Ford Five Hundred Questions

Heating/air Turning Off With Remote Start

I had a remote start installed, however when I shut the driver's door, leaving heat/defrost on, it automatically turns this off-defeating the purpose of heating my car prior to driving the following...

Car Is Draining Battery ?

I have a 2007 Ford 500. Battery was dead, put in a brand new one, next morning, dead. 2 times it killed new batteries. No lights remain on, my red battery cable connector is broken. Would that drai...

How Can I Fix Uneven Vent Temps When AC Running.?

my 2005 Ford Five Hundred blows cold air out of the drivers side vent, and warm to barely cool air out of the passenger side vent. My wife is boiling while I'm fairly cool. What causes this, and how ...

Ford Five Hundred Overview

The Ford Five Hundred is Ford's replacement for its oft-troubled Taurus. Released in 2005, it has a sharper design-most likely a beneficiary of Ford's acquisition of Volvo.

The Ford 500 has plenty of interior room, but maintains good gas mileage for the extra cargo it may carry. The seating is much higher than that of the Taurus, giving its drivers a more commanding view of the road.

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