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Service Shifter Light

Service shifter light came on and gear shift lights are all red,P,R,N,D yesterday 1/17/19. How many complaints have to be done before this becomes recall I had the car a year yet

Jeep Turns Off While Driving,

driving and jeep dies and slows to a halt , already replaced in line fuel filter no help

Turning On Screen All The Time

Purchased new 2019 Jeep Cherokee and the only way the screen will come on is you have to turn the radio on first. I want the screen to light up as soon as the engine is turned. Right now I have to ha...


Service Shifter Light

Service shifter light is staying on.

Jeep Cherokee Overview

The Cherokee was Jeep's main model for many years, establishing the firm and itself as a worldwide icon. It is the prototypical sport utility vehicle (SUV) in that it's equally capable on and off the paved road, has ample cargo capacity, and (at least originally) did not invest much on fancy convenience features. Instead, the focus was on rugged reliability.

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