Electrical problem, Dashboard Panel Gages Dead, Check Engine Light and ABS Warning Light ON. Trip Meter Flashing "NoBus"


Asked by Sep 21, 2013 at 06:01 PM about the 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 4 Dr SLT Extended Cab SB

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2000 Dodge RAM 1500, Electrical Problem, Dashboard/Cluster Panel, all gages read zero continuously, after startup, all lights pass lamp test, and all but Check Engine Light and ABS Warning Light Stay go off. After 10-15 seconds Odometer/Tripmeter Reads, starts blinking then Flashes "No BuS."  I've never seen a Odometer/Trip meter flash, but it is now. What's up. Truck seems to run fine. The only thing I can fined wrong is one 5AMP fuse that is dead on both sides. Can't find a descent wriing diagram. Any Help.

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This means the vehical network is down. Odds are you have a module failure. I would start by unplugging the radio. This seems to be a weak point. There are several modules, asb,air bag, ect. When you unpulg the bad module the no bus light will go out. What 5 amp fuse is inop? I have access to diagrams.

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would it be possible to get a diagram for the abs module, please.

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the abs module should be at the center of dash, on the floor. I believe there is a trim piece you remove, then you unlatch the lever and flip it over to unlock it. The bus is down, so abs light comes on. You may try unplugging the inst cluster, then plug it back in....see what happens. If it all comes back and works properly, then there is a connection problem at back of cluster. Possible corrosion on terminals. If not, then you prob. have a bad module on the network.

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the bus originates in the inst. cluster. so if it(the bus) becomes shorted, the no bus message appears. Is your truck a base model or does it have alot of options? here is what modules are on the bus. central timer module, radio,air bag module, pcm,overhead console,abs module and inst. cluster. beings the bus originates in ctuster, you need to unplug each module one at a time, till the NO BUS message goes away. That module will have to be replaced. Im gonna include a module and connector location diag. If you have any questions, just email me....

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another component view.

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my truck is the base model. why does it only happen when it rains though if the problem is in the dash?

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See if your vehc. has the abs module at the driver side firewall area. If so, unplug it and look for water in connector. Its also called the cab. controller antilock brake. It will have brake lines going to it.. If there is water in it, blow it out and look for corrosion. There my have to be wires/terminals replaced.

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am I looking under the hood or inside the cab of the truck?

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under the hood, driver side close to firewall

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If you've got the 5.9 or 5.2 I've got a refurbed module like new, would need to be reprogramed with your info. I paid $295 for it with no returns available. My problem with NO BUS ended up being a shorted crank sensor lead.

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Jennifer Stempien

Dodge Ram 1500, all the dash lights flash warnings of needing service, shuts the truck off, only 8700 miles, my son avoided a collision and this happened, been to the dealership twice already. disconnected the battery, still same thing.

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I have a 2011 Dodge Ram 2500. Wipers, headlights will not turn off all gauges not working, dash looks like a Xmas tree. I left the drivers side window down in the rain. Would getting the power window switches wet cause this?

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2000 Dodge Ram PU 5.2 Had the same issue, no gages, 'NO BUSS' warning message. Connectors on the back side of the cluster, in my opinion, are not the best choice in this application. 2 multi-pin connectors on opposite sides of the rear of the cluster. In my case, I removed the cluster, cleaned contacts on both sides, adjusted the pins to assure they were making contact and re-installed the cluster. It worked. Now,only occasionally, the cruise control will not come on. A gentle 'rap' of a well placed closed fist on the top of the dash usually corrects the problem. Just Sayin'

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Darrell Bentley

I am currently having the no bus. I replaced crank sensor did not fix. Wires and plugs and cap rotor button. Not fixed ignition module not fixed. Fuel pump not fixed. Took to a shop. Say faulty crank sensor they warranty and replaced said was fixed. Well guess what not fixed. They come to my broke down location. Hit my pcm with a hammer repeated while i turn over bam fires up. Then shut down done this same step several times in a row stays running. They said bad pcm. I have no clue. Just gonna replace pcm. And let ya know. I don't think hitting a pcm would work. But i know hitting a starter or gas tank works.

