Chevrolet Blazer Questions

2021 Chev Trailblazer RS Windshield Shadow During Night Driving Hazardous

Anybody driving a 2021 Chev Trailblazer RS that is having problems during night driving in the country where a shadow comes half way down on the windshield? I feel this is a hazard for night driving...

Ac Compressor Not Working

My ac compressor isn't kicking in


I am considering buying a 2019 Blazer but need to know the width from mirror tip to mirror tip.

Why It Wants To Stall At Light OR Stop Sign???

When you step on gas goes fine,at light OR stop sign it wants to stall????

Chevrolet Blazer Overview

One of the true classics, and a pioneer of the SUV concept, the Chevrolet Blazer was launched in 1969. completely revamped on a new platform in 1983, and continued until 2005.

From its beginnings as a sturdy, mid-size off-road vehicle in a market that didn't quite know how to classify it (was it a pickup truck? a wagon? a utility vehicle?), the Chevy Blazer attained an iconic status on the American road.

Drivers loved the Blazer for its stiff, high-set suspension, its rugged but responsive handling, its durability, and its affordable price. The Chevy Blazer was seen as ready to face tough terrain, as well as roomy enough to carry a gaggle of Little Leaguers with balls, bats, and giant ice cream cones home from the game.

Unfortunately, the Chevrolet Blazer was outpaced by the very trend it had been so key in starting. As SUVs got bigger and more luxurious, the Blazer lagged in sales. Replaced by the TrailBlazer spinoff, the original Blazer is still mourned by drivers who miss its old-school styling and amazing value.

Blazers are also well-loved by the tuner and hobbyist market. You'll find a number of these tricked out as high-end project vehicles; they've got the heft and the Detroit steel to make the investment well worth it!

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