jeep turns off while driving,


Asked by May 20, 2015 at 02:04 PM about the 1994 Jeep Cherokee 4 Dr SE 4WD

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driving and jeep dies and slows  to a halt ,   already replaced in line fuel filter no

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Cory Shulaw

check the crank sensor

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Dave Ligieri Jr.

check the mass airflow meter

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Jimmy Keith

i had the same exact problem it is the positive wire goin from your battery to your starter

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Don Kirsch

Check the crank position sensor...

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Several things can cause this but if your jeep has 100,000 miles or more there is a good chance that it is being cause by the screw in the front plate of the computer. IF it just quits while going down the road, or if it starts running rough while at an idle then quits it could be this problem. It will also crank right back up sometimes or it may take 10 minutes or longer. To correct the problem remove the reservoir on the passenger side. The computer mounts to the firewall directly behind the reservoir. Remove the screw on outboard side directly below the left wiring harness connector. IT is about ½” long. Using a good pair of cutters cut half the length of the screw off. Reinstall the screw and snug it down (do not over tighten). Enjoy your jeep.

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Check the 02 sensors, a shorted heater will caise it to shutdown randomly/

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We just had this happen with our 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 2 mechanics got to the cam sensor but it kept happening. Finally got a 3rd mechanic to check it and he replaced the crank sensor and got all the codes cleared. Back on the road again!

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fuel filter changed crank sensor changed distributor worked on

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Xochitl Slane

Maybe its the hight temperature of the air in the motor. Yuo must design some truck did the same thing. Until I did some modifications.

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i have tried crank positioning sensor , and then relays, then i have been cleaning all the grounds and any connections associated with the ignition area that i can find

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Tim Slack

Try changing the throttle position sensor located on the throttle body. Pull throttle body off 4 bolts disconnect the 3 wires clean throttle body with throttle body spray or carb spray. Spray the other sensor clean to a shine. My jeep was doing same thing no more problems. Hope this helps let me know.

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Michael Clemons

I drive a 2004 jeep liberty and I have replaced the crank,throttle position,and the 02 senser and its still doing it

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I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 6L. It started to hesitate and then shut off suddenly while driving about a week ago. This started after the cooling fan went out and was replaced. We've now changed replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, throttle position sensor, crankshaft position sensor, fuel pump relay sensor and a new battery. We did an oil change and tune up about 2months ago. We've taken it to 2 mechanics and now a third and no one seems to know what is wrong even after hooking it up to the computer. Any suggestions?

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Colleen Peterson

I have a 1990 jeep cherokee laredo and it starts but when I press on the gas it makes a clunk sound and spudders and kills. Any advise would be great

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1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee turns off while driving

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Monica Miller

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee just started stalling while driving this week. It would stall while driving and then it wouldn't crank at all. I thought it was bad gas so I added Sea Foam and it started right up. But, that after a few minutes it died again. I had it towed to a shop today and they said it was a crank sensor. It was a lot less expensive than the fuel pump they kept insisting it was. I've had no problems since. It only took them 2 1/2 hours to order part and install.

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I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it stalled on the road several times while driving. It just turned off. IAfter researching online I decided to change the Crank Position Sensor and have had no more stalls. However it is now running very rough when idling at stop lights and it just does not seem to have as much power. It has also made a poping sound under the hood. The longer I drive it in town the worse it gets. It runs great on the open road. What do you think it is?

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I had the same problem with my 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo, 177k miles it starting shutting off while running. The computer in the auto parts gave me 90 possible problems, I minus well buy a new car with the $ I was going to spend. I called the JEEP dealer and they said that they would not charge me for the diagnostic if it was something simple. Since the problem wasn't continuous they had to keep it over night until the problem occurred so they charged me 85.00. Finally it did while connected to their computer and it was the Crank position sensor. The dealer was going to charge me 325.00 to do the job but I got the part for 90.00 on ebay. The tech told me that please if I was going to do it myself to not buy cheap parts and buy the original MOPAR ones. The dealer had them for 180.00 but he told me as long as it was Mopar original I could buy it anywhere He mentioned that I could get one for 20 bucks on line but he does not recommend it. I changed it a week ago and thank God its running like a champ. This was a very frustrating problem. Even though the dealer ended up charging me to check it I recommend you take it to the dealer to avoid guessing. The tech told me that he was 100% sure that the problem was that sensor

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Monica Miller

Thanks! I found a garage near my house and they didn't charge me to run a diagnostic and it was the crank sensor as well! They charged me $200 (parts and labor) and it's been running well.

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Don't pay all that money to have your crankshaft position sensor replaced. You can do it yourself.

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I have a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee and it just shuts off and back on while Im driving, its now just starting up whenever the hell it wants, put the key in a click, then try it again and starts right back up. I found a recall for the ignition switch, but the part won't be made available until mid september. This is a Huge safety issue and they are just dragging their feet.

