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The car started jerking and then made an awful sound and then just quit what could it be?


I have snow tires on rims from a 2007 Pontiac G5 will those rims fit on a 2007 Ford Give Hundred ..Or can I put a set of 16-inch tires on 17-inch rims

Awd Wont Work! Why?

My ford five hundred traction control light comes on after 10 minutes or so of driving. Once it comes on the AWD wont work, only the front wheels engage. Can someone please tell me why? Thank you.


Ford Five Hundred No Start

Went to start my ford five hundred today and it wouldn’t! Battery cranks very well - so ITS good, Alternator making headlights bright - so ITS good, Fuel smelly (I smell excess after pressing peda...


While Replacine A Motor Mount Bushing, I Noticed A Hose Near The Mount That...

2006 ford 500. Hose located near thr top motor mount on right side og mount. ot conected on one end. apprered to be factory. No clamp on that ens approx 1/8 ID, !/2 OD

Ford Five Hundred Overview

The Ford Five Hundred is Ford's replacement for its oft-troubled Taurus. Released in 2005, it has a sharper design-most likely a beneficiary of Ford's acquisition of Volvo.

The Ford 500 has plenty of interior room, but maintains good gas mileage for the extra cargo it may carry. The seating is much higher than that of the Taurus, giving its drivers a more commanding view of the road.

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