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Blower Motor Resistor Connectors

I have 06 Kia Sportage and the only connectors I can find have 4 wires and my resistor is only a 3 prong. Can I remove one wire to make it work ?

Ac Cools Intermittently.

Ac system works great from cold start. After driving 20 minutes or so, if car is shut off, ac may not cool. Compressor is running, Both high side and low side lines are hot to touch. What is the b...

Windshield Replacement

I have a 2017 Kia Sportage AWD that needs a new windshield. The shop is asking if it has a heated wiper park area, or a rain or condensation sensor. How do I find out if mine has these?

Car Beeps When Driver's Door Open But Key Removed From Ignition

Car beeps when driver's door open but key is removed from ignition like the key is still in ignition but not when any other door is open. Beeping used to stop when key re-inserted and wiggled then r...

What To Do If There Is No Sound Coming Out Of The Speakers Of My Car

Everything is working except that there is no sound out of the speakers

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Kia Sportage Overview

Kia introduced its first SUV in the U.S. back in 1995. The Sportage was its second car offering here after the Sephia, and in similar fashion, Kia employed a gradual rollout strategy for the compact SUV, starting in the Western states.

For its first generation, from 1995 to 2003, the Sportage was considered a mini SUV and came in either front-wheel or four-wheel drive. The 2WD came with a 2.0-liter, 94-hp I4 engine, while the 4WD upped that horsepower to 130-hp with the same engine. It was meant to be a budget SUV, not particularly built for power or off-road capability. Even today, the 4WD does not include low-range gearing and should not be used on dry pavement.
The original Kia Sportage had few standard features, beyond power locks and windows, but it came well equipped in matters of safety. ABS and traction were always standard, as were airbags. In 1998, the Sportage was the first of any vehicle to include front knee airbags. For these reasons alone, safety and economy, the Sportage was popular with families on a budget, though quality and reliability were issues.
The Sportage took a two-year break after 2003 and reappeared in 2005 with an all-new unibody design. Similar to Hyundai's Tuscon, it was longer and wider than the original Sportage, offering more interior space, and was now rebadged as a crossover SUV. You now had a choice of either an I4 or a more powerful V6 engine, and performance and handling was greatly improved. Standard features were plentiful, even in the base models. Not only did the rear seats fold flat, but the front passenger seat folded as well, to allow more cargo space. As always, safety was of primary importance, and ABS, traction and stability control were standard across the line, as were six airbags.
The new Sportage is much more stylish and a better value than its predecessor, and combined with Kia's famous warranty offers, low price tag, and high safety ratings, is proving to be a much tougher competitor in the compact SUV segment.

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