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Edward Peters

Darrell have you replaced the pcm? I am having the same problem with my 2000 1500

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Rick Perea

Don't have an answer need help myself ,did you replaced the pcm and what is a pcm also where is it located

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can someone PLEASE tell me how member140 (the 2011 2500 dodge ram with the dash lit up like a X-Mas tree) fixed his problem. I believe my drain for my sunroof clogged and overflowed as there is water dripping from the holy crap handle and my Dash is exactly as 140 described. PLEASE help Brett

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Jon Hawkins

Pulse-code modulation (PCM) is a method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals. It is the standard form of digital audio in computers, Compact Discs, digital telephony and other digital audio applications. As far as it's location I don't know? Good luck I hope it helps! Ps I find if you go on line punch in: Define and what ever your looking for it bring up a good supply of info! Ex. Define PCM

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Adam Plummer

Pcm is Powertrain Control Module. It is the brain of the engine. It controls both the engine and transmission. Based on my readings no bus means the communication lines are down between dash and pcm. This can be caused by ANY computer in the vehicle since they all use the same "telephone" wires. The dash is kind of the manager of communication lines. The engine can run with the bus down. Its possible for pcm to mess up the bus though. A bad sensor causing the pcm to mess up communications seams to be reoccuring for what I see. In trying find what caused my GF van to die but there is no codes. Just no bus. But after trying a restart it started right up. So figured I'd hit the net to see any common intermitent issues.

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"I am having a problem with my 2007 dodge ram 1500 larimer 5.7 hemi 4x4. DTC message u0024 can b bus (-) circuit open and DTC message u0025 can bus (-) circuit low. Have been late for work two days in a row finding alternative transportation. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't, also yesterday all the dash gauges cut out and went to 0. Prepared for my truck to stall and lose power but kept running. Then everything came back on. do you have any ides as where to start and any diagrams as to where the modules are in my truck?

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I replaced the TIPM and it has cleared the DTC messages. The abnormal symptoms seem to fixed, and it starts! Hope this helps someone else...

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I have a 02 dodge ram all gauges don't work plus the fuel pump doesn't come on and my truck wont start. I replaced the battery replaced the ignition switch and checked the relays and fuses none of that helped. Please if someone could help me figure out how to fix my truck I would really appreciate it. Thank u in advance

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I have a '99 dodge dakota. None of my gauges work and all of the warning lights come on. The odometer says "no bus". Truck starts fine. If anyone can help tell me what the issue is I would really appreciate it. Thanks

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David Sproed

my dodge hemi 4x4 laramie mega cab lights come on flicker truck will not shut off and dash screen for radio looks blurry i live in rainy ass oregon problem started in this state


I have a 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 extra cab 4x4. And it reading no bus. It turns over but dose not start. I gave it a basic tune up. Spark plug wires, Spark plugs, o2sensors, and oil. Checked if evap and vaccum line for cracks none what so ever. But relay box and fuel pump makes busing noises. Could that b the reason why it won't start??

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Ruben Saldana

I have a 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 my meter say no bus i change the sparke plugs wire and spark pluge and the pick up coil and still shuts off on me anybody knows the problem please

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I have a 2000 Dodge ram 1500 Sport Edition 4x4, quad cab, custom 8 foot bed and my truck has been having this issue where in the middle of driving, a few minutes after parking my truck, or just trying to start it. The ABS and check engine light appear shortly after my odometer blinks "no BuS" I corrected the problem temporarily by removing a cover on one of my wire harness'. Until 2 days ago when I dropped off one of my co workers from work, the truck shut off and read "no BuS" once again. Tried disconnecting the battery and resetting it only to start for about 4 seconds before shutting off again, I've heard from many sources saying to try the crank sensor so I'm going to get around to that this weekend. It makes me anxious due to my long travel distance to work being mostly on the express way, sometimes in bumper to bumper traffic. I most certainly do not want my truck to shut off in the middle of it and not be able to start.

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Justin Drum

I have a 00 Ram 1500, Had the same problem no gauges, no bus on odometer and the overhead computer read CCD. Which I guess means Chrysler crash detection. Any ways I tried all the modules unplug\plug everything, No luck.. So finally I decided to pull the overhead console down and unplugged the display up there. That fixed the problem, the display no longer works but everything else is now great. Hope this helps!

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