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RAM ProMaster Questions

Promaster 2500 Trickle Charging

can i use the underhood jump connections to trickle charge ? if so, what specs do i need on the trickle charger ?

Hill Holder Warning On Dash

My 2016 promaster city(RAM) is giving me a hill holder message, it is also making a clunking (LOUD) when shifting out of park,. also mileage number is now flashing? checked all fuses, replaced battery...

Are Your Prices Just A Come On To Sucker The General Public Into A Dealers...

i went to one of your dealers and they would not sell me the van for listed price. They told me there was a $1,999 Car Care Service Fee. Are your prices just a come on to sucker the general public i...


Battery Light

My battery lights comes on after driving for awhile . Had van in dear shop 3 times for this problem , first they said it was the cables so they cleaned and tightened . Had van back 1 day and again l...

Replacement Of Inner Tie Rod Ends On 2016 RAM Promaster Cargo VanI

I am told the inner tie rod ends cannot be replaced individually on my van. I am told they come as part of the rack and pinion steering assembly now. Is this true?