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Asked by Jul 23, 2008 at 12:32 PM about the 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

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myt abs light and traction control go off whenever i start my car. my park brake light used to come on but doesnt anymore. i took it into my dealer and they said i would need  a new sensory harness. does anyone know any other solution?

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Did they mean ABS sensor harness? If they said the wiring is bad, yes this would cause the problem. If there is nothing else wrong, that is the only solution. Please clarify if they meant the sensor or the harness.

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The lights should go off when you start your car????? If the lights stay on, then there is a problem! I guess I am not understanding the problem????

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I think he means go off as in they come on.

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the warning light for the abs stays on constantly. and the light for the traction control stay on constantly. meaning i have no abs and traction control. dealer said it is the sensory harness. never specified. but they said it would b about 250.00. and i cant afford that

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Have you actually taken it in to get a diagnostic on it yet? If not do it and the computer will log all the errors and then you'll have a way better idea.Sometimes it's a problem with a dirty sensor on your braking system that sets these off,and you can clean it.Have you tried spinning the tires to see if the ta light goes off and back on again? If it is the harness then you can find a used one but I think it's be better to spend the 250.00 for a brand new one that is warrantied.Let us know what you find out so us other GP people have an idea in case anything like that should happen to us. Good Luck!!

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Your wheel bearing and sensor ring is all one piece. Easy to change. Most likely the problem since they did not give specifics and the cost the quoted you. Will need to know which wheel is tripping the light. Only a good auto service center would be able to access it. Hope that helps.

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It could be a number of things. It must be scanned first. I have the same problem. Once scanned, it was found the ABS/TC module is shot. This is an $1100.00 item plus labour. I'm installing a used one instead. $50.00.

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ya awhile ago they said a bearing was going bad with my front drivers side. thats probly it thanx mike i will get that fixed and let ya know

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I had the same problem on my daughter’s 2004 GTP. I read that the wheel sensors should have a resistance of 960 to 1040 ohms. I measured all four wheels and they were all about 1,100 to 1,120 ohms. I tried cleaning connectors, and even put four 1000 +/- 23 ohm resistors at the end of all four harnesses. I also cleaned the plug for the harness at the ABS ECM, and also the ABS power relay. None of this turned off the ABS warning message. I checked the voltage at the end of each harness connector to the wheel speed sensors with the ignition turned on. Three of them were at 4.8 volts, and the RF was varied between 2.1 and 3.6 volts. As I shook the harness next to the RF brake, that voltage at the connector would jump up and down. With the connector still disconnected from the wheel sensor, I probed the length harness with pins and a voltmeter. At the ABS ECM, the RF circuit was 4.8 volts like the other three wheel circuits. As I moved along the harness, it stayed at 4.8 volts until I got to within about a foot of the wheel sensor. Then it dropped off to the lower level I measured at the wheel sensor connector. I eventually pulled the wires out of the harness guard, and cut open some of the shrink wrap around the wires. Even though the car had not been driven for 5 days, the wires were wet, and the inside of the shrink wrap was full of sand and salt. I think what had happened was that the dirt there eventually degraded the insulation on the wires and was allowing some current leakage that resulted in the voltage drop. I intended to rewire this part of the harness and replace the end connector. I couldn’t get a connector at the auto parts stores, but three different stores and a Chevy dealer sold a relatively short section of the harness with a new connector. My conclusion is that this mode of failure must be common, or all of the auto parts stores and GM dealers would not be selling a replacement harness section. After wiring in the new section on the end of the RF wheel harness, the ABS warning light is no longer coming on.

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or replace the bearing with the ABS wiring attach to it .But make sure you know if its a plasite fiting or metal fiting it does matter..someone broke mines when they replace my CV boot.

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Had the same problem with my 04 grand prix GTP, theres a recall on it from a while back, the wiring system was basically messed up in most of the 04s

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Where do you go for recall?

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My 03 Grand Prix GT had ABS and TCS lights that remained on . My mechanic found a broken wire and charged me $100. Now two weeks later they're back on again. ARGH! I don't need to know when my ABS is activating or confirming that I've turned off my traction control since I never turn it off. Isn't there a fuse somewhere that I can pull??? I can see this as an ongoing pain.

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I have a 2004 grand prix gt2 and I hit a large speed bump and every so certain then when I hit a bump my abs and traction light come on but if I pull over and cut my car off and back on the light stays off until I hit another broke...I had a mechanic look at it and say a sensor that goes In the hub needs to be replaces charging $250 another one says I probably misplaced the sensor when I hit the bump and just needs to be placed back because if was a major problem the light would just stay on

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2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Front Wheel Bearing & Hub Assembly for Models with ABS $54.45 Save 80% List: $274.92 Save: $220.47 QUANTITY: 1 Specifications: • Fits either LH (Driver Side) or RH (Passenger Side) FRONT • 3 Bolt Triangular Flange • Fits 5 Lug Wheel • Replaces dealer part numbers: 7467357, 7467587, 12413093, 12413094, 12413125, 12413126, 12413194, 88964168 • Wheel studs already installed • Direct replacement • Fits models with ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes) only • Includes ABS sensor with correct plug

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There are a few smart handling regarding the ABS sensor. First make sure you are dealing with an experienced reputable mechanic. The diagnoses can be a little tricky and sometimes the mechanic looks in a hurry to fix the problem without cutting deep in the component and around it. I have had a problem with my 2004 Grand Prix with ABS light sensors off and on. The first mechanic replaced the front 2 censors, a week light later the light came back, I took it back and it was fixed, six months late the light came back and stay on. I was frustrated and took the car to another mechanic, well he found the wire harness broken in both the front wheels, he change them and the problem was corrected. Remember some times it’s not the sensor, it can be the bearing. If you change the sensors and the light still coming on, then check the bearing and the sensor wire harness. Hope this will help.

