What does STOP oil pressure stop motor mean


Asked by May 17, 2013 at 06:23 PM about the 2000 Volkswagen Passat GLS

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It means that you have no oil pressure. If you do not turn the motor off, you will be shopping for a new car. The engine replacement on a 2000 VW Passet would cost more than the car is worth.

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how can it be fixed?

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1. Make sure you have oil in the engine. 2. hook up a mechanical gauge to see if there is any oil pressure --- Were you just driving along when the warning lit? Was the engine quiet?

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yeah the engine was quiet it now has a ticking noise but yeah was taken my son to school.

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This is actually the 2nd engine. I was about 4 hours from home when the oil light came on and the engine made a loud noise like baseball cards in bike tires. We went to the junk yard and got another one and replaced the oilpan since the old one had metal fragments in it. The engine from the junkyard did good for about 3 weeks when the oil light came on and has a faint ticking noise. I refuse to drive it because the motors are so expensive.

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Ticking noise is due to low oil. So the pressure guage is working correctly. So fill it up with oil and check for where the leak is. When you buy junkyard motors you never know how they were taken care.

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The oil on the dipstick is where it needs to be. Do you think it could be the oil pump and would that help the ticking noise?

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The ticking noise you are hearing sounds like lifters. You have hydraulic lifters that use oil to keep up pressure to close the distance between the rocker arm and lifter. You probably have either a worn out oil pump or warn out bearings. I would hope for the oil pump.

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Hey so i just bought a 2002 vw passat and it keeps telling me STOP oil pressure stop motor. But i already change the oil like 3 times what could i do next? Please help me!

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Changing the oil will not make much of a difference, as you have discovered. You have either an issue with the sending unit, not very likely, or one with the internals of the engine, meaning the oil pump or bearings. Have these check out. You don't want to fry an engine due to low oil pressure.

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my 2001 vw passat has a faint ticking and says stop brake fault but my breaks work fine

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my 2002 vw passat used to say that about my break but my breaks seemed fine until i went to go get them changed they really werent go get them changed before your car starts making horrible noises, also my vw is also making a grinding noise in the morning but only when warming it up after that its fine and then when i make sharp turns or usually also just in the morning it has a knocking sound and just the other day the stop oil pressure turn off motor also came on i turned the car off then back on and it hasnt done it since.

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My lights go crazy!!! tells me to do shit all the time.... Not making noise but now this stop thing keeps coming up... never owned a Passet before or any other foreign car... how do I even check the oil?

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Mine has always said shit and never meant anything...

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That's a big problem with Passat.

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My oil pressure light came on last night - it's about 0 degrees outside both last night and today. It's parked outside too. I have plenty of oil - could it be a dummy light? I've had to replace a wiring harness in it a couple of months ago and the electrical stuff seems to go haywire frequently. It's a 2006 Jetta 2.5 Should I be worried?

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Hi I've got a 2002 passat 2.0 se was driving along and oil light came on then flashed saying check oil level so I've topped it up with oil to the top and the lights still on saying its low any ideas ?

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So I filed my car with oil because it showed on the dip stick it was low I added oil and this light telling me to stop motor popped up is it possible iadded to much now it's a knocking noise wtf do I do? ??

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if there is to much oil in it will it make the oil pressure light come on...

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Get rid of the Passat before you loose you mind and all your money.

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VW DESIGN FLAW with the openings where the oil passes between two parts of the engine, the openings are not aligned properly! Therefore the engine is always operating under a restricted flow of oil. http://www.carcomplaints.com/Volkswagen/Passat/2004/engine/oil_pressure_light_came_onengine_seized.shtml

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I have a volkswagon cc 2010 it says after like 10 minute driving oil pressure engine off how I can fix that I took the car to the volkswagon dealership and they say it was a oil leak after the oil leak was fixed still was saying oil pressure engine off, i took the car back to the dealer and now they say the i have to change the motor what I can do.

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Don't put a new engine in. The car is not worth it. VW that is out of warranty should not be owned. They are the worst car to own. Donate the car to charity or trade it in for the peace of mind. Buy a Honda or Toyota.

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I'm still making payments on it

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Try to trade it in for a different car. The important thing is to get out of it as it will drain your pockets with repeated repairs. You may have to roll negative equity but we'll worth it. Again, buy a Honda Accord or Toyota camry.



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Hi, I have a similiar low oil pressure problem on my 2010 VW Golf 1.6TDI Can you advise on a resolution as a new oil pump, has not sorted it and there is no other visable issues. Where exactly is the problem ??? All suggestions welcome. Tks

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Any uropean car out of warranty is a car soon to be out of commision. Especially VW Passat. Get rid of it. Take your loses and move on to a Honda or Toyota. I am on my third camry with 300,000 + and still running like new. I would still drive this car cross country in confidence.


I just bought a 2001 Passat GLS Wagon 2.8 V6. 300 miles into ownership,STOP MOTOR-OIL PRESS. Light came on.Checked level and was over-full.Had the oil changed and still same lights coming on.It goes off at idle,then back on.Had no choice but to drive to work rest of the week(100+miles)and engine still runs and sounds great.Could it be a faulty sending unit or what?

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I need deep engineering knowledge to solve my VW passat oil problem, as the engine heat up, the oil indicator shows up prompting me STOP engine motor oil press, i have changed the oil several times, i am unable to travel with it , i fear the engine will break down, i need help

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I changed my oil switch because it was leaking, but since then this stop oil check sign keeps poping up on my dash board as I drive. Please advise on how it can be corrected.

