Chevrolet S-10 Questions

Chevy S10 1994 Spitting &sputtering Replaced Alot Of Stuff

V6 4.3 ,was having to have fast idle for it to take fuel spitting and sputtering aca acsional back fire. Replaced throttle body kit and injectors plugs wires map senser pickup module rotor fixing...

My 98 S10 Strarted Missing When Water Pump Started Leaking

my 98 s10 stared missing when water pump started leaking.

Can The Transfer Case Vacuum Harness On My 2002 Chevy S-10 Be Replaced/rebu...

Can the transfer case vacuum harness be repaired/rebuilt?

93 S10 And 95 S10 Pickup

I have a 93 4.3 4x4 S10 and a 95 4.3 4x4 S10. Can I use the 95 for the 93 and if so what should I expect?

What Is The Minimum Required Voltage While Cranking To Start A 96 S10 With...

i need to know the minimum required voltage to satisfy the computer to start the engine while cranking, i'm trying to troubleshoot a no start condition and i believe the battery may be suspect