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JEFF::: she said, "I took it into my dealer and they said i would need a new 'sensory harness'." ALSO, Michael said, "The lights should go off when you start your car????? If the lights stay on, then there is a problem!"" I think you are confusing her more than anything else..

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JEFF::: He said, "I took it into my dealer and they said i would need a new 'sensory harness'." ALSO, Michael said, "The lights should go off when you start your car????? If the lights stay on, then there is a problem!"" I think you are confusing him more than anything else..

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Folks, I have a similar issue with my 05 Grand Prix GT. The lights come on intermittently however my anti lock brake is kicking in when I am moving very slow on normal dry pavement. I had my left front wheel barring change and it seem to work fine for about 1 week and the then the problem returned. It appears to be a wiring issue but I haven't been able to take it apart myself to look. Any thoughts if this is the same issues as above.

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I reported 3 years ago that I fixed this problem by installing a replacement harness section between the wheel sensor harness coming from the engine area, to the wheel sensor. That was on the right side. A year an a half ago, the problem returned and I fixed it by installing a replacement harness for the left side. Now the problem is back, and I'm starting diagnosis. But based on my experience, before you install a new wheel bearing with an ABS sensor, try the replacement harness first.

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This is a follow-up to the post I made a month ago. By replacing the rear wheel sensor harness, it fixed the current problem. A wire to the left rear wheel sensor in the harness was "open." The fix turned off all three warning messages that were rotating on the Driver Information Center, namely, "Service Traction System," "Service ABS System," and "Service Variable Effort Steering." Also, while we were getting those messages, my daughter reported that when the light came on, the steering effort would increase. Since I've replace the rear harness, the steering effort is back to normal. I have no idea why this harness failure could cause the Variable Effort Steering message to go on, and steering effort change. If anyone understand why that is happening, it would be interesting to find out. So in my case, every problem with this system has been fixed by a harness repair: RF at 92,979 miles, left front at 104,142 miles, and left rear at 116,562 miles. The rear harness also replaces the RR harness at the same time.

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Ok so my 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix base model has the traction control lift and abs light come on. We had a mechanic fix it and he said it was the brake booster and master cylinder. So we replace that and now it seems the problem is still there. The brake boaster was replaced with the master cylinder because as we would be braking or coming down a driveway or low grade you would feel motion in the brake pedal. The lights and movement in the brake pedal stopped after the mechanic replaces said items. Now about a year later the lights came on and after the movement in the brake pedal returned. I don't know if we need to replace said items again or a harness light others have said.

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My 97 GPGT has had these problems numerous times, if it isn't a hub bearing with excessive play, a wiring harness at the speed sensor is usually the culprit. Dirty or lose connection mostly. My problem stems from shattered axles and or differential housings, a close inspection of the harness usually gives you an idea what the problem is. I replace wires with a soldering gun and fresh wire going to the harness, solves my problems.


I don't have an answer but I DO HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM. And the other problem used to be the headlight would stop working too, burnt sensor , replaced pigtail wire , sensor thoe was replaced 2ce..this GM HAS POOR ENGINEERING ON ELETRICIAL EVERYTHING IT SEEMS.. I'm gonna look for this wire harness in the rear?? can any one tell me if this is easy to spot ?? never done befor.

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My Variable Effort Steering light came for service, can anyone tell me why and what is it. I read in the manual about steering problems over 20 mph steering would be harder. is it something that I really need to take to the dealership for repair?


Do you get any other messages, like "Service Traction System" or "Service ABS System?" If you do, check my messages above, it might be a wiring harness problem.

No I only get just that the Variable Effort Steering light message. I will check some of your messages and see if any of those things might work out, thanks

I have an 02 GT the ABS and track light comes on and goes off. I've changed the wheel bearings bit that didn't fix it. The break pedal and stearing wheel also will catch.


Barry, Read all my posts above. It could very well be one of the wiring harnesses near the wheel, they get wet and salty and the insulation of the wire rots. If you can get a friend or a car parts place to scan for codes, it will tell you which wheel is having the problem. When we had the problem on my daughter's 04 GTP, it was both front wheel harnesses, failed at different times. Later, one rear wheel harness had a problem, and that one caused some weird feedback to the steering. A new rear harness fixed that. You'll know this is a common problem, because almost all car parts dealers will have a short section of the harness to splice in at the wheel, either at the store, or able to get overnight. They wouldn't be having those stocked if there wasn't a lot of cars failing them.


I have a 2004 & my abs light comes on and it too dies! I can't afford a new car. I wonder if it is related to my transmission slipping from time to time!! ??? Please Help

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