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I had the same problem as everyone else. Oil pressure light came on so I changed the oil and the filter. Then it comes on a couple of months later but this time it only turns on when I get off the highway and drive around 35. I assumingly thought it was the sensor. Then I'm about a mile away from home and the car starts making a noise like a card hitting a bicycle wheel. I had to get the oil pick up tube and oil pump change. So far this car has cost me a grand. Now I'm driving it 2 days later and the light comes on again. Adding to it, my turbo is whining at 3 thousand rpm and when I'm at a stop light I smell something burning. Plus my fuel gauge dropped a quarter after driving 50 miles. I'm done with VW, it's now time to sell this junk. If you're looking to buy a car, don't pick this one.

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The light is telling you to get rid of the car. I dumped thousands and more into this car and still had issues. I was lucky to Find a guy who understood that he was buying a manual transmit ion with a pile of shitty German engineering around it. Get out while you can. Trade it In and get a Toyota or Honda.

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I'm having a problem with my 2006 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T. I was at the gas station a couple of weeks ago and when I went outside to drive off, my car was off. I checked the dipstick and it was bone dry because of no oil. Do you think this is the reason why it isn't starting?

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All cars need oil. Not having any can be very unforgiving.


I have a 2004 VW passat 1.8 Turbo Automatic. Shortly after (2 mins) my oil light came on i heard i ticking sound. 2mins after that my engine over heated and i stalled. Ive had an oil leak ive been been coping with for a while now. So I took it in to get a diagnosis check it came back that I needed a gasket and oil pump. I paid for that to be done. On the way home from the mechanic hey I noticed the oil pressure light came on about 2 minutes later the temperature on my dashboard quickly Rose from 190 degrees Fahrenheit - 260 degrees within about 30 seconds. I pulled over immediately and stopped the car. Waited a bit for the engine to cool off about 5-10 minutes then drove home about 8 miles away and park the car and it's been parked ever since. I'm about to call the mechanic and ask what's going on? Any suggestions?

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I bought 2003 vw passat with sised engine wouldt turn at all later i found problem with cam bearing and 2 broken valve , so i know i bought a mechanic special. I repased cilinderhead for 550 dollars on amazon ' that was completly reubilt. after i done everithing with the best of my knwlidge i drowe car 2 blocks engine light came on ./ stop engine./ . I belive oil passage is blocked or i got bad oil pump problem , i will put oil gage on and see how we doing . i may have to change rod and main bearihg shells too, if the crankshaft surface is smood ennough. i hate this job and the car too i repaired many cars ,this one has oil pan thats hard to get off the block . oh well 1115 000 mile on car not much . but if owner dont change oil or keep oil level any car can go wrong. I love to her from others about simular problems how tey repaired. oh i had my cars that has low oil pressur after fuew minute that mean when from heat engine warm ennough oil gets liter and that means bearings at rod amd main bearings sometime replace bearing shells solve the problem.

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I have a 2002 Passat Volkswagen in my oil pressure light came on in know my car sound like a tractor what do I do what can be the promblem

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On the Engine Sludge problem, could a person use a thinner oil weight to dilute the sludge and possibly clear out any blockage?

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I have a 2003 Passat GL Station Wagon, 1.8L L4 PFI DOHC. On the Engine Sludge problem, could a person use a thinner oil weight to dilute the sludge and possibly clear out any blockage? -- OR -- Can I simply REMOVE the oil pick up tube gauze filter altogether so it will never get clogged/reduce the flow again? Excerpt from another blog: The oil pick up tube gauze filter becomes blocked with carbon/sludge thereby giving reduced oil supply to the engine internals.

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That screen is there to protect the oil pump....clean or replace the screen but refit or the pump will fail and then the engine will seize.


9 times out of ten it's the oil pick up screen being clogged. Change screen and almost all engine noise will stop

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I have a 2008 vw passat 2.0 auto. Have oil leak at top of motor becouse someone lost my cover to my motor and some lines at top of motor. Will that give me a oil leak at top of motor and check engine light on????

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Hi my car Vw Passat 2000 1.8 turbo it coming every day in the last past 4 month, mechanic have a scan and coming nothing wrong. Engine sound really fin,mecanic told me to drive the car like dat until it coming something on scan,one week ago the Passat it start with a new problem ,cold engine cranking,after drivining hot engine not cranking any more I hve to stay to come engine cold,go to mechanic scan the car its coming nothing wrong, on the and I took the problem on my hand, and start to watch youtube and I find this, change crankshaft sensor and both problem sort, past 2 week and not even one problem 2 bolt one plug and job done 26$,wacht the link and do yourself the job easy to change DIY .2 bolts and a plug, cost me 26$,copy the link and paste in google https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9LwVy0wFA8

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I have a 2009 vw passat b6 2.0 tsi turboand left my house this morning and a mile down the road when i went to get on the highway, the stop oil pressure stop engine light came on. I just had an oil change last month. This hasn't happened yet and I've had it since march and have put 12,000 on it since i got it. It's at 107,000 miles currently. What should i look for or be concerned about? I also bout the car so its already paid off.

I am having the same issues! After $1.5K spent in recent repairs, the car is back in the shop. Third time must be a charm. Dealership wants to keep the car until light comes back on...Why do they have to wait for the light to come back on? I don't get it. Paid the car off at the beginning of the year and have not saved one red cent due to all of the needed car repairs. P.S. It's a 2009 Passat 2.0, only 60K miles. VW will leave you stranded and shrug.

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