I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue with a random no start problem.


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I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue with a random no start problem. It's a no crank no
start issue and the security light is not blinking. Randomly it will not start and if i just
wait a period of time (15min, 30min 1hr) I can put the key back in and it'll start. After
starting the car would be good for 1.5 weeks then it would happen all over again. The
battery was tested and is good, it's all grounded correctly, altenator is good, starter
tested and good. There is a remote starter that was installed (not by the dealer) before
I required the car around the time the car was purchased.

I replaced the ignition switch and that solved the problem for ~1.5 month, but then it
started acting up again. So I unbolted the ignition switch and having it lose which
worked again for 2-3days then it didn't start, so I removed the new ignition switch and
got it refunded for a new one (Autozone). When I replaced the ignition switch it failed to
work, so I put in the original ignition switch and valah it worked (Weird…). However,
this only worked for again 2-3 days then to fix it this time I only removed and re-
inserted the lock cylinder (which I did twice) and now it has been working for about a
week now with no issues…for now.

SO, what is failing/going on?

Sorry for the novel, but felt the more info the better. Finally, nothing was done to the
care before this issue presented it just…."happened".

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the starter brushes may be down to nubs,or one sticking! next time bang on the starter with a bar or something, if that cures the no turn over, replace it,

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Well, I had already pulled off the starter and had it checked before and we didn't see an issue while testing it. I appreciate your suggestion/help, but what if the starter is NOT the issue…what else do you think it may be?

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my daughter is having what sounds like the same problem with her intrigue. Will work fine for a week maybe even a month then out the blue won't start. She leaves for a few hours goes back and it starts first try. Have you had any luck figuring out what's going on with yours.We were told by two different garage they couldn't tell anything about it if it wasn't doing it while they had it in the garage. Any info would be appreciated.

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I never did find out what was the issue. However, I found a solution that seems to be working anytime I encounter a no start. I simply put the key in and continually try to start it, moving the key from the "on" > "start" until it starts again, sometimes this is ~15 times or even higher. The highest I have gone is ~32 times. I suspect in my issue it's the computer and Passlock having issues. I've only had to do this 3-4 times since I posted my question. I feel that I've "re-programmed" it…if that's even possible because I haven't had to do this for over 1.5 months. So yeah, Just keep cranking until it comes on…I just went from the "on" > "start" somewhat quickly until it started.

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Thank you. I'll let her know.

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It might be the crankshaft position sensor. I was having the same issue and once I replaced it my car was back up and running

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Okay, thanks for letting me know! I just had my car do what I was saying it did in my initial post. However, I was unable to get it to start using the technique I used in my previous response to "DanaAnn" I ended up replacing the Crankshaft Position Sensor and It started right up… Hopefully it fixes my "issue" like it did for you!

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I just fixed my little brothers car with the 3.5 lt twin cam Cadillac engine and let me tell you the transmissions are a bitch to rebuild but he had the same issue and it seems to be a loose connection on the wires in the steering column

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Phantom440s method worked for me. What I did was turn the key to ACC, then On, THEN start, and it worked. I guess turning it one setting at a time worked


So after a while the ACC,ON, then start no longer worked, BUT I did find a workaround last fall that seems to have fixed the issue for me. The main issue for me was a short in the ground. I used a multimeter to test all the relays, fuses, "ignition wire", all my grounds to the car body (cleaned them), I checked my PCM, checked the neutral safety switch, cleaned all the contacts and a few other things. No go. SO, I figured out that neutral wire/ground was bad. I discovered that when I used one color of my jumper cables (like an "extended wire") to connect from my starter back to my negative terminal (black) on my battery, my car started right away. When I removed the jumper cable, it did not start. Thus, I bought a 4 gauge battery cable and grounded it from one of the starter bolts to an existing grounded bolt/site. This fixed my problem for ~1month. After that my starter failed (funky relay in my solenoid) I bought another (from a junkyard), replaced it..but it did not work. Then I bought an extended 4 gauge battery cable and ran it from my negative battery terminal all the way down to one of those 2 bolts that holds the starter in and ever since it starts.... every. single. time. Almost coming up on a year now and still starts. Conclusion: I recommend looking at a cracked or bad ground. If it needs cleaning, clean the contact spots. if not applicable, (Using same color) try clipping one side of the jumper cable onto the starter and running the other side to the negative terminal and see if that works for you. If so, just buy a long 4 gauge wire and run it like I did (Negative terminal to one of the starter bolts) and secure it with zip ties. Cheers! p.s. I know this may not apply to everyone's situation, but I definitely wished someone would have told a non-car guru like myself about a simple trick of hooking of the jumper cables like I mentioned above. This would have saved me a lot of time.

