Well The Suspension Parts From A 2002 Intrigue Fit On A 1999 Intrigue

I was forced off the road hit a curb and pretty much snapped the bracket that holds the bottom of the strut at the caliper will the parts from a 2002 Intrigue fit on a 99 Intrigue

Why Wont My Car Start?

I have a 2002 oldsmobile intrigue and the car starts only when it wants to. I had the battery and the starter changed and it still wont start.

Why Car Stallings

98 Oldsmobile intrigue- why my car stalls at red light an intersection about 7 times a day. Also it sometimes stalls when it's in idle. But it will start right back up. I got new gas filter Cleaned...

I Changed My Ignition Switch On My 2002 Oldsmobile Intrigue And It Will Not...

When key is in the on position the Security light is on and stays on but if I try to crank it it turns off. It doesn't flash or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.