Nissan 350Z Questions

Manual Trans With Used One Engine Wont Turn Why

my manual trans went bad no 3rd gear, so i bought a used one with all the same numbers and when bolted up i cant turn engine by hand and when i take back out engine turns fine what am i missing and ...

What Kind Of Documentation Should I Ask For A Potential Buyer For A Test Dr...

What kind of documentation should I get from a potential buyer for a test drive?

Do You Purchase Used Cars ?

do you purchase used cars ?

Sales Price Ratings: Fair Etc.

The car I am selling has both keys, new tires, (after market) auto car starter and 4 additional winter tires. This isn't factored at all in the rating of "fair" . How can I get my rating improved be...

Nissan 350Z Overview

The release of the Nissan 350Z in 2002 marked the launch of the fifth generation of Nissan's popular Z-car series. Z-cars are noted for their good looks and power while still remaining affordable.

The previous Z-car run had ended in 1996, so for many years Nissan had no sports car in its lineup. The 350Z was an important part in Nissan's reemergence from near-bankruptcy, signaling a renewed interest in producing performance cars and not just boring sedans.

The 350Z's styling is notably different from its predecessors, featuring a more rounded look. Nissan's tuning division, Nismo, produced a performance model with a longer nose that harkens back to the Z's of the past. It is available in several trims and as a convertible.

The 350Z's competitors are the Mazda RX-8 and the Mitsubishi Eclipse.

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