My 2005 Chrysler Crossfire won't start- lights and radio come on but engine won't turnover


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2005 Crossfire- turn the key and nothing happens- but the radio- lights etc work fine the engine just wont' turnover

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battery is fresh? other end of the black cable wirebrushed to make a solid connection to ground? and 1/0 battery cable from the engine block to ground...all free of corrosion? positive battery terminal free of the "blue afro" and the lolipop connection that goes from the alternator still without corrosion even though it's been in a cloud of acid vapor for years? the other end of the positive terminal where it connects to the solenoid also can get clobbered up partially disassemble and wirebrush this stud so we can pull the necessary 300 or so cold- crankin-amps through there~

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feels like a ten volt battery....test the voltage at the battery should be 12.5 volts 13.5-15 volts running~

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should issue a "click" when the power is given to the solenoid----bad solenoid or starter switch would be our next move~

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god forbid...a seized engine...was this one run till completely cooked for lack of coolant/oil? betcha hadn't thought of that one....or did you?

grab ahold and make it turn...or put it in fourth gear and see if we push it if the engine will turn...cooked is not preferred~


I had a battery like that happen to my car .replaced it and was fine.thankyou for the help. Z

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you are not being forthcoming..the motor is locked up, isn't it...operator_13 gets one right occasionally ~


no plenty of coolant- it gets regular maintence check ups

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lets break it down, air, fuel, spark, timing.....consider all of these things...apologies for accusing the motor being locked up....have seen guys spend hundreds of dollars on a motor that wasn't worth comes to mind for some reason~

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does it turn over or is it locked?

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won't turnover - but its not locked -the starter doesn't even click

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okay, now we're getting somewhere....there has to be a good ground connection to the block (where the starter is) otherwise the show will not go on---also as I've asserted the bolt connecting the lug to the starter solenoid has to be clean too...Are three rum and cokes too many to have when the temperature is ninety-five?

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manual transmission...put it in fourth and have an assistant push you a spell and dump the clutch, if it makes the motor turn....YAY...if it makes the wheels screech even in fourth or fifth gear, we have a locked-up motor.

still am suspecting one of the cells on your battery has lost electrolyte and you have a 10.5 volt battery....would explain the lack of response from the starter~


Actually the garage told me today it needs a new computer system- but with luck its still covered - 80,000 miles or 8 years- so it won't cost anything- that is lucky considering it would be a 4500,00 if we didn't have it

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Just took my 2005 Crossfire, auto trans, to the dealer. Mine would not start and all lights etc. came on. AAA put a new battery in it 4 weeks ago for the same issue. Happened again a week ago. As soon as I called the AAA tow truck to come out, it started. They ran for a week and it did it again. I have it at the dealership now. Last year the dealership had my car for 4 months trying to find out another issue. Had to put a new wiring harness in. Could this be part of the issue?

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Same problem


Last April my car alarm kept going off randomly, even while I was driving! The dealership had the car for 4 months trying to solve the problem. Chrysler Customer Care had to get involved. At that time they ended up replacing my PCM, wiring harness, driver side window (they broke it putting in the wiring harness!) and a new car alarm. Since then, my auto door locks haven't worked, the back window fell into the car (Chrysler warranty covered that-they put a whole new rag top on the car) and now this problem. I guess if they find anything having to do with the PCM or ignition relay, they will have to cover it too. Lord have mercy! All this in the last year. Before this, no problems. I love that car and hope this comes to a halt!

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We ended up having to have a new computer system put in and a relay box, luckly we had less than 70,000 miles and the computer system was under factory warrenty but the relay box and installation was still 800.00 hopes this helps-


my alarm system kept going off at odd times - instead of paying the 750.00 to have it replaced i just had it disabled. I love the car but the dealer told us that there are not alot of people that know how to work on them so its always a guessing game and hopefully they get the problem fixed.. I also called crystler customer care and that seemed to help. I havent had any problems with it since. It runs like a charm.


