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Honda Insight 2012 How Do You Get The Seat Belts In Their Proper Usable Pos...

My grand children somehow made the middle seatbelt unusable? It’s literally in the back of passenger side in the rear on the fold down seat.....not sure how exactly it got this way but can’t figure ...

Japanese Message Appearing Under The Meter

Hi, I am having this message under the meter in my Japanese car. I can't understand the Japanese please anyone help. Image is attached


2019 Honda Insight Touring Question

Is the 2019 Honda Insight Touring model available without a sun roof?

Rear Camera Not Displaying

Hi Guys,i just joined this group. My honda insight 2009 backup fuse blown up and i replaced,but my rear camera stop displaying on my monitor. I have no idea what happed and I couldn’t solve this pr...

Dealer Rating

How do I rate a local dealer on your site? Thanks!

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Honda Insight Overview

The Honda Insight debuted in the United States in late 1999 and was the first hybrid (gasoline/electric) automobile available in the U.S. With fantastic fuel economy, this is certainly a technology we all should take seriously.

The Insight has a small three-cylinder motor and electrical backup to help with acceleration, but drivers should be careful how much and how hard they accelerate, since that drains the battery.

The Insight comes with a specially designed five-speed manual transmission and has an aerodynamic design to maximize fuel efficiency. The Insight can go up to 70 miles on one gallon of gasoline.

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