Nissan 370Z Questions


Nissan 370z Top Broken

Hi, The top on my 370z Roadster broke (cast iron hinge). Nissan wants 22K to replace the whole top. What can I do?

When I Get An Offer Do I Have To Accept It

if i put in my vin and get an offer through the instant offer app, do i have to accept the offer and go through with the sale?

How Much To Repair Convertible Top

The convertible top is inoperable. How much to repair?

What 370z Came With Bose Sound System?

What Does "Salvage History Reported" Mean When Noted Under Vehicle History?...

I'm interested in a car that is for sale. In the listing, under "Vehicle History/Flagged Issues" it says, "Salvage history reported." What does that mean?