I changed the water pump is n my 2000 Chevy cavilier, I marked the cams and crankshaft so the timing wouldn't go wrong but the car wouldn't start so I redid the timing with the dowl pins and itstill s

Asked by Dec 06, 2015 at 07:29 PM about the 2000 Chevrolet Cavalier Sedan FWD

Question type: Maintenance & Repair

Did the timing with the pins 4 times
and it still won't start it just spins, it
did blow the data link fuse replaced it
but still won't start could it of blown
more fuses to make it not want to

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I think you still do not have the timing marks right between the cam gears and crank gear. You should go to you-tube and look this up, it should be on there, then you can see what to do.

I watched many videos on YouTube before even starting it. I'm pretty sure I did it right, at most it could only be one link off if it even is. The crankshaft is moving but it still doesn't even try to start just spin, should I try to do the time ng again


Well I have to go over what you have done. So it is absolutely critical that the timing marks on the gears are where they are suppose to be. I am going to need to know what size engine it is and is it a DOHC motor. It ran before replacing the water pump right? What concerns me is you blowing the data link fuse, how did that happen?

It's a 2.4L engine. Not sure what the DOHC is but its in a 2000 cavilier. For the data link fuse is the same fuse as the lighter but I no my scanner worked the last time I tried it and it worked after changing the fuse but since it won't start I can't get any codes to come up.If the DOHC is the engine that can't connect it not, the valves can be messed up but the first time I took it about I marked the cams and crankshaft and never even took the chain off the cams and when I put it back together made sure all my makes matched


Ok, that sounds good. DOHC=duel over head cam. So I don't see 2.4L mentioned in my interference list. How do you know it is a interference motor? Have you checked for spark?

On one of the videos it mentioned it was but I don't no that forsure, I'm glad to hear its not on your list, and it does have the duel cams

Checking the spark was next on my list


Have you checked for spark?

No that was next on my list of what to do but did not get to it today. Can I get in touch with you when I do check for spark tomorrow


Ya I'll get you in my e-mail, in the mean time I will check on a few things, but this car ran before you tore it apart? Sleep on it tonight, think of what you did when you took it apart...

I originally did the water pump and the only way I could think that the timing got thrown off is when I did the tensioned because I never took the chain off the first time around and I think by doing it again just got things more messed up. Do you need my email or did you grab it from Facebook that how I logged on here

Yes it was running ibut the water pump started leaking and thank you


If you write here, since I answered your post, I will automatically get what you write on this subject. I don't have face book, but my better half does, send me a private message, try sending your e-mail, but I don't think it will go threw here, click on my avitar and go to my garage and send me a private message. Tell me what to do to hook up with you on face book. I haven't tried in a while to get on face book but I'll give it a shot.

Ok I just noticed the email thing. So if its easier for you to do it that way it's cool. I don't always check my email but I will make sure I do


Doing it this way is just fine and better for me, then I know when you write. Long as you can find this sight and this same question to write on.

I do appreciate the help I don't no really anyone that works on cars. I no a lot but I don't no everything and I had thought I followed every step right but something happened and I just feel like i just have something off and why they ever decided to connect the water pump to the timing chain mind boggles me. I have to get some stitches out tomorrow from a surgery but after that I'll check the spark and let you no what I find


I'll be here, just come back to this sight & question and I will catch ya in my e-mail.


Terry, I am up and roll en, I will be asking you on the timing chain tentioner, did you replace it? Did you reset it? plunger sticking out from lip no more than .07 in.? And did you release it once installed.


Also, That motor IS a interference engine! My list I have cover engines with timing belts only.

I also found the same thing, what I read was only the valves can get messed up. Surprisely they don't cost that much.

I did replace the tensioned and the tensioned shoe and I releast it as the directions told me to. Actually did that every time I did the timing. I'm going to try to check the spark after my doctors appointment and let you no. I'm probably going to have to check k the valves Eventually


If you put that timing were it belongs, and the tensioner is set right the valves should be fine. Just double checking: you mentioned you used pins in each cam gear for location? and the crankshaft timing mark was lined up at 12 0-clock reference mark above the crankshaft gear mark? By chance did you rotate the engine a few revolutions to see if the marks lined back up? I'll be here all day have fun at the docs...

