Ford Explorer Sport Trac Questions


New Fuel Pump Does Not Work

engine has fire. tested all fuses. plug for fuel pump has fire, but fuel pump will not work?

Fuel Pump Driver Module

Where would I find the Fuel Pump Driver Module on my 2010 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrenalin

Power Door Lock Issues

My driver side power door lock is malfunctioning. It works when I press the unlock side, but not when I press lock. Do i need to replace the actuator or is it less complicated than that?

2010 Explorer Sport Trac Raddio

My radio will not show the stations and you can only hear static, and it won't pick up any stations could it be my antenna

2005 Sport Trac Continuing Blown Fuses

I'm having a reoccurring problem with blown fuses in the dashboard fuse box next to the steering wheel. Its got to be a short. has anyone had this same problem? If so any suggested solutions?

Ford Explorer Sport Trac Overview

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac is a spinoff of the popular Explorer SUV. The Sport Trac combines the comfort of a sport-utility vehicle with the flexibility of a pickup, resulting in a new hybrid creature called a Sport Utility Truck.

The Explorer Sport Trac was designed to appeal to drivers who wanted comfort as well as ruggedness and versatility. Demand for the Sport Trac has always run slightly ahead of supply, so it appears that Ford has calculated its market well.

Launched in 2001 to great fanfare, the Explorer Sport Trac has been one of the models Ford used to introduce new safety features and styling touches.

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