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I have an 02 intrigue and I'm having the same problem. Today it wouldn't start put it in neutral and back in park and it started right up.. Has any one found the real problem to this? Seeming show its a common thing in these vehicles

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We ended up replacing the ignition switch on my daughters car and that fixed her problem. Ended up receiving a recall card in the mail for the same part we had to replace some months later. Go figure. You might want to start with calling a dealer to see if that recall is still available. Good luck!

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We big time need help! We have a 2002 old's intrigue and it will NOT start or crank no matter what! We replaced ignition module, ignition cylinder, we bypassed security, checked all the wires checked all spark plugs, tried banging on starter, alt is good, starters good, batter is good, she has gas in her, ground wires good. We tried the wait 10, 15, 20, 30 minutes thing with it in the on-start and nothing, it will NOT crank and will NOT start! I'm pregnant and due in 3 weeks and we've got to get her going! My husband and father in law have tried everything they can think of, please someone help!! We have only had her for 3 weeks, and she's been down for 2!

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My wife just found this thread. Hopefully not only is Gypsy Mamma enjoying a healthy Gypstette, you also have a reliable Olds by now. One thing you did not mention was the crank sensor. When we first got our daughter's 2001 Intrigue, it would randomly quit but always restart. Too scary for this Dad. Anyway, after trial and error, the crank sensor was the answer. Maybe a year later, the Olds was a random no start at all. After module replacement, running four ground wires everywhere, and finally the ignition switch, the car was back to being friendly. The key in on the dash is not covered by the recall for column mounted switches. BUT now, you turn the key to on, all the dash warning lights flash, the fuel gauge pulsates and no start. Starter does not even attempt to turn.. Then next time you cycle the key, the dash is normal and it starts normally. No answers on this one, yet. And yes,same story. A shop can't fix what does not happen at their location.


Same problem. 2001 intrigue. A mechanic friend with a computer worked on it for half an hour. Said it could be Camshaft position sensor or multi function switch. When I clicked for a left turn, the engine stopped. But my problem had had a unique aspect. Sometimes, when trying to start the car, the dashboard lights would blink on and off. Put on the left blinker and all the lights would stop. But the car wouldn't start with the left signal down. Lift it to neutral, and it would or wouldn't start. That problem went away. Now we have to decide where to spend the money first. Fix the directional signal or fix the camshaft position sensor. We are running out of reliable cars to buy. Everyone has been having recalls. Sad.

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I found a starter bypass switch on the internet and hired a home electrician to install it right out in my driveway (although it came with instructions). It worked! It has never happened again. I wish I could remember the name but it was a couple of years ago. Do that is fixed but one by one many other electrical issues kept plopping Also before that I came across something on the internet that worked for a good while. Inset key, turn it to ACC. Now turn it back and forth from accessory (ACC) on the ignition switch to the on position but don't turn it far enough to crank it yet. Do this... it was either 10 or 11 times w ssh output pausing. If you pause or missing you have to wait at least 10 mins. Before you do it again. Then turn to off position, next start as usual. It worked!

I called the part an ignition bypass in my answer a moment ago. It's the anti theft mechanism bypass switch

We had replaced the ignition switch at the start of our problems and therefore did not consider it again. After months of frustration, it still seemed like it was the ignition switch. The first replacement had been an after market brand from a parts store. This time we went the few extra bucks from the dealer. It has been reliable ever since!

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