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Changed crank sensor wires and plugs still won't start...... Any help please????

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I have a 1994 jeep Cherokee sport 4wheel drive. I get up to 35mph and it cuts out spits and spudders and back fires. Iv changed fuel pump, fuel filter, alternator, spark plugs, crank sensors. Iv taken throttle body off and cleaned it and cleaned all sensors as well. Iv done just about everything and still can't figure it out. Anybody have an idea on what it might be? Tired of fighting with it !

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after changing fuel pump and filter it was the crank sensor on my 2002 grand cherokee

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Mary Jones

My carb floater was stuck wide open pouring gas into carb. Did a rebuild and problem went away for a while. Your engine could be choking on gas. Then it only did it when it rained. Changed distributor cap and it stopped being moisture sensitive. Still have trouble getting started. No not the starter. It feels like gas isn't getting up to the carb.

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check the float adjustment make sure the float needle is not sticking in the bore

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Dylan Boles

PLEASE HELP!! I have a 1999 jeep Cherokee and when i am a going from a dead stop to about 25mph it will sometime stall and then shut down. i then am usually sitting in the middle of the road trying to throw it into park and restart the engine before i get into a car accident. it has been happening more and more often. since i am a college student i live about 300 miles from home so i'm not really able to drive home to my local mechanic. and giving that i am a college student i am also broke, so i'm looking for has had this problem and might be able to help me out before i am left walking everywhere.

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Dina Hawkins-Strand

I am glad to see I am not the only one experiencing this problem. Thank you all for your advise. I was told it may be the crank sensor, I hope that's all it is, because stalling out at 11:30pm on a dark road with your 15 year old daughter on the curb of a major highway is not something I want to ever happen again.

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the jeep i been working on seven days straight changed everything but the title....wont stay running cuts off unexpected, no warning..all new parts..apparently i wasnt the only one...

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I tried the two screws in the computer thing tonight. My poor ol jeep..I changed, everything... except the computer and the fuel pump. all the sensors, cap, pick up coil, button, all the throttle sensors, catalytic converter, fuel filter, if shortening those two screws in the computer works tomorrow I will be stunned.. I changed everything but the logos on the side that said Jeep.. lol.. ill be posting what happens soon..

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I HAVE TO SAY AND LISTEN VERY CAREFULLY PEOPLE WITH 96 JEEP PROBLEMS.... that idea about shortening the screws in the computer,,,, actually WORKS.. I changed everything..AND i MEAN everything on the jeep...THANK YOU AND BEYOND FOR THIS PAGE... it seems dumb..BUT IT ACTUALLY WORKS... stop buying parts and DO IT.. save yourself a boat load of money..

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Joshua Dela Peña

Plug in a decent code reader like a Mac Mentor, (the cheap 40$ ones from autozone doesnt give realtime data) you should be able to tell right away if its the cam or crank sensor, and what cyls if any are mis firing. Usualy the shutdown is a combination of a bad coil pack/plugs and crank pos sensor. The cam sensor is cheap to buy and easy to replace. The crank sensor is not, make sure you dont buy the cheapest one you can get, because they are hard to change and you will have to change it right after install because they are junk. I got my 3rd one from Summit Racing, it fixed the problem. Make sure you reset the computer after install, so it learns how to run with the new components. There is a procedure you can google if you dont want or have a scantool to reset it.

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Steve D'Amico

you all should do this

Steve D'Amico

over 1 year now with no problems ... $3.00 fix lol ace hardware large strap ties -heavy duty ties pull real dam tight with pliers


It depends how it's dying, but if it's going say from 2000 rpm to zero all at once the cam sensor (which is actually in the distributor) and the coil should both be replaced as the first attempt. (99 and earlier in-line 6's only, I don't know what the v-8's and such have). I don't know why the cam sensor is so finicky, but in the old days we all knew about coils breaking. The high voltage coil is of very thin wiring and if there is a weak spot it can break. The coil may still work when it is cool but when it gets hot a gap may develop which prevents the electricity from doing it's thing. No electricity goes directly from the battery to the spark plugs. The electricity goes to a fairly resilient thick wired coil that generates a large magnetic field, and the fluctuations in this magnetic field create the high voltage in the other side of the coil. If one of the wires in the coil breaks (almost always high voltage side), strange things happen. I'm not sure why the cam sensor is so fragile, but a mechanic told me if you are replacing one replace them both. Might help but with cars being so electronic now there is so many things that can go wrong. My jeep, none of the buttons would work for power windows except the driver's side controls. I found a video online that showed how to take the switch apart and re-solder the circuit board and problem fixed. I think it's quite possible many of the solder connections are prone to stress fractures like this switch was. So it means all modern cars are basically useless after 20 years even with good maintenance because of all the electronics.

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