shuts off while driving

Asked by Mar 05, 2010 at 09:30 PM about the 1996 Chrysler Sebring 2 Dr JXi Convertible

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I bought this car in February and I am very please with it overall the only problem I have so far is I can be driving down the road and it will shut off but most of the time it will start going again right away. Sometimes I have to pull over and re-start the car.

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Unfortuneately the issue u have has a multitude of possibilities that would need to be monitored by a capable tech while driving the suggestion is to have the vehicle diagnosed by a reputable repair facility so that u don't go thru the hassle of replacing multiple parts before finding the culprit. newer vehicles have a array of wiring and electrical parts that may fail out of no where and intermittently. sorry but this is the best help i can offer today

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I have a 1996 JXI, too, and had the same problem. It was a defective sensor. Unfortunately, it could have been any one of several so the mechanic had to keep the car, reset the codes and drive it around for a while each day until the event happened. Then he switched out the sensor and now all is well. It cost about $165.00.

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I had the same problem a couple of years back. I brought it to the dealer, and they said it was the "crank shaft sensor." The dealer cost around 350 or so. Clearly the majority of the cost was for labor.

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I had the same problem on my 99 sebring jxi it was the cranksensor . The part cost around $80 at autozone and was a very easy driveway swap. One screw and one electrical connector. Just make sure you leave the little piece of material on the end of the sensor, it gives the correct spacing when installing and will wear away on its own.

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Oooops replied to the wrong thread sorry, Let's try again. I had the same problem on my 99 sebring jxi it was the cranksensor . The part cost around $80 at autozone and was a very easy driveway swap. One screw and one electrical connector. Just make sure you leave the little piece of material on the end of the sensor, it gives the correct spacing when installing and will wear away on its own.

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My car is a 96 LXI and Im having the same problem, due you think that could be it?

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I have the same problem with my 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, but mine does not start again right away. I have to let it sit for different amount of times before it will start again. Someone told me it might be the timing belt has slipped.

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we have a 2005 sebring that will stall out at the stop sign but start up again and also while driving it will suddenly only go 40 miles an hour until I pull over and restart the car. I have been told the computer needs replacing. Also possible the timing belt and we also read it could be the map sensor. Has anyone had the issue with the car going only 40 miles an hour or so no matter if it is floored?

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I have That same problem Margaret input new spark plug new qualls now a water outlet

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Hi i just bought a 2005 Chrysler sebring and it starts and drives but will not get to much speed and will shut off as well theres no engine lights on once i got home it wont start but it sounds like it wants to.

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I have a 99chrysler sebring lxi coupe and everytime I stop it shut off

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I have a 2002 Sebring 2.7 convertible and it will start....I will let it run in the drive way then after about 5 minutes it stalls. Sometimes it will restart and sometimes it will only crank. I have replaced the Camshaft Positioning sensor, Crankshaft positioning sensor, I have also had to replace the connector that plugs into the crank sensor because even though the plug looked ok it wasn't. I also found a slight cut in the wire and it only had like 2 strands of wire connecting it. replaced that. Drove great for a day. NOW, its doing it again...what sensor could it be? I am a single, handicapped father of three great kids. two of them are auto mechanics and I have been turning a wrench for 30 years and has me stumped.....HELP!!!!!!

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I have the same problem with mine. I have the very same year n model as u n everything and I had to go through so much to fix it. I did and everything was good till wat ur saying is happening to your car is happening to mine now. Did u ever figure out wat it was if so plz tell me I don't know wat else to do. If I figure it out also I'll let u know. My name is Ramon thank u.


Ramon, I have NOT been able to figure it out. I have so much into this car that I couldn't get rid of it cause I wouldn't get the money back. Here is what I have done so far: camshaft positioning sensor, crankshaft positioning sensor, all new timing chain, new guides, new tensioner, New Map Sensor, New MAF sensor, new Idle air control valve, and all new motor mounts, new radiator(Was leaking, figured what the heck) We had just finished going through the wiring on the camshaft positioning sensor and the plug looks questioning. We started the car, and let it run for about 20 minutes in the drive way. Long enough to have the radiator fans come on...then we shut the car off. If I tried to start it right after it would have started right up. so I let the car sit for 30 minutes, went out to try and start it and it wouldn't stay started. The only thing I have not done is fuel pump but it doesn't act like that. I will let you know Ramon if we finally get it figured out. Its my only vehicle so I have to get it fixed.


