Lincoln Continental Questions

Stalling Issues Well Driving?

It runs decent for a few days then it starts to stall well I'm driving . It starts back up and runs for like 10 mins and stalls again well I'm driving

How To Lower Air Suspension ?

My air suspension is up snd won’t go lower ...1999 Lincoln continental ..tire shop put all 4 new tires on and turned the suspension back on snd it went up like a 4x4

What Other Vehicle Has 225/60/16

I have a 02 Lincoln continental sedan with tires of 225/60/16s what other vehicle has these sizes to look for

1998 Lincoln Continental Misfire

I have a 1998 Lincoln Continental with a misfire in cylinder 1 and bank 1 running too lean. I have changed plugs, coil packs, alternator, fuel filter, changed oil, got a new battery and have che...