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2005 Volvo S 40 That Will Turn Over But Wont Start

2005 Volvo S 40 , Won't start.It will turn over but there is no fire.. Any Idea's on what to do to fix this ?

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Volvo S40 Overview

The Volvo S40 packs an awful lot into a compact sedan. Between its nearly countless safety features (nearly all of them standard equipment) and luxurious detail, the car satisfies the hard-to-please with a compact package.
The mighty little S40 enjoyed years of popularity in Europe before U.S. sales began in 2000, after Ford's acquisition of Volvo. It was made over for the 2004 model year with a slightly more generous interior and enhanced safety features.
Certainly, small cars are the rule in European countries, while Americans tend to love bulk in a vehicle, but with ever-rising gas prices, this little sedan definitely has its role here. That said, it may not be the best choice for families, as the backseat is rather cramped.

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