Oh, and what is really nerving is it isn't throwing any codes. When it does throw a code it is the "P1391" which is the generic Camshaft/Crankshaft positioning sensor......They are new. I think the car throws those codes because it is just wanting to confuse me more.

My daughter has a 2003 and it is doing the same thing. We are limited in figuring out what the issue is. Anyone that has suggestions would be great. Is the camshaft positioning sensor an easy fix?


Hello Guru5SBSH, I need to know what size engine your daughters car has:? if it is the 2.7 L V6 then I can tell you they are a hand full. I have had problems with mine for the last 5 weeks. I think I have finally figured out what can fix my engine. I have replaced, the timing set, the Cam and Crankshaft sensors, the MAP sensor, the Temp sensor, the intake and plenum gaskets, radiator, thermostat, Idle air control valve, Throttle positioning sensor. After doing all this and getting more grey hair each and everyday, Resetting the PCM by removing BOTH battery cables looks like took care of my problem. The PCM was holding the old settings with the old sensors and kept doing the whole thing. So, You need to know what engine, your daughters car has and I can help you from there. Sorry


Ramon, If your still having the problem and you have replaced the Cam and Crankshaft positioning sensor then what I did with mine may help. To delete the internal memory in the PCM, I unhooked both battery cables for 30 minutes. When I re-hooked them, I started my car and he ran GREAT. No stalling, no stumble, smooth Idle, responsive when I hit the gas. I kept him running in my drive way until the radiator fans came on cause that use to cause it to die...It didn't.....I hooked my fancy meter up saw the graphs and it told me nothing in the ECU and the PCM was good also....Good Luck and let me know if I can help some more

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M daughters car is a 2.7. I believe that her father replaced the cam shaft sensor and the thermostat housing this summer. She’s away at college and it’s hard to try and help her from far away.


I can understand that Guru5SBSH. Being away and trying to figure out the problem is difficult. My car is still running great. What I did also even though the car is a Chrysler I called Mitsubishi and asked them about the Engine. The man I spoke to started laughing then quit...I told him the car, the year and the engine and he said YEP, I knew it was the 2.7 your talking about. He said the most common to cause the Cam and CrankShaft sensors are the wiring used when manufacturing the car was not the proper size. He said the most common thing is the shielding on the wires melt, get connected to another wire and short out. Check under the thermal Wrapping and I bet you find the reason why the sensor went out. I did that even though my car is still doing great but when I removed the shielding tape, YEP, two wires shielding had got hot and melted together and it shows bare wire.... Good Luck and let me know.

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Ok here is our problem. We have a 1997 the battery light keeps coming on. Alternator has been checked it is fine. New Battery put in connector to the alternator changed. We are stumped sometimes it is in on sometimes off. It is actually draining all the power. Someone told us maybe the computer is erasing itself?? Any ideas


The only was a computer can erase itself is when the battery is completely disconnected. Ok you had a new battery installed but did anyone check the battery cables or the connectors to the battery? If you have a Sebring 2.7L then the possative battery cable has a split in it because it goes to two different places. When I was having troubles I checked my cable and part of the insulation was warn down and I had an exposed wire rubbing against a piece of metal and it was draining my battery. It was grounding out. You may want to have someone check the cables and the connectors.


And to answer my help request. When my 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible 2.7L V-6 was stalling, studdering, misfiring and being hard to start when warm, well It is now FIXED. I had gone through everything and spent time replacing a lot of parts. Timing set, Camshaft positioning sensor, Crankshaft positioning sensor, MAP, Temperature sending unit, radiator, Intake manifold gaskets, Plenum gaskets, throttle body gasket, spark plugs, replaced Cam and Crank sensor connectors, MAP connector, and a whole bunch of things. This car with the 2.7L engine has 4 (Four) Oxygen sensors, I had replaced three of them.. I decided to bring the one that was not replaced and swap it with the one in front of the engine., I put a new one back in its place. Well, when I connected the battery back up, started the car and it ran great. NO Sputtering, NO hard start, NO misfire and nothing. I hooked up my meter and saw the O2 Sensor was dead. Nothing coming from it. With an 02 Sensor is bad and it is in the down stream position(After the Cat) then it will cause the PCM to think there is a short and cause your engine to sputter, misfire and stall. Good luck and I hope this helps someone.

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