I did use the pins to line the cams up and now that you mention it I think I did spin the crankshaft a couple times to get the mark to line up. From my understanding you have a 50\50 shot of having the crankshaft right and I tried it both ways I do believe


No matter what, if the crank shaft gear dot is lined up at 12 0-clock, there is no 50/50 chance. There is no two ways to line up.

Walways had it on the mark at 12 o'clock. I did a belt On a Chrysler van to where you had to have a crankshaft at 12 o'clock but you can have it wrong because it was the crankshaft spun twice for every one of the cam so I thought that this engine might have been that way so I tried it both ways but either way the mark was at 12 o'clock so I figured at I figured either way when is it Wasnt going to hurt anything Okay I got to get going so I'll get a hold you again in a couple hours thank you

Just wanted to let you no that I've been really busy the last couple days with doctors appointments and plan on getting to my sisters garage and back to the car tomorrow. I have done some research so when I do start back at it tomorrow I at least have a direction to go


Hey thanks! Keep me posted, like to see you get her going...

Ok I went and bought the tool to check for spark and all 4 cylinders are getting spark, I kinda thought they weren't but I'm going to try to text the crankshaft censor next

Ok part two well from what I read if the car is getting spark the sensors are ok so I think I have to look at the timing again. Someone told me that if the timing was off it wouldn't get spark but I don't agree with that, can you help me on that?


You would still get spark, but if everything is set like it suppose to be, like we have gone over, timing should be good. You didn't happen to break the wire for the 02 sensor? So did you tear into looking at the timing again?

I checked all the wirering and plugs and the all look ok. If anything the plug that goes into the oil pressure sensor looks ify, I didn't tear into it yet, I think my next step is going to be renting the tool to check if each cylinder is getting compration unless you have a better idea which way to go. When I bought the tool to check for spark I thought for sure it wasn't going to show it was getting spark. Listening to the engine when I turn the key I really think it not getting compration.


When you turned the crankshaft over a couple of times when setting the timing did you do it by hand? or use the starter with the key? or did you have a remote to bump the starter?

I didn't use the starter, I put the bolt that holds the Harmonic balancer On and used my Ratchet To turn it


Sorry here, I had a computer glitch, so they say even so the motor is an interference engine, turning it over by hand would be ok since the lifters are not pumped up solid. If by chance that timing is off one tooth, it will not start. Are you going to check one more time? If so keep me informed while you are doing it so you are confident that it is set right.

Ok that sounds good, I will try it one more time. From what I've read with this engine and it being an interference engine only the valves can get messed up, the one question I would have if the timing is off by the one tooth and you turn it over with the key is it enough to mess the valves up with it being only one tooth off or would it have to be off a lot more than that to actually mess it up?


That I do not know, turning the key tho is not good if timing is off. Is it enough to cause damage? I don't know. Start from scratch then before doing a compression test.

I've priced the valves and they are $12.95 a piece but I haven't even look to see how to change them yet. I no at any given time the timing could of only been off by one tooth at most. I do no in one of the videos I watched it sound to turn the crankshaft 90° before turning the cams but it all sound that if your turning thing by hand it almost impossible to mess anything up so I just have to worry about turning it over when the timing was off by a tooth. I'm going to rent the tool to check the compration and if there no compration then I will no the valves are messed up. Crazy, I guess I should of read more before I got so into it but I figured as long as I kept my marks on the cams and crankshaft on I would have to do anything esle absolutely crazy


Thats why I think you may be ok, but lets check it one more time if you are not sure, but it sounded like it should have ben ok. Then do a compression test.


If the timing is off the compression test at this point would be irreverent, you wouldn't know if it was a bent valve or the timing just being off. If the timing is not set right, a compression test would show low.

Ok thank you again and I'll let you no when I get the timing chain cover off tomorrow and we can go from there


Sounds good! have a good night...

