van was running fine then went to start and it wouldnt even turn over. light s and all electronic stuff working fine


Asked by crazyhatlady Jun 08, 2015 at 02:06 PM about the 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring FWD with DVD and Navigation

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

what should i do next? Battery is new.  Cables are fine. I can do anything but start it.

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When you crank the vehicle what does it do? Makes a clicking noise? Tries to crank? Does nothing?

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does sound

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Not sure of your technical knowledge but here are a couple of things you can try. Make sure the vehicle is fully in park, try to start. Then, after applying the parking brake, move the shifter to neutral and try to start. Next thing you can do is checking the fuses which should be fairly easy. Let me know.

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My husband tried putting it in neutral and the fuses, still wouldn't start last night...but i went out this morning and it started...don't know what to say other than to give God the glory!!! Thanks for all the suggestions I really appreciate it...have a blessed day

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God 1, Car 0.

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I have a 2007 Odyssey and began having this problem. Garage said it was the starter, which they replaced, but the problem persisted. When I try to turn the ignition on, there is no sound but dash lights come on. I then have to take it out of park while in "accessory" mode, put it back in park and it starts up, even though sometimes I have to do this several times. I was told there is either a problem between the ignition and the gear switch or there is a problem between the gears and the transmission. Either a short or lose connection??? I am sure this would cost me thousand to have fixed, and since I am on a fixed, limited income and a senior citizen, there is no way I can take it to a ripoff place since I spent my last $700 to have a starter replaced that I didn't even NEED! Makes me so angry, because I TOLD them it was not the starter in the first place, but did they listen? NO!!!

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I checked other forums and they suggested it has to do with the timing belt tension.

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I have Honda Odyssey 2006 my wife got the kids from the school I came to with the garage in the car does not want to start I checked the battery at check the cable all good

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It turns over but I don't catch, fuel pump works gas is getting up to the motor, right up to damper

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any ideas? this shit is annoying having the same problem on a VERY FIXED income single father 5 kids !!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If not cranking could be Crank Shaft switch.

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Was my starter, fortunately napa's part is manufactured by the same company that builds Honda oem and more than half the price cheaper, isn't hard to change out once that battery tray is gone also showed me i needed to replace my cracking intake hose which was cheaper at Honda than a box parts store (go figure but pays to shop for parts) also noticed the factory positive connector was not tight o. Battery, shop kept putting caps over rather changing that terminal, replaced the terminal and also will be replacing the grounding cable for the van and negative terminal on battery, highly corroded.

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What about the transmission neutral safety switch? It may need replacement. Checkout You Tube videos.

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I have had this same issue with our 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring. The times I couldn’t get it to even turn the key, I would pop out the cover on the gear shifter lever lock, insert the key, drop it to neutral, remove the key from the lock and then start the car. This has had to be done maybe a dozen times in 9 years. As for the everything comes on but zero crank issue in this thread, I also had that this year, and replaced the starter (which was actually a wee sluggish and the original, because I was traveling and repeatedly shoving it into Park no longer worked, so I thought maybe it was the starter after all. Out of the blue it did it again today, so I was able to drop it to neutral and it started no problem. I am reminded of this video, which I showed the mechanic on my travels when I had the issue this year (and which he didn’t appreciate nor did he have ability to handle). I imagine this is the problem with many of our vehicles. v=CyqscOwpjU8

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To NOTAGURUSB, that video you recommended makes a lot of sense. I am so certain that it is the transmission selector position switch that I’m going to replace it. Thank you so much for posting your response to this problem.

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I have the same (supposedly) intermittent starting problem on our 2006 Odyssey Touring. Suspected that it had something to do with the security system. When it doesn't want to start, I press the LOCK and then the UNLOCK buttons on the REMOTE. Sometimes that works; sometimes it doesn't. Don't know which to press first. A few times pressing the PANIC button "fixed" the problem. Still looking for the actual cause and cure.

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Seemed unlikely, but Stanford's first answer and NotAGurusB's answer helped. I.e., I put out 2007 in neutral, tried to start, then shifted back to park, and started it up. I'm curious why, but even more so, I'm thankful for the ideas.

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Do you want to sell it

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No, it is my only transportation and is in great condition. We think it’s the neutral safety switch. That’s easily fixable. Appreciate the offer.

