Not want to start


Asked by Oct 14, 2014 at 04:46 PM about the 1999 Chevrolet Blazer 4 Door LS

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My dad owns a Chevy 1999 blazer v6 4.3
and does not want to start when he turn
the key it makes this click noise but its
trying to start but it can't we change the
battery and still its doing the click noise
and we change the starter out and still
doing the noise click and would not start
when turning the turning the key help

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The click is probably the solenoid making contact trying to engage the starter...and lacks power to crank engine. Why can't you change battery?

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If you did put a new battery in and the starter just clicks, and then put in a new starter and solenoid and it still clicks and does not turn over the engine it just may be the engine itself is frozen. (worst case) or the fly wheel is damaged (not likely and second worse case). It takes a lot of drain on the battery to turn over the motor via the starter. Try a jump start and see it that works. It it does, it is not the starter. I'd then check the battery, the battery connections, the cables to the starter and the connections. Make sure all the battery connections are clean and snug, also all the wires are not shorting out along the way. If a jump start and a second new battery and cable check does not fix it, write back and we'll move on.

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Oh, was the battery and starter/solenoid new? If not, have the battery and replacement starter checked, and the new ones if it was new checked also.

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I misread bad. I read 'can't change battery' instead of 'we change(d)...' , but my fault, not making excuses

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2001 blazer want start put new battery in starter too. Has be jumped. All time do I need new selanoide or do I need alternator

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Hope this helps with a great explanation of what to look for. The typical automotive starter system consists of the ignition switch, the transmission's neutral switch, the starter solenoid, the starter motor, the battery and wiring. If you are having a problem with your starter, it's most likely due to one of the common reasons below: Find local businesses for Auto Repair & Service Insufficient battery charge Defective or out of adjustment neutral switch Defective starter solenoid Defective ignition switch Excessive voltage drop Defective starter motor Most of these problems are easy to pinpoint and equally easy to repair, even for the ambitious do-it-yourself mechanic with only basic hand tools and simple test equipment. Insufficient Battery Charge A low battery charge is one of the most common starter problems. In this case, you turn the ignition key to the start position and you hear the starter solenoid click closed, but the starter motor fails to turn the engine over. A quick test of the battery's condition is to turn your headlights on and watch them as you crank the engine again. If you see them dim noticeably or go out, the chances are that you have a badly discharged battery. To double-check this diagnosis, connect a digital multimeter (DMM) across the battery and watch the readout. It's best to have someone else crank the engine over as you run the test. If the voltage drops below 12.4 volts, have the battery charged. Recharge the battery and test again. Defective Starter Solenoid Switch or Starter Motor You hear the starter solenoid click close when you turn the ignition switch to start, but the starter doesn't crank the engine. This common problem could be a caused by a defective starter solenoid, a defective starter motor, an excessive voltage drop in the starter cables or a low battery charge. Use the headlight test once again to see if the starter solenoid is closing the starter motor circuit contacts. If the lights dim or go out the starter solenoid has closed the circuit and the starter is drawing current. If the lights don't dim, either the starter solenoid is defective or the starter motor is defective. To confirm that the starter solenoid switch is the problem or to eliminate it as the problem, all you need is a heavy screwdriver with a well-insulated handle. With the car in neutral, the ignition switch in the run position and the parking brake applied, bridge across the two thick brass posts on the starter solenoid switch with the screwdriver. If the starter motor now cranks the engine over, the solenoid switch is the problem. If the starter motor still fails to crank the engine, the starter motor itself is the problem Open Solenoid Coil You switch the ignition switch to its start position and nothing happens. You listen closely but can't hear the starter solenoid click closed. It could be that you have a bad starter solenoid coil, a defective or ill-adjusted neutral safety switch, a bad ignition switch or a broken wire. Checking the starter solenoid coil is easy; using your DMM, touch one probe to a good ground and the other to the small terminal on the solenoid. Now have a helper turn the ignition switch to the start position. If you read battery voltage the ignition switch and neutral switch are okay and the problem is the solenoid switch. No Voltage at the Solenoid Switch's Primary Terminal While your helper holds the ignition switch in the start position, check for voltage on both sides of the neutral safety switch. If there's voltage on the ignition switch side but not on the starter solenoid side, try adjusting the neutral switch contacts. Otherwise, replace the switch. No voltage on the ignition switch side of the neutral switch could mean a broken wire or a defective ignition switch. Excessive voltage drop problems are usually caused by dirt and corrosion buildup between the battery cable clamps and the battery post. They can also be caused by loose connections somewhere else in the starter circuit. In this case, clean and tighten all connections.

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I am have a issue with my 99 blazer, when we go to start in it turn and makes the sound like it wants to start but wont crank over and when it does it doesnt wana keep going please help

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my 89 blazer cranks good but will not start . i changed the battery and wiers thats all.


89blazer. Have the plugs checked for spark and power. Your coil may be bad, or the fuel is not getting to the injectors. You may have a filter in need of replacing, or your pump is bad. You need air, fuel and spark to get an engine started and running. You also may have a bad electrical circuit board gone bad. It may need to be put on the computer to read and system to eliminate the electronics.

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I have 02 Trailblazer ltz 4.2 straight 6. I tried everything I replaced the starter with 1 and then bought another one to make sure that one wasn't bad. I changed the relay fuse switch, I replaced the ignition switch. I put a brand new battery in it and still just does the click thing. I tested the cable to the starter has proper voltage 9 to 12 volts I tried shimming the starter around nothing I really like to get this thing going. I thought it could be the neutral safety switch but it seems like it still tries to start in neutral and park. Really in a rough spot here need my suv.

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Have an 02 blazer new starter but won't start everything an my car come on work just fine but won't start help please

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I'm dealing with this right now. It'll start fine the first time I try to start but after it suits a while it won't for a long time. But after it finally starts again. The third or fourth time after. It starts. I'm 75% sure it's my solenoid

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I am dealing with this too, I have replaced the starter and alternator and battery and it still doesn't want to start, it has been working just fine and then one day it just wouldn't start, it cranks but wont turn over.


Splash_32301. I am not being critical, but if in MY terminology, if the starter turns the engine, it "cranks" and the engine turns over. Are you saying the engine will turn over but you get no starting? It may be electrical, or fuel related. You need fuel, spark, and air to start the vehicle. Take one from the equation, and there is crank, no start. Unless you are set-up to test the equipment, it should be tested by a certified mechanic. It will cost, but in the long run, throwing parts and hoping to hit the bad part is a throw-way of good parts and money. My first goes would to check the spark at the plugs. When turning over the engine, you should get a spark from the plug wire. My older brother always used me to hold it. If there is spark, next make sure there is fuel flow to the injectors. Are the fuses good to the fuel system? No blockage in the filters or lines? Have the timing checked also. Have your codes read to see if there is any issues with the smog system, as it will shut down the engine also. The problem may be a simple fix, but hard to find. Have fun and good luck.

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