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Ford Flex Questions

Hi What Dose The Car Mean On The Dash 2016 Flex

I was just wondering what the car on the right of the dash meant . I never see it do anything I thought if I had a flat it would say what side .

Will It Work

Hello I have a 2013 Ford Focus SE hatch back my engine light turned on it says I have problems with the catalytic converter I want to know if I can use a walker brand catalytic converter or will h...

Is It Safe To Use E85 Fuel On A 2014 Ford Flex

Is it safe to use e85 gasoline fuel on a ford flex 2014

Ford Flex Shuts Off At 30 Minutes Unoccupied

Why does my 2017 Ford Flex shuts off at 30 minutes unoccupied?


I Think Eveyone Heard Of The Car Flex From Ford.i Like This Car A Lot,but M...

i wanted to buy this car.But my frnds told me that ford sucks.So,can u explain me on that

Ford Flex Overview

Taking cues from the past to bring itself into the future, Ford has ditched its minivan lineup and replaced it with the retro Ford Flex. Feeling that consumers are tired of the boxy blandness and suburban stigma assocated with minivans, Ford revitalizes the genre with a stylish head-turner that recalls 1950s station wagons, yet serves up enough innovative features to appeal to the modern family.

Set to debut in the summer of 2008 as a 2009 model, the Ford Flex will be powered by a 3.5-liter, 265-hp V6 and 6-speed automatic to start, but may add Ford's new Twin-Force V6 as well. Three trims will initially be offered (the SE, SEL, and Limited), with a Lincoln trim likely for 2009. Both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive versions will be available. At 202 inches long and with a 118-inch wheelbase, the Flex will be Ford's longest crossover, able to seat seven in three rows. Convenience features will include voice-activated navigation, keypad entry, a second-row fridge, and the new Ford Sync entertainment system.

Recognizing the American family's growing attraction to sleeker crossovers, Ford hopes the MINI-like looks of the Flex will inject a jolt of energy into the stagnant minivan segment.

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