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CHeck Emissions System Light Came On 2013 Honda Insight

What Is A Typical Discount For A Demo And How Is It Calculated?

I'm looking to buy a new car and was told by the Salesperson that they would give me the demo price for the car I want. How do I figure out what that would be? I mean is it a percentage or a flat rate...

Audio Not Available When Using IPhone

I have a 2019 Honda Insight. For awhile I could make calls, hear and talk to people through the sound system. All of a sudden, it stopped. I can dial, but get no sound. Anyone know anything about ...

Where Can I Get A List Of The Options The Dealer Will Offer On A Honda Insi...

i know the dealer will offer multiple "add on" options. what are they? which ones are worth considering?

2019 Honda Insight EX Hybrid Posted By Steve Menzner For Sale

I want to remove my car from your sight

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Honda Insight Overview

The Honda Insight debuted in the United States in late 1999 and was the first hybrid (gasoline/electric) automobile available in the U.S. With fantastic fuel economy, this is certainly a technology we all should take seriously.

The Insight has a small three-cylinder motor and electrical backup to help with acceleration, but drivers should be careful how much and how hard they accelerate, since that drains the battery.

The Insight comes with a specially designed five-speed manual transmission and has an aerodynamic design to maximize fuel efficiency. The Insight can go up to 70 miles on one gallon of gasoline.

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