our 2007 Camry LE burns a quart of oil every 1000 miles, There's no oil leakage on motor or ground and it doesn't smoke. I'm thinking of using 10w30 or even 15w40. TOYOTA says get new rings but we c

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our 2007 Camry LE burns a quart of
oil everyor 1000 miles,  There's no oil
leakage on motor or ground  and it
doesn't smoke. I'm thinking of using
10w30 or even 15w40. TOYOTA says
get new rings but we cant afford
that. Anyone have or know about this
problem/know solutions?

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A quart in a 1000 is not a what you would call a problem, it is well within the oil consumption range. A quart in 600 is the limit point. Most cars consume some oil, it just increases as the mileage gets up there. If it doesn't smoke and still pass emissions, if your state requires it, then don't worry about it, just remember to keep the engine oil level full and change it regularly.

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Toyotas are tough and have seen them run without oil.

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kid you not, there was a woman showed up with a Corolla what had seized the motor....stopped runnin'....Jose put four quarts in back turned a few degrees and started it back up and sent the woman on her way...finally learned what oil was~

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that car's got tenacity! don't remember if Jose spun a new oil filter on there...she was in a hurry~

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...think it was a '93. base model~

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Top 0 the morning to your Lieutenant~ H25~


"I'm thinking of using 10w30 or even 15w40." - Go ahead and use the thicker oil. You can go with 20W50 when the weather is warmer. It will slow down the consumption. Check and top off every 1000 miles. --- Many makers consider up to one quart every 1000 to be normal.

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Sorry you feel that way David but go and check the manufactures data on acceptable oil consumption and you will find out that a quart in a 1000 is not considered a problem.

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I've checked my Toyota dipstick maybe twice in the last six months, get this--when we did the timing chain cheated and did not do the headgasket, and kinda crunch-and-stuff the gasket in place...yes does leak but maybe a drop or two a month...low miles, only go to the store and back, hardly no use, darned not 1000 miles~....so even a dripping leaker does not consume a quart of oil in six months...use the MINI now~...kinda idle mostly took the old toilet and bathtub to the dump...wooo wooo excitement~~!

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the wife is a Tileshop representative and darned near every surface in our castle is coated in tile...big surprise, but we are down to just the one bathroom...y'know you just cannot rush quality~...finding this out the hard way.


Why can't the newer generation read? Every engine is driven differently. Check the specs before spouting off like some uneducated moron. In my life I have seen engines consume oil at varying rates from a quart in 300 miles to a 1/2 a pint in 3000. This site is for information not a place to display your ignorance of the facts, and watch the caps, most of us are greatly offended at being yelled at.

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dude, you have been reported as offensive...what you are wasting us for? some people actually care...unfortunately you are not one of them. Good luck with your bad self trying to make a few friends out here~

you have a zero reputation for a good reason...I HAD a zero reputation this morning until I helped a few folks get through their problems...not a magician, but I do care....It's like being a police officer sworn to protect the innocent....some people do not need protection because they are NOT "the innocent"~

how does one "adjust the rings"....guess I missed a meeting here...somewhere~ If you mean the 'break-in' period should not be taken up too may RPM's during this period. 2007 makes this a rebuilt engine we are talking about....~?

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May want to try Royal Purple, it's always worth a shot that the additive package in it can help seal the issue, and they make their own filter. Only way to "adjust the rings" is to take the pistons out of the engine and re-clock them. Another possibility is the engine has yet to brake-in, sometimes it takes as much as 50,000 for those type of engines.

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Curious. Would you buy a brand new car which gets 1000 miles on 1 qt. oil? You can brag about you fuel economy....but .....would you brag about your Oil Economy. The 1000 mile/qt. standard was established in the 1950's....when piston to cylinder wall clearances were 3-4 thousands of an inch. Todays modern engines are spec. out to less than one thousands of a inch. Toyota has a service bulletin to correct this problem. A SB is an admission of a problem or defect .

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All 2007 Toyotas burn oil. The clearance between the piston and the cylinder was too much. Therefore the oil leaked by the piston rings and burned oil. It was a new engine design and it wasn't right. Toyota would tell you that burning a quart of oil in 1000 miles was okay. I had Toyota rebuild my engine. it was consuming oil like gasoline. Toyota had to change the catalytic converter because the engine light came on. The converter was soaked with oil. Got it all done under warranty. Don't buy a 2007 Toyota unless the engine is rebuilt.

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Toyota sent out a bulletin to dealers about 2006-2011 model having a problem with oil consumption with the 2AZ-FE engine. It was sent out in August 2011. They said the pistons they used for these years were to small and thats whats causing the oil burn. My Camry was down two qts in 560 miles. They want 5000. to replace the engine. I think they should pay.

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Why is the car lose oil like that Was it rebuilt if it was is of still under warr Sounds like the pristons we're not cleaned very well at th Two thing leak down test consumption fill cylinder with oil how much Leaks dpwn next compression test I think the rings are sticking Try and get records for oil changes it has to get one every 3000 miles They can pull pistons out with put pulling motor cleaned up or replace Rings And pistons It's hard to clean them right clean oil holes under the oil rings helps seal The oil rings.pain but do it or replace them Has it overheated engine maybe cracked ask look for records Let us no what you find


My Toyota LE 2007 has exactly same problem, since it reached about 20,000 miles, I noticed this problem back than, no oil leakage on motor and ground and it doesn't smoke, but have to added 1 quart of oil every 1000 miles :( As today, my Toyota only has about 45,000, I keep adding oil every 1,000 miles, does any one knows if there is any recall on this problem!

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Join the Class Action Lawsuit. Google "Toyota Oil Consumption". Good Luck

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My camry has 234'000 miles and burns very little oil But a have changed it every 3000 miles and filter change My Toyota is great cooling system in a camry is awsum If you take care of your Toyota it will never leave you Missing oil changes is dreadful for you car.like not feeding Your pet.people never change trans fluid and when they finely do Whips out trans and they say the càrs bad.neglected cars make me sick It's all about money and I'm don't believe 115.00 hr labor ,nuts Less people are getting involved in cars so labor cost will keep Growing,computers are taking over?i know for a fact that they can build A car that last,but where would the fun be in that.toyota is a great company and stands behind there cars call 800 Toyota number And tell them what's up if your not at fault.ans have records,i thnk They will stand up I know,Toyota stermlined shipping years ago I could get a part faster from Toyota then I could gm ford and the rest Of them.i hope they help you .toyota is a great company.

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I drive an 2007 camry and there is oil all over my hood and engine. I put a quart in it a week. It looks as though it is throwing oil. Does anyone else have this issue?

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You might want to check the "O" ring seal under the engine oil fill cap. Also make sure the cap is screwed on correctly.

I want to buy a2007 Camry, people says don't buy it because of high burning oil. That's right???

I have a 2008 Camry, I changed oil on July 10, and drive below 1000 miles, and now on 8/14, the oil is below the minimum level, and almost gone. There's no oil leakage on motor or ground and it doesn't smoke too. To check, Toyota said they would charge $80 to diagnose.

I have a 2002 camry 2.4 and it has 350,000 miles on it and it went through 37,876 quarts of oil in its life with out ever having a oil change. I think i changed the filter 6 times . guess what when the car burns 5 quarts every 3000 miles it makes no sense to change it, just keep adding . I went through 5 catalatic converters from oil burning them up. Just put a perfect 90 k motor in this camry , guess what , went 2000 miles burned 3 quarts. none on ground no smoke. I am done! Selling it , its time to start thinking hyundai with 100 k warranty brand new cost half of a camry just as nice and no oil issues!

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