Jeep Cherokee Questions

Vehicles In The Tallahassee, FL Area

sun/moon roof, with leather seats year-2017 and up

Why Is My Jeep Listed As High Price

Why is my Jeep listed as High priced when 2 other jeeps within 50 miles from me are listed as No price analysis? Also, there is no choice an SE model with a 4.0 engine


1998 Jeep- Turns Over But Won't Start

Just bought a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport as a winter vehicle and to plow. Ran great for a day and drove to work. Went to start it to leave, it took a couple times but started. Let it warm up, came...

2015 Jeep N Heat With Fan Towards Face

I have a 2015 Cherokee with dual climate. Passenger side works fine. Drivers side only has heat with the defrost and feet otherwise cold air with fan towards face. I have had blend door replaced 3...

Service Indicator For 4WD

service 4 wheel drive is on dashboard

Jeep Cherokee Overview

The Cherokee was Jeep's main model for many years, establishing the firm and itself as a worldwide icon. It is the prototypical sport utility vehicle (SUV) in that it's equally capable on and off the paved road, has ample cargo capacity, and (at least originally) did not invest much on fancy convenience features. Instead, the focus was on rugged reliability.

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