Check Engine Light keeps coming on!


Asked by Dec 13, 2013 at 09:37 AM about the 2013 MINI Cooper Base

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Just bought a 2013 Mini Cooper Knightsbridge in June, 2013.  The light has come on 6
times!!  Mini replaced spark plugs and ran all kinds of other tests.  They had my car for 33
days last time.  I only use 91 or 94 gas.  I always click the gas cap tight (I know this isn't
the issue because the light doesn't come on until a couple days after I've fueled).  Has
anyone else had this problem??  Any solutions??  Thanks for all your help!!

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Have your check engine light codes read. Your local auto parts store will do this for free. Then post code numbers back on here and we will be able to better narrow down the issue you are having.

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Thank you! I've uploaded a screen shot of my latest service report. After the this service report - red service light came on within 1 day. Check engine light came on 5 days later (all on the same tank of gas).

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Ok looks like they replaced faulty injectors to fix the previous issues. The check engine light might be on for another reason now so you will need to have the codes read again to be sure what the issues are.

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Make sure that you stop the car, go to your fuel filler cap, take it off, keep it off for 30 seconds. Screw it back on, making sure that it clicks 4-5 times. Start the engine and the light should go off. If that does not work. Bring it back to another Mini dealer, it should still be under the original warranty. Let the do a diagnostic on it.

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I'm reading all these questions and answers on the MINI check engine light coming on. I have a 2009 S with 75,000 miles on it and it's been a great car until October 2013 I have had the car in and out of the shop so many times it's making me crazy. I've spent over $5,000 for different issues and it is still on. Code is P115C Mass Air Flow. This has all been corrected. My car is running fine no problems. Just want the light to stay off. Any suggestions.

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It would be good to know how many miles are on the 2013 Knightsbridge? And, if the problem has been solved?

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I have a 2013 Mini Clubman 2 Dr CPE S with 14,415 miles on it and my check engine light keeps coming on. My son just brought it back from the dealer after having the scheduled maintenance done which it took them less than 8 hrs to do. (?) and the check engine light came on again when my son got on the freeway bringing the car back to me! The Service Manager said they did a 32 point complimentary inspection but that wouldn't include a check for codes. Need less to say I am pretty pissed about this. A new car with the check engine light coming on??? Maybe we should d a class action suit this is not right!!!!

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The problem with the light staying on is you don't actually know if something is wrong with your car. It is crazy, maybe you are right about filing a class action suit. Mine stays on.

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I will tell you as soon as you bring your car in, the first thing they do is put your key fob into a slot. It tells the service advisor everything that they need to know. Including codes that may be coming up. If they do not do this, I would go to a better Mini Dealer. Don't know where you are from and what kind of dealer you have but if it is a Mini Dealer, they can do the key thing, if they don't then you have a proper case against them. Personally, I'd rather have a dealer that respected me. In other words, look around.

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I'm having the same issue with my 2012 Mini Countryman. The light has come on before and gone away on it's own. It happened recently with some very cold weather. It will go off on it's own but then come back on. It also seems to be not getting enough steady fuel in 2nd gear. I'm wondering if it could possibly be water in the gas tank from the cold weather. I plan on getting the codes read at Autozone first and also trying the gas cap trick. The previous time this happened it was very humid and rainy out. Had I known about this issue, I likely would not have bought the car. A new car shouldn't give you these troubles. I should have known better than to buy a car that wasn't a Honda.

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I have only one Mini dealership in my area. I own a 2012 Mini Countryman and the check engine light comes on and goes off when ever it wants to. Originally I kept taking it back to the dealer ship. After several checks they finally concluded that it was the thermostat and $300 out of pocket money spent. A week later it came on for a while went off and didn't come back on for 3 months. As of April it comes on and off at least once a week. The dealership informed me that it could be a Turbo problem and that there was a $700 charge just to check this out. I'm concerned that it's not the turbo and its the dealership just wanting more money from me. Who should I contact if there is only one dealership that works on my car.

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I brought a 2011 Countryman X a year ago I first started to get the warning light in March this year. I took it to the local delay (the only dealer) and they told me it was the electric coils ad had them replaced costing me $4,000 with and oil change tune up. The light came back a moth later so I took it back. This time they told me it is the fuel injection and would cost me $600. I said no way. When I declined the work, they ten said the inspection will cost me $160. I said #%# and left. I will try changing the gas cap to see fi that will help. Just yesterday, the light was on and right after a gas fill-up with premium from Exxon, the light stayed off for a while. I am also considering bring my mini to White Planes and try them. My local dealer seems like a rip off and want money from me every time I visit.

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Mi Mini Cooper S 2011 Runs Pretty Great BUT, usually after leaving the highway and being on the traffic for a while the light turn ON, and then I just park the car and it goes off. And the car still running like new, Im driving that thing 128 miles per day and only that anoying light sometimes.

