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The 2022 BMW X3 has been announced, but it is not yet available for purchase.

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Engine Failure On My 2013 BMW X3

I am very upset re: 2 weeks ago my BMW x3, only 5 years old, had engine failure. 76,000 miles and of course out of warranty. This is my 3rd BMW. Corporate BMW just called and they are not willing t...

What Is High Mileage When Purchasing A BMW X3

I am looking to purchase a 2006-2010 BMW X3. I have looked around for a couple months and went to see one vehicle so far. It had 97XXX miles on it but seemed to be in very good shape. I would like t...

Can I Trade-in My Car For A Car That Is On Your Website?

Am I able to trade-in my car for one that I on this website and if so how would I go about starting this process?

Changing Coolant In Bmw X3

I have my friends car, and I have to change the coolant or refill, I dont really know, and I dont even know what type of coolant should I use, becasue I have g12 pink coolant at home but at the site...

How Can I Stop "home Delivery" From Ny Search ?

I live in Salem, Oregon and do not want to pay delivery to Independence, Or or anywhere else.

BMW X3 Overview

BMW launched its X3 in 2004 as a compact, five-passenger SUV. The standard, 3.0i features 17-inch alloy wheels and a 3.0 liter engine (a smaller, 2.5i - with a 2.5 liter engine - is also available). Both the 3.0i and 2.5i come with a standard six-speed manual transmission, or an optional five-speed automatic transmission with overdrive.

The X3 was introduced as a cheaper, entry level version of BMW's popular X5 line. And while the price of an X3 is about $10,000 cheaper than its big brother, the vehicle offers more cargo space and almost as much passenger space as the X5.

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