Chevrolet S-10 Questions

Chevy S10 2002 Died While Driving. Won't Restart. What's Wrongts

Whats wrong the engine turns over but wont start


Will A 1996 Windshield & Hood Fit On A 1998 Chevy S10?

would a 1996 chevy s10 windshield & hood fit on a 1998 chevy s10?

Gm No Longer Makes Third Door Hinge Pins And Bushings, Where Can I Find Th...

Gm no longer stocks Third door hinge pins or bushings for my 2002 S-10, Where can I find them?

Crank Over No Start Except When Warning Light Lite

Warning light on dash come on start fine no warning lights no start crank over fine hurt no start not even on compression

Transmission Swapping?

I took a 2002 blazer 4.3L transmission & swap it on my 2003 s10. Is there anything I should lookout for?