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2024 BMW X3 Overview
New 2024 BMW X3 For Sale
$46,900 - $61,900
$44,115 - $58,065
2023 BMW X3 Overview
New 2023 BMW X3 For Sale
$46,200 - $61,000
$43,465 - $57,230

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BMW X3 Questions

Basic Maintenance Costs?

I am trying to buy a 2102 X3 with 65,000 miles on it, what does the basic maintenance cost look like?

Must The DEALER FEE Be Included In The Advertised Price ?

Must the DEALER FEE be included in the advertised price shown in CarGurus's website? I got a price break down from the dealership and I am having a little bit confuse about it. By Florida State Law...

Trouble Codese P107 Is That An O 2 Sensor

Whats the cause and how to fix vehicle fills like it's missing then it goes back to running good


Where Can I Obtain An X3 Service Manual?

Hello all, I want to obtain the X3 service manual. I'm not looking for the owners manual, I'm looking for the booklet that gives you step-by-step walk through's replacing or servicing every mechanica...

What Does This Sound Like To You...

When I slow down to stop my 2007 bmw x3 feels like it's pulling in the transmission. When slowing down... but it shifts gears when speeding up just fine. But when I slow down it starts to pull

BMW X3 Overview

BMW launched its X3 in 2004 as a compact, five-passenger SUV. The standard, 3.0i features 17-inch alloy wheels and a 3.0 liter engine (a smaller, 2.5i - with a 2.5 liter engine - is also available). Both the 3.0i and 2.5i come with a standard six-speed manual transmission, or an optional five-speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

The X3 was introduced as a cheaper, entry level version of BMW's popular X5 line. And while the price of an X3 is about $10,000 cheaper than its big brother, the vehicle offers more cargo space and almost as much passenger space as the X5.

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