Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions

Is Delivery Available

I want to know if vehicles have the option for delivery?


Where Is The Inertia Switch On Sport Trac?

Where is the Inertia switch, and how to get to it

Hard Top Cover For Bed

There is nothing in place to keep top up and it’s heavy

Need A Driver Side Door Handle

I have a 05 Ford Sports Trac XLT and need to replace drivers side door handle. Am I able to use one from a same year Explorer non sports trac? Thank you.


Part With Two Round Rubber Disks Attack

I am trying to replace the starter and there is this two rubber disc shaped metal extending downward arm in front of the starter. I am assuming it is for protecting the starter but I am trying to fi...

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Overview

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a spinoff of the popular Explorer SUV. The Sport Trac combines the comfort of a sport-utility vehicle with the flexibility of a pickup, resulting in a new hybrid creature called a Sport Utility Truck.

The Explorer Sport Trac was designed to appeal to drivers who wanted comfort as well as ruggedness and versatility. Demand for the Sport Trac has always run slightly ahead of supply, so it appears that Ford has calculated its market well.

Launched in 2001 to great fanfare, the Explorer Sport Trac has been one of the models Ford used to introduce new safety features and styling touches.

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