Ford Five Hundred Model Overview

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oil light comes on when i stop and goes off when i drive

Ford Five Hundred, Electrical Short Or Computer Problem?

I have a 2005 ford five hundred with the power windows out, interior lights not functioning clock intermittently out and the radio lights as well, when the clock illuminates, the radio appears to wo...

Left Driver Electric Seat

Can I replace the existing non working electric drivers seat using the existing hardware with a manual drivers seat?

2007 Ford 500 SEL Interior Fan

When the car is started, and the HVAC system is off, everything is fine. As soon as any setting is touched (either AUTO button, or any of the preset position buttons, or even the fan speed button),...

Remove Water Pump

How to get old water pump out

Ford Five Hundred Overview

The Ford Five Hundred is Ford's replacement for its oft-troubled Taurus. Released in 2005, it has a sharper design-most likely a beneficiary of Ford's acquisition of Volvo.

The Ford 500 has plenty of interior room, but maintains good gas mileage for the extra cargo it may carry. The seating is much higher than that of the Taurus, giving its drivers a more commanding view of the road.

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