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2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

7,000 miles and dealer had to replace battery. Now I have so many bugs. Cabin light not coming on, running lights are not coming on, hatch Back opens very slowly, lots of little things.....not worki...

Stop/start With Battery Light On Dashboard

new battery AGM 80 volt and alternator good after inspection but the light shown up?

Keep Stop/Start

I just had my start/stop repaired at the dealership- they replaced some battery sensor to the time of about $350. Drove it off the lot and it still doesn't work. When I went back to ask they told m...

ABS Electrical System And 4WD System Warning Light Is On (year 2005 Jeep)

Warning lights ABS & 4WD service needed? A jerking feel on the left front driver side tire, mostly when turning the wheel to the left when moving, slight sound of rubbing


I Have A 2001 Jeep Cherokee And All The Needles On The Gauges Start Floppin...

I have a 2001 Jeep Cherokee and all the needles on the gauges start flopping up and down and in the odometer space it said NO BUS what does this mean

Jeep Cherokee Overview

The Cherokee was Jeep's main model for many years, establishing the firm and itself as a worldwide icon. It is the prototypical sport utility vehicle (SUV) in that it's equally capable on and off the paved road, has ample cargo capacity, and (at least originally) did not invest much on fancy convenience features. Instead, the focus was on rugged reliability.

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