What does the 4x4 AUTO button do?


Asked by Dec 10, 2007 at 02:15 PM about the 2008 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD

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I recently purchased a 2008 Ford Explorer XLT 4WD. When I push the 4x4 HIGH button, a 4x4 light comes on the dashboard. Likewise, when I push the 4x4 LOW button, a 4x4 and LOW light comes on. When I push the 4x4 AUTO button, there is no light and no indication that the 4x4 AUTO system is engaged.

What does the 4x4 AUTO button do? How can I tell if the vehicle is in 4x4 AUTO mode or in standard 2WD mode?


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4x4 Auto is like 4x4 Part-time. The vehicle constantly senses whether or not wheels are slipping and engages 4WD as necessary. The 4WD auto system should turn off after the car is shut off and thus you'd need to turn it on any time you wanted to use it.

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only time you need 4x4 is in snow or ice otherwise if you run in 4x4 all the time will burn up the 4x4.

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Samantha Chafin

^ what if u r in a mud pit?? u dont need 4X4?? or a dirt/clay rd thats wet...?? they do still exist & r SUPER fun!4X4 isnt any use for these circumstances>??

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you just answered your own question.4 high light on,4 low light on push again no light on,you in 2 wheel drive.never drive in 4x4 unless in snow,ice, mud or just plain stuck.

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Ford Explorers are always in 4 wheel drive, If you push the 4X4 auto it is in it's standard running mode. In other words 4 wheel drive on demand. T use 4 wheel drive you don,t need to do anything. 4X4 high & 4X4 low are explained in your owners manual.

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if you want to drive on rough are where usually car struct then only use 4x4 low (low speed 4x4) or use 4x4 high(allow you high speed), once the rough area over then just press button 4x4Auto which will stop your 4w and start 2w as normal. one more thing don't forget to put your gare in N when you want to put 4w, once put then use D.

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Then the only purpose for the auto 4x4 push button is to turn 4x4 high or low off ,IS THIS CORRECT

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The standard position is Automatic. So if the High or Low light is not on, the it is in Automatic. The only time you should use high is the roads are really bad. Using high all the time can wear on the front transfer case. In auto the truck gives 75% of the power to the back wheels and 25% to the front. If it senses a problem, it can transfer power to the wheel that needs it. In High all four wheels get identical power and they will only compensate if you have traction control as well. You should only use low very rarely and very carefully. It should only be used when the truck is stuck or trying to climb a nasty grade. Do not exceed 10 miles per hour in low.

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Kelly Krug

I was under the impression that 4x4 Auto comes on when it senses the need, then shuts off on it's own. This is what mine does, anyway. And while we're on the subject, does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with mine ... none of the buttons seem to be working. I rarely use 4x4. Imagine my surprise when I ventured out during a blizzard only to find it wasn't working!

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Leroy Smart

Hi good afternoon I have a 2005 ford explorer an its stop on me its not getting gas an no spark

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In the auto position 4 wheel Drive kicks out at 30 mph.

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i have a 2002 ford explorer i need help on the 4x4 butons. like do i stop put on neutral, press 4x4 high, then put it on drive? i need it for mud

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Kelly Krug

You don't need to put it in neutral ... just hit the button!

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Just bought a 02 explorer. When pressing the 4x4 high or low, the light wont come in. Dealer says its the module, he's fixing for free. I'm curious to know if this is a common issue, or should I not really expect it to happen again. Also, I live in Boston, while driving around in this bad weather on 12/17/2013, it seems to handle much better than any other "rear wheel drive" SUV I've ever driven. Could the auto still work and sense the road condition? Like an earlier comment, there is no light that indicates weather the system is engaged. That's how I figured there was an issue with the 4wheel drive to begin with. Any thoughts could help greatly. Thanks

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Kelly Krug

You're lucky to get that module fixed for free! I shelled out $350 to replace the main and remote module. I discovered the 4WD was out during the worst snowstorm of the year. My '02 was as helpless as could be. My '92 Explorer went through deep snow without the 4x4 ...

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It works pretty good, drove fine. Cars in less than excellent condition. I'm happy with it so far, then again, it's just been a few days. I've found some quirky things that may need attention, but overall I'm happy with it.

Kelly Krug

My '92 had 269,000 miles on it when my daughter traded it in. It was the most dependable vehicle I ever owned ... the body's rusting out but wish I still had it. I still see it around every now and then. I'm hoping the '02 will give me the same dependability. So far it has!


my only issue with 4x4 auto is when you get a flat and have to change a tire if it less than 6/32 tread they cant just put on one tire nor can you just put o0n two rear or two front tires you have to change all four .

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Kyle Ruef

I was stuck in someone's driveway this winter and tried 4x4 high and didn't move. Then I switched to 4x4 low and I got out of my situation.

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Kyle Ruef

If this light blinks on your ford explorer of explorer xlt it means your 4x4 auto has engaged then after you get going it will go back into 2WD

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Kyle Ruef

This is what it looks like on a 4x4 ford explorer xlt 2007

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4WD auto means it automatically switches to 4WD if necessary, otherwise it stays in 2WD. I drive a Mountaineer and its very similar to Explorers and I'm always in auto in the winter. Never had problems.

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Derek Faurot

So I have a 2006 explorer with the advanced traction control system.. if it so much as slips on gravel the 4 wheel drive kicks in, but no light kicks on showing that it did kick in. If I shut off that traction control willnit shut off the 4x4 auto?

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Kelly Krug

The 4x4 Auto is always on, delivering 25% power to the front and 75% to the back. It transfers more power to whatever axle needs it, thus the 'auto' part of it.

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quick question, I have a 99 ford explorer 4x4 xlt. I was wondering how to turn my auto position on the 4x4 switch to a 2hi position, one the vehical dose not have. for drifting and other fun actitivitys auto forwheel makes difficult off road. Plus it is dangours in the winter time. Lets say you start slideing and are faceing a ditch and auto 4x4 kicks in. Your gonna be pulled twards where your tires are pointed, the ditch. I thought pull the transfur case shifter fuse. Didn't work. I know replacing the switch would not work. Is there some sort of computer thing I could do to tell the gem not to engage the 4x4 when the tires slip. or even unplugging a wheel sensor?

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Emmie Jimenez

We have a 2002 exp xlt The heater does not work and the ac works fabulous. When heater is turned on it makes this knocking noise in the panel. will the entire panel need to be pulled to repair? We also have this noise everytime we put in in gear to go forward or backwards, it feels like something is tugging on it but still goes... any suggestions will help

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Robert Nowak Sr.

The whole dashboard has to come out, looking at 7-9 hours of labor for an 80 dollar part, I KNOW AND I GOT SCREWED!!


2001 xlt ford explorer. Last week august 2016 wv weather. Both 4x4 hI and 4x4 low light come on dashboard. Checked the gear selector to make sure slider button and push on push off "Od" not engaged, and that the 4x4 auto locked in place and it was. I know my front tires need replacing. Is that the problem?

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