Ok got a late start today. I just got the cover off and with the chain still on I lined the timing mark on the crankshaft up with the factory timing mark and when j put the brass dowl pins in the cams it was just a hair off. I moved the cams just a hair to get the pins to slide in and when I did that the timing mark on the crankshaft was just a hair off, so I need to figure out a better way to put the damn chain on right


You know there is a dot above the timing gear dot that you line up. I believe the key way would be at 12 0-clock along with the other 2 dots. If so, maybe off 1 tooth?

Yes I've been using the dots at 12 o'clock on the crankshaft and the brass pins on the cams but for some reason it doesn't want to all line up. I'm going to have to wait till I have a second person to help me because I think it's pretty much impossible at this point to line everything up with just one person. I'm probably going to have to wait until my sisters boyfriend can help me line everything up being its her car lol. I just can't line it all up by myself


Sure you can, and it sounds off. Try taking out the tensioner, leave the chain in place, maybe mark the chain against a crankshaft tooth, get your socket ready for the bolt, carefully take the chain off the crankshaft gear and rotate the crankshaft right or left, one tooth per the chain and reinstall. You think? rotate at least 2 revs. of the crank and see if everything lines up.

Ok I read a hole different thing about how to do the timing and did it all again. After I redid everything I turned the crankshaft twice and the pins still lined up so I really don't think whatever is making the car not start is the timing. At this point I really think I need to start looking at the valves or something but I just can't see how it could of gotten messed up, I am at such a lose


If you are satisfied that the marks all line up properly, you can check compression at any time, should be a minimum of 120 lbs, and a good reading up around 145-150 lbs. Put it back together, there are other things to check if it does not start. It is not uncommon after a project like this to miss something or something gone bad in the meantime.

I'm going to double check to make sure its getting gas but I really think its not getting compration just by the way it sounds when trying to start it, the only way I can describe it is everything is spinning, crankshaft and all but it not trying to start at all. I would think that even if it wasn't getting gas it would at least try to start but all's it is doing is spinning. I probably will che k for cash compration before she takes it somewhere. If its not getting compration, the valves are messed up so I'm going to see what it takes to at least check them. I don't see how they could of gotten messed up because I really think the timing was never off. I do thank you for the help. If I do need more help I'll get in touch thank you!


Let me know what happens, like to here it run. Once you get it to a point to see if it fires, get some starting fluid and spray into the air intake. If it fires off, then it is not getting gas, and so there would be a fuel issue, like the fuel pump not having power. You know you have spark. Turn the key to on, do you here the fuel pump prime up? Hear the pump run?

I'm really starting to learn tord it not getting gas but my sister had it toad to her farther in laws garage last week and she still waiting to hear back from him about what's wrong. I did everything j could think of for her to get it running but I just needed to take a couple day break from it and she didn't want to wait so I'm just hoping the farther in law doesn't charge her a Billion dollars to get it going. Anything over 800 to 1000 dollars she would be better off junking it or hopefully they call and tell her what wrong like she asked them to and if its something I can do she could always have it toad back home, thanks again and I'll let you no what happens when I find out


Yes please and thanks...

Well its not good, i haven't talked to the mechanic myself yet but he told my sister that the valves did get messed up. So what I think happened was when I put the crankshaft on the timing mark I should of looked at the number one cylinder and made sure it was all the way up which it is only tdc everyother time the timing make is at 12o'clock on the timing make. I think I said that right


I know what you did, then when you used the starter that one time it messed the valves up. So it will need a different head if that is messed up by the valves, or a valve job at least. Never the less the head has to come off for repair. Just so you know, that engine is one of the most difficult ones to set-up timing on. No one likes to work on those.

Lol yes I found that out the hard way. I guess that my sisters farther in law, were they took the car, is going to give them a car for Christmas and then fix her car and sell it to make up some money for giving them a car so hopefully she gets something decent. I did the math and she would have to get a car worth 2000 to 2500 in order to make up for her car. After its fixed it will be worth at least 3000 and for a 15 years old car its in better shape than most and I told her not to take it if it's a Chrysler! Lol


Hey thanks man, call me anytime...

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