the person who thought it up, say where the 'idea' came from? It's like asking, in reality, what car spawned the first F1 car! Cars are designed/built due to someones idea and a companies thoughts on making some money and selling vehicles. Someone said ti comes from the M1... the M1 was a design concept and a test bed for other things- sure it made a racinf series, but in reality, it's like the lambo muria... i beautiful car, fast, but not reliable in anyway... who thought the idea up? does it matter? NO, it's a car. Questions like these are pointless.... to that point, why ask a question like this one on here when all you need to do it google it? Even then... NO ONE but the person who thought of the idea really has the answer. Stop bickering and get back to the basics.... cars are cars. hey are designed and developed with the sole intent of making money OR show casing design/engineering (case in point, the veyron which costs VW (audi, VW, lambo, bugatti, porcshe etc) nearly 5 million to produce). Let bygones be bygones - The M3 is an awesome car as is the M5 and M6.... now they just need to make an M7, and my brother might buy one!


Yeah, no kidding. Whats with all the hub-bub? I'll take any 'M' car any day (seriously, I'm driving a freaking minivan). As for the "M" 7, here's the closest thing you can get: http://autos.yahoo.com/2008_bmw_7_series_alpina_b7-pictures/


Are we talking about the DTM! and the 24hours of Nuerburgring. BMW is the only car manufaturing who got a testing center at the Nuerburgring. BMW is still a German car so look it up in german race series. And the M1 was sold for the road. but only the engine was from BMW. sure you could by 10 better cars for less money. but you can not sit in an other car for longer then 2 hours on the highway or autobahn. remember they are made for the racetrack and the autobahn,


all good & valid points well made sven. I didnt consider dtm when talking of motorsport victories & championships but you make a good point there. How many different car manufacturers enter the dtm series? As a percentage how many times have bmw won that championship compared to the other manufacturers? do they dominate by a massive margin?


The e30 M3 is the Car with the most won chapionships in Eu. Dtm is not that popular anymore but it used to in the 80's. And if you know what the Nuerburgring is, then you know what I'm talking about. Think about the 3.0 CSL.


Are you driving an astra. come on dude! Do not complain! You driving a german car! only the bagde is english. The e30 M3 has won the most championships and races in ti's dudy. look it up. Even Top Gear says the best ever bild road race car. You sit in an front weel drive car and you tell me something about racing. visit the NBR


Lambo and porsche has nothing to do with bugatti. it is 2.85million to produce it. but you are right they put money into it. only for pestige. Bugatti will not be there for a much longer time. A friend of mine worked for bugatti.


Anyway! Drive a the ultimate driving machine and you all know what it is. I used to hate BMW. I was into Nissan with the 300zx the 200/240sx and the 350z. then you take a seat in a BMW specialy in a M3 and thake a ride on your own. and ypu forget everything about a rice bowl. Sure there are cars they are better. but for a much higher price. im not making millions of dollars. and so BMW is my choise for now. In my opinion. The BMW is one of the best or maybe the best mass product car. Thanks!


E30 M3 Championships World Touring Car Championship; 1 title (1987) European Touring Car Championship; 2 titles (1987 and 1988) British Touring Car Championship; 2 titles (1988 and 1991) Italia Superturismo Championship; 4 titles (1987, 1989, 1990 and 1991) Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft; 2 titles (1987 and 1989) Australian Touring Car Championship; 1 title (1987) Races Guia Race; 5 wins (1987, 1988, 1991, 1992 and 1993) 24 Hours Nürburgring; 4 wins (1989 – 1992) Spa 24 Hours; 4 wins (1987, 1988, 1990 and 1992) Der M3 (E30) ist der erfolgreichste Tourenwagen der Welt. Er verbuchte mehr als 1.500 Einzelsiege, 60 Landesmeisterschaften bei Straßen- und Bergrennen sowie im Rallyesport, dazu sieben Berg-Europameisterschaften, fünf Mitropa Rallye Cups und acht Siege bei den 24-Stunden-Rennen auf dem Nürburgring und in Spa Means The E30 M3 it the car with the most victories! Won: 1500 races 60 Championships and 8 24h races. Copied from wiki! Any Questions?


i ride an 07 registered kawasaki zx6r ninja sven & that gives me all the thrills i need thanks very much. 88 miles per hour in first gear, bye bye m3....... ha ha ha.

yes i bet its used a lot in this weather hahaha.


ha ha well it accelerates the same in any weather & yes i use it all year round numbnut


wtf how can you compare a bike with a car! There are two typs of biker one they had a crash the other they will have crash.


M1 is the first car Mpower company rebuild together with BMW. Main purpose was a racing car , to race some famous races in Europe. M1 car was a big success the first races in the 70 I think .. not sure... Mpower later made the M5 and then the M3. But the most important part is , their experience and preciseness in car construction. I did not really drove another car who is that agile, responsive and fun to drive if you know how to drive. I drive one and even when it’s an older model … it’s one of the best cars I ever drove… And all those Golf’s , crossfire’s, and other Blink Blink cars their just for the looks , not for the real driving experience ! Otherwise it's just a dangerous car .. propulsion Look it up on Youtube… M5 and Ferrari / or what ever .. Ok not the Bugatti … that’s another species of vehicle 

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