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Had the "no start" problem with our 2006 Odyssey Touring. New starter, and relatively new battery. Did a search on YouTube, and found a video on a Honda Accord that had the same problem. It suggested checking a certain FUSE (It was ID'd by a number). Had a little trouble finding it, as the Accord fuse box was under the hood. I found it in the Odyssey in the interior fuse box. Put in new FUSE and it started right away.

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Weird thing, but when this happened to me I put it into drive, then back to park and it started right up.

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My sister in law has the same issue and the dealer clams they cant diagnose it unless its towed in to dealer well not startig(Hers is keyless). Now I just watched a Youtube video and the man claims it is a issue that goes back to 2012 but honda wont do anything about it. The Problem Is the Keyless Access Remote Module. Your key fobs will need reprogrammed after it is replaced or vehicle won't be able to be started..

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I FIXED IT ...I had the same problem on my 2006 honda odyssey bought starter and new battery and nothing i found out that the cable that goes from the battery to the starter sometimes they just stop working and specially if a little acid from the battery gets on it messes it up little by little so i replaced it and turned right on and have not have problems its been almost 2 years .... Hope this was helpful please let me know.....

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You can find this cable at autozone for about 11 dollars from battery to starter it will say on the package and it is a must change in the life of the vehicle according to a honda expert...

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My ignition lock wouldn't turn when i put the key in. So i saw a video on youtube that shows how to remove the cylinder and i did. I had to remove the entire ignition housing. I also had to disconnect the ignition switch from the housing unit. I replaced the cylinder and reconnect everything but now the car would not even crank. No dashboard lights no power. What should I do?

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I have a 2010 Honda Odyssey and Have the no Crank No start issue intermittently. I replaced the Neutral safety switch. And I am still getting the same problem. Any thoughts on what else it could be. I have read about the ignition but don't want to just start replacing parts. is there any way to test these out.

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I have a 2015 Honda Odyssey. This morning it would not start. So hours later, I try again after calling AAA and it started right up! After reading the comments above, I’m not sure what to do about it.

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Mine wont start, and it sounds like the radio is shorted. Could an exposed wire short cause a no crank situation?

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It cranks over like it wants to start but doesnt

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My light on every thing but wenbu put switch dont on the eingin it just go click. And it was working well can some one help me how to make it on

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I have a 2011 Odyssey EX. 230K miles. Went to start car (with no prior problems) and it won’t start. Battery is good. No clicking. Engine fan comes on. Have tried moving out of park, back to park, won’t start (in any gear). Cleaned battery connections. Tried a different key. Changed starter motor. No codes are coming up. Fuses look fine. We are rural, so a tow to the dealer is a big deal. Hubby likes working on Hondas, but is at a loss for what to try next. Any ideas? TIA

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Same problem for my Honda Odyssey 2006. Changed battery, starter, and new sire to connect the battery to the starter and it wont start sometimes. I took it to the Mechanic and tightened all the bolts and said there is no issue to be addressed. Please help should I take this to the dealer. This issue is strange and no solution.

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Mine is 2007 odyssey EX-L. I have the same problem all my dash light comes and engine never cranks. First I replaced the starter but it didn't help, same problem occurred. Mostly it will happen during hot days. Once I change it to neutral and start it works. Some time i try to start it just by shaking the stick sometime it works, some time it doesn't but changing to neutral and starting works perfectly. I am trying to order the part and replace it with local mechanic. I am not able to see the video link posted by NOTAGURUSB. Can you please share the correct link again, so that I can make sure I order the correct part. If possible please provide me the part number

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I just had the same problem last night van wouldn't start.. this morning either. But after reading this forum and looking at you tube videos, I want back to van, turned key to on, put van in neutral, pressed break, turned key, and still nothing. BUT i started over again, and turned key while pressing the break, and it started.. i believe there is a small switch in the break area that get stuck sometimes, couldn't find it but remembered that my old 2001 odyssey used to have the same problem once. Hope this helps.