Update on my crossfire that wouldn't start. Sure enough the dealer came back with an answer: It is the RCM and the cost for part and labor is $715.00 and take 4-5 days to get to Lincoln, Nebraska. My husband called the Mercedes Dealership (Across the street from the Chrysler Dealership!) and they told him they could get the part for $225.00 in 2 days. The part is a plug and play component. We are picking up the car and ordering the part from Mercedes. The Chrysler Dealership told us they had to use Chrysler parts (yes, it is the same part, but a different part number) and that theirs was $406.00. Always pays to shop around.

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Update on my Crossfire that won't start... Last night my husband pulled the RCM and saw that there are 3 points on the computer board that are corroded. He sodered the 3 points, plugged the RCM back into the car and now it is running like a champ! Spent $30 for the Soder Iron. We did further investigation on this problem and found that the RCM on the Mercedes SLK was recalled, but Chrysler didn't want to participate. Thanks to websites like this, we always investigate before we believe our Dealership's Service Dept.

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Found it! Had a mysterious grimlin in the engine,,stop running suddenly and not only not start but the key wouldn't turn far enough to engage the starter. If the key stayed in the "on" position for 30 sec or so something started raceing (possibly the fan motor). Cleaned all battery connections, then replaced the battery, OBD 2 showed faulty crankshaft sensor,, replaced it but motor still would die off and on,,but would restart in a few minutes.Noticed motor would die when I hit passing gear or idleing. No set pattern, once I leaned over air breatheg and pressure from my hand on top or cover above the air stack killed the engine. Well to make a long story short,,,I finally found the crank sensor plug was faulty. I pulled it again and looked in the recess at the copper blades that clamp onto the crank sensor and felt they had spread apart possibly by heat over a long period. I inserted a pointed spike and with slight pressure bent them back inward. That did it!!! No Dealer to rip me off, sell me parts or another computer I don't need, just old fashion mechanic working it out. One less problem solved for us Crossfire drivers.

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I had the very same problem on my crossfire 2004 manual trans, turned out to be the RCM points not making contact, put some soldering iron and voila car started right away. Thanks it cost me 5 dlls to fix it.

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I've poured thousands into my 2004 Crossfire dealing with this same issue, all the turmoil of stalling suddenly for no reason, stalling at lights, sometimes starting, mostly not. Starting when the tow truck arrives. Happened upon this discussion today, researched RCM, watched a couple YouTube videos, showed them to my husband. In less than 10 minutes, he had my car running. Whoever discovered this fix, I LOVE YOU! Thank you so much!

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I am getting rid of that stupi car! I paid 4000 at the dealership and only ran for 11 months. Goodbye will never ever buy a Chrysler again.. THIEVES


XFIRED: You do know that despite the Chrysler badge on them, the Crossfires are barely even Chrysler-made vehicles, right? All of these issues with starting have to do with the MERCEDES design they used during that time period. The engine and drivetrain are right out of a Mercedes SLK series car. (I have plenty to be angry with Chrysler about ... but with the Crossfire, the problem is more one of their mechanics not being familiar with working on what's basically a Mercedes.) *Most* of the time, if your Crossfire dies suddenly and won't start again until it cools back down or sits for a little while? It's a bad crank position sensor. (Replace ONLY with a Bosch part, available from several vendors on Amazon for under $45. Again, you may need to search for the CPS made for Mercedes SLK from 2004 time-frame.) If the problem is that the engine cranks and cranks but it never actually starts? That's usually the RCM or relay control module. That's the circuit board in a black plastic box near the battery that you can slide out and re-solder any poor/broken connections on it and usually get going again. These cars also throw fits when their batteries are old and getting weak. If your XFire is NOT the SRT-6 type, you have that rear spoiler that moves up and down. If it immediately goes up when you start the car, that's actually an error code it's trying to give you that usually means the battery is weak and it's unhappy.

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Facebook - Chrysler Crossfire Owners International .. we've been there done that on just about all issues..

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