INFINITI G35 Questions

Car Dies After A Few Seconds, Alternator Been Replaced

Hi, I’ve recently got a g35 with a supposedly alternator problem. I’ve replaced the alternator, tightened the belt as much as I could with my hand and slapped everything back together. After that I...

Labor Cost To Remove And Replace Engine In 2003 G#%

Current engine about to give out with 240k on it. I can probably get a replacement for around $15-$1600, but need to have a reasonable idea of the labor to make the change. Thank you

Please Help If U Can.

Car sometimes doesn't want to start and when it does sometimes it doesn't want to shut off.

3 Out Of 4 Windows Do Not Work

So all about the driver's side window no longer rolls down or up and the power locks no longer work when pressing the driver's side lock button

INFINITI G35 Overview

Introduced in 2003, the Infiniti G35 replaced the G20 while adding more interior room and power. The sedan trims started out with a 3.5 L, 260 hp V6 that grew to 280 hp in 2005 and finally broke 300 hp after its 2007 re-design. The coupe trims had about 15-20 hp on the sedans until 2007, when the sedans caught up to and surpassed the coupe's powertrain.

As for the 2007 re-design, Infiniti re-did pretty much everything on the G35. You'll find a new interior, exterior, and a more powerful engine. Bluetooth technology helps keep the G35 up-to-date.

Early reviews indicate that this sleek sedan has made progress and that the 2007 changes indicate another step in the right direction. The G35 still has some room for improvement in terms of interior room, trunk space, and handling.

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