Volvo S40 Questions

2008 Volvo S40 2.4i ECM Issue

I have an ECM that the processor has overheated and shorted the computer internally. My question is; can I get a different ECM off of Ebay or junk yard that is for my same year, make, and model volv...


Brakes Are Hard To Push, Slow Stopping, But Brake Fluid Is Full..what Could...

Every time I start the car the brakes are super stiff and pedal is hard to push with very slow stopping but after I brake several times it gets better (enough to drive it) but is still pretty scary ...

Crank No Spark No Start 2006 S 40

bought car thought fuel delivery issue,presure at rail is soso,no spark at coils,check engine lights,service airbag urgent ,fill washer fluid, engine reduced performance,found an inch of water in fl...

What Is Meaning The DSA Lamp When It Is On? Does It Mean The System Is Work...

The lamp of DSA when it is on, does it mean the Dynamic Stability system is working?

Volvo S40 Need Radio Code

Radio code

Volvo S40 Overview

The Volvo S40 packs an awful lot into a compact sedan. Between its nearly countless safety features (nearly all of them standard equipment) and luxurious detail, the car satisfies the hard-to-please with a compact package.
The mighty little S40 enjoyed years of popularity in Europe before U.S. sales began in 2000, after Ford's acquisition of Volvo. It was made over for the 2004 model year with a slightly more generous interior and enhanced safety features.
Certainly, small cars are the rule in European countries, while Americans tend to love bulk in a vehicle, but with ever-rising gas prices, this little sedan definitely has its role here. That said, it may not be the best choice for families, as the backseat is rather cramped.

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