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i have a 2007 6 speed and it was bizzare when this evening in the middle of my drive home it started sputtering in third and the check engine light came on. All of this without warning. I wonder two things... 1 there is water in my tank (which is totally possible) 2 if one of my fuel sensors / or injectors are bad or 3 something I cant find. Either way I've had great success with my Mini.. It's a certified pre owened and has been amazing. I honestly think its water in the tank (crossing fingers) but if not it's quite a bizzare occurrence because there has been no warning, anyone else have this problem?

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I have mixed feelings from reading your answers. 1. I'm surprised to hear so many others having the same problems I have with my 2011 Mini Countryman check engine light coming on and off at will with no satisfactory explanation. 2. I'm appalled that the dealership mechanics know so little about this issue when it's so common. I've been told many of the same things you have and even been scolded for putting the owners manual recommended grade fuel in the car... Still to know resolution. My car just came out of warranty and I'm scared to take it to the dealership and them saying it's a $$$ problem that I have to now pay out of pocket. This seems to me to be a factory defect and we should not be paying to have it fixed.

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When you bring it back to the dealer, print out the answers to your question, tell them that this issue has been present and that none of the Mini mechanics know what to do about it. The letter to the dealer should show that this happened during the warranty period. You want it fixed now, at no cost. If they are any kind of dealer in good standing, they will do as you ask. Good luck and keep us posted. Yes, it is premium fuel that is needed in your car. I don't care what others have chided you about. My Mini used only premium gas and purred like a kitten.

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i have a 2009 hardtop and my engine light will come on and stay on for about a day and then go off for about a day. Its not the fuel cap because its so random. Should i spend the money and get it checked out?

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Follow up to my issue. I changed my spark plugs and the issue went away - or so I thought. The plugs were pretty gunky - one was real bad. It started running better immediately. However, when I brought it in for service the mechanic took it for a quick spin and said it seemed to be misfiring slightly. He took me for a ride to point it out. They checked it out and it turned out to be a bad ignition coil. It was under warranty and it completely solved the issue. Kudos to the mechanic for finding the problem on his own. He could have just changed the oil and sent me on my way.

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Well, dang. I came on here looking for a simple reason that my engine light is on. My 2012 Countryman only has $12,000 miles on it, so it's under warranty, but still...

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My 2012 Countryman has had the heating coil, spark plugs, and turbo engine replaced among other issues that have costs several $$$. The past year and a half the engine light would come on practically every 3 months. Luckily I had purchased the extended warranty on the turbo or that would have cost me $3000. I'm so disappointed...I love the car but can't afford the constant repairs.

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That's the same feeling I gave GSuds... I love the car but I am really annoyed at this issue. So I took it in for service, they had to change the spark plugs (as always) and they found some error message that I had never heard before that had to do with the oil. Mind you, I've never gone over the recommended mileage for oil change. So of course they chucked it to that. Bottom line they are stumped and have no idea what it could be. I don't know if I should go to an independent mechanic for a second opinion. New spark plugs, changed oil, premium gas: the light keeps coming on. I have half a mind to just give up and change cars.


One thing I found helpful was to get an onboard error reader from Amazon to diagnose codes myself. The one I got is called Blue Driver and it helped me diagnose cylinder misfires that were causing my engine light to come on - new plugs and new ignition coil and no more issues for me so far.

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My wife took her 2012 CM ALL4 in yesterday for it's oil change and for the Engine light being intermittent. The dealership said they ran the diagnostic and that she needs a new battery. A 4 year old car with just over 60K miles. This seems a little crazy to me. My '11 Cabrio with 77K miles has not had any battery problems. Does this sound weird to anyone else but me?

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I have the same issue, my 2010 clubman S with 75000 mi gives me an intermittent check engine in a hot weather, light goes off after driving in the morning, have tried checking the code while check engine light on with 3 different obdII scanner but no code registered, does anyone have the same issue?

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When replacing the plugs use the original type plugs and replace the serpantine belt. The should turn the light off. Also don't wait till the light comes on to tune the car up. The recommended plugs are adequate and the car will run just fine. Hope this works for you it did with me.

I had the same issue with my clubman Mini cooper S and I just did it. mightymini11's mentioned to start the car, remove the gas tank lid, wait around 30 seconds, put the lid back turn the car of, and when I started my car again, the motor light was off. I love you mightymini11's!!! thanks for the information !!!!

I have a 03 Mini and the check filler cap light came on, i checked it or so I thought at the time and later that day the check filler cap light went off and the engine light came on after checking the filler cap again I realized that it wasn't on properly and corrected the problem, now the check engine light is still on! Will it go off and do you think air may have gotten down in there?


Did you do it with the car running, you may need a new cap if that one hasn't been replaced. There may be a large O ring acting as a seal. Do not replace it when the car is running. As for the check engine light, the same goes for it. However, going to a person that has a diagnostic tool can show if there is an issue or not. They will provide codes to let you know what is going on. Good Luck !

P115C is for mass air flow sensor but sometimes a faulty ignition coil can cause it.

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