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Fuel, What Octane Needed

What octane fuel is recommmended for a 2020 Cadillac Escalade ESV with a 6.2 liter engine?

My Paid "Featured" Upgrade Did Not Take Place

Although I am paying for a featured listing upgrade, my vehicle is not being featured. I suspect it is not being featured because it says "No Price Analysis" Available". The vehicle is listed in Good...

Can I Switch My Two Captian Seats Into A Bench

Does anyone know if i can switch my 2 captian seats that are powered and heated into a bench thats like one captian on the right and a double in the middle and left it is a cadilac escalade and i am...

Cadillac Escalade Concerns

I have a 2011 Cadillac Escalade and it has a little vibration to it when your at a light or just parked. It's not constant and the dealership told me it was normal, but I just wanted a second opin...

I Want To Sell My 2007cadillac

196,000 km a few rust spots

Cadillac Escalade ESV Overview

Introduced in 2003, we've come to see the ESV as the Escalade with the longer wheelbase and more cargo room. This full-size SUV that doubles as a pop culture phenomenon has 4 doors and seats 8. While the basic Escalade gets you a minimum of 16-17 cubic feet storage space, the ESV gets you at least 45.8. This model also has a slightly larger fuel tank than the basic Escalade.

Those in the market for a used Escalade ESV can expect that it'll have all the fittings that coincide with the Escalade's 2002 remodelling. In any event, you'll win serious style points when you roll in the Escalade ESV.

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