Hyundai Veloster Questions

Why Does My Post Say Frame Damage When Carfax Says Structural Alteration?

I put my 13 Hyundai Veloster up. The Carfax shows structural alteration and you guys put frame damage on my listing. The frame is not damaged. If you look up what structural alteration is it's way ...

Air Bags Deployment

I was driving in the rain when my car started hydroplane at 70 mph when a did 3 360 spins before the ass end of the car hit the guardrail and my airbags never deployed

Question About My 2012 Hyundai Veloster

Hi guys! my boyfriend has a 2012 hyundai veloster that he recently bought off of a mechanic about 3 months ago, we noticed there were some weird noises as well as weird jolting movements when coming...

How Do I Restart My Car.

How do I start my car ,it was stolen,had to brake in car it doesn't start with key how do I reset start. It's a 2013 Valoster no torbo