Ford Five Hundred Questions

Lose All Electrical Power

Bought the car from a used dealership 10 days ago. All of a sudden when driving down the road lose all power to dash lights, gauges, radio and air conditioner. Seem as though loses power to motor....

Where Do You Locate The Ac Low Pressure Port On A 2006 Ford Five Hundred?

Looking to fill my car with refrigerant so I can have cold air.

Check Charging Light

check charging light coming on replaced batt and alt both bad light is still coming on intermittent

Ford Five Hundred Overview

The Ford Five Hundred is Ford's replacement for its oft-troubled Taurus. Released in 2005, it has a sharper design-most likely a beneficiary of Ford's acquisition of Volvo.

The Ford 500 has plenty of interior room, but maintains good gas mileage for the extra cargo it may carry. The seating is much higher than that of the Taurus, giving its drivers a more commanding view of the road.

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