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Hey I don’t know if any one is in here still bu I just replaced the batter and alt. On a 99 odyssey and it now keep on killing the battery

Own a 2009 Honda Odyssey EXL 115K miles which was purchased brand new. It has always been serviced by same dealer whom we purchased the vehicle from for maintenance. It is 2020 and for the past three months, things have started to go wrong. Computer problems, various dashboard lights remain on and turns themselves off. Diagnosis by Autozone code reader and Dealership didnt reveal much except few minor recommendations on tuneup related work. Tried to start the vehicle this morning and there was absolutely no power. The alarm remote didnt activate anything. Locks dont work. Interior light remained on during driving but went off once the ignition key was removed day before. Once ignition key is removed, only way to lock is to use power lock from the vehicle. Battery in the remote is brand new. Vehicle was used yesterday and parked. This morning there is absolutely no sign of any power. Checked the battery cables which are intact. Checked all of the above mentioned tricks to get it to crank or show sign of power but no luck. I will try to check the fuses and try to reset by removing the battery cable and reinstall them again. If that fails then try charging the battery or purchase a new battery (even though current one is only 3 years old). It was running absolutely fine without any issues for 10 years. It started acting up few months ago by eating more oil, the dealer ripped off my wife on spark plug BS when she was out of state visitiing her sister. Charged her 408 to change the plugs, 150 to reinstall the computer software and ofcourse 150 to diagnose the problem. The van was tuned( $350) about a month ago and timing belt ($770) changed. Couldnt do much as it was out of state and I was not there to ask the right questions and possibly take it to a local mechanic who can possibly work with you instead of a authorized dealer. Once it starts to become a money pit, it will not stop for a while. I cant take chances with two young kids on a long drive. I will more than likely get it fixed, sell it and move on to a newer vehicle possibly a Toyota Sienna XLE.


Just had a problem with starting this morning after it started fine earlier this morning. All lights on dash, interior, and radio fine. Go to start, nothing, no clicking, dead. Looked like battery leaking so replaced it and same thing, no start. So put it in neutral and it started. Then I turned it off and put it in park and started it and it started in park. So what does this mean?

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I have a 2007 Honda Odyssey and this morning it wouldn’t start and no lights or dash comes on. It snowed last night & temps were very cold not sure if the battery died or not. I tried jumping the van with jumper cables and nothing moved - any suggestions?

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Same issue. Car worked fine, then 1 hour later, the bloody thing wouldn't start. I freaked out a little, prayed, saw the very helpful stuff on this site. I also called our mechanic, and he suggested that we need a new starter, but added that one thing they do to try to get a car running is to have one guy work the ignition while another taps the starter. I only had me, so I took my ratchet and tapped the starter firmly about 5 times. Then I turned the key. Bingo. The thing started. Apparently the problem is that the starter periodically gets hung up & the tapping loosens it. It DOES mean that you need a new starter, but this way you aren't stranded.

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If it clicks 1 time it is a connection from the battery to the starter. Do not be duped into replacing the starter. If it clicks multiple times then look at the starter. The battery terminals could be coraded or not making connection. The cable going from battery to starter might need to be cleaned or replaced. Then check fuses and relays. Do not automatically assume it is the starter.

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I’ve had this happen a couple times on our 2012 Odyssey. It only started after I installed a dash cam. I’ve learned from dashcam forums that the battery and battery voltage sensor is very sensitive and particular. This happened again this morning out of the blue. Tried all of the simple suggestions above with no luck, then tried what I did in the past; hooked it up to the battery charger. Let it charge for about 15-20 minutes and presto, fires right up just like in the past. Hope this helps!

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VAN FIXED: spent 4 days... about 4 hours of research & wrenching... my list was about 18 items long... thanks to YouTube, and CarGurus forum (Peter's post)... in the end... it was tapping the starter with a small hammer... started up right away... funny stuff... $0.00 spent...

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2006 honda odyssey van starts then does not keep staying on. Changed fuel pump. Changed fuel filter. What could it be?


By the way guys this was the first thread that came up on my problem and it was God sent.... God:2 Cars:0 Amen

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My 2007 Honda Odyssey w/ 186k, started with the no crank/no start problem summer ‘19. For the past 8 yrs I have taken it to the same Honda dealership. 1st time it happened replaced the battery. Last Dec the starter (not cheap) and then this past March the alternator. Well two weeks ago same problem, had it towed to the dealership. After three days the “Master” mechanic couldn’t find anything wrong with it and it was starting right up at the dealership. This morning same thing. Call the dealership and they say, have it towed here. Get on this forum and learn, start it in neutral trick. Started right up. It probably was a switch problem from the very beginning!

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