Mitsubishi Eclipse Questions

06 Mitsubishi Eclipse Crank No Start

My 06 Mitsubishi Eclipse won't start it cranks but it won't start I've replaced the crankshaft sensor camshaft sensor the battery is good replace the fuel pump fuel pump fuse is good still won't s...

Are 4 Cylinder And 6 Cylinder Eclipses Suspension Compatible

Is the suspension of a 2003 4 cylinder eclipse compatible with 2003 6cylinder eclipse

5 Speed Transmission

Will a 5 speed transmission out of a 2005 Mitsubishi eclipse fit In a 1995 Mitsubishi eclipse

5 Speed Transmission

Will they transmission from a mitsubishi eclipse 2005? Fit? In a 1995 it's ABC philips.

Mitsubishi Eclipse 2008 Top Hydraulic Hinges Leaking

So I haven't been able to electronically lower my top in months and it's frustrating. I checked and apparently I have a leak of hydraulic fluid coming from the hydraulic rotary actuator (pretty sure...

Mitsubishi Eclipse Overview

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a sporty two-door coupe with undeniable style. It underwent its last redesign for the 2006 model year.
Although the Eclipse has a back seat, it's suited more to cargo than people - it's just too cramped to ask anyone to sit there for too long.

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