what street legal car will beat a underground racing 2011 gallardo. As far as i know i havent seen a car faster than it. I beaten a bugatti. and now i wonder what can actually beat it? anyone know?


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you know what,i think beating a bugatti is kind of to much fiction so i think you did not beat a bugatti and bugatti can beat a gallardo.


Actually your wrong. just think about this. A bugatti super sport is the worlds fastest car. for now. Secondly it goes 0-60 in about 2.2 seconds also has 1200hp so about 900ish whp to the wheels. An Underground racing tuned lamborghini gallardo goes 0-60 in about 2.0 seconds and is pushing on 93 octane 1400hp and 1050whp(FYI- whp is wheel horse power or what u are actually putting on the ground). so the lamborghini has 100+ more hp than the bugatti ss. also the bugatti ss weights 3400 pounds and the tuned gallardo weights 2700 pounds, well around that. so it weights around 500 pounds less with 100+whp more. when i raced one it was just the normal veyron so it is pushing 700whp. weights 3600pounds and was stock. it took it 3 or so miles to reach 200 while it took me less than a mile. the gallardo can get from 0-200 in 16.4 seconds and it takes the bugatti 24.6 seconds to reach 200. this is why i asked is there any car than can beat it. but when u say a bugatti can beat a gallardo, yes it can if both were stock but im not talking about a stock gallardo, i am talking about a twin turbo 1875hp (on c16 race fuel) lamborghini.

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my bad actually the UGR gallardo weights 2300pounds, so 1000 pounds less than a bugatti.


oh ya forgot to say the normal bugatti veryon weights 4500 pounds. the super sport i believe weights 3600 pounds, but might weight more. so it is about half the weight.

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Maybe the Koenigsegg Agera...

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ya possibly idk. I dont know anyone with that car. but that car sure is nice looking.


i think this pic is of a ferrari


no dude... its a koenigsegg agera and the bugatti ss is not half the weight of the regular veyron

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umm you might wanna try the koenisgegg agera r <--- brand new just came and just set the worlds fastest record from 0-300-0, confirmed by guiness world book of records http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WtlmpOKMG4


in the video his 0-300 km/h or 0-200 m/h takes about 15-16 seconds


Your missing the point here. I have a 1500whp lamborghini gallardo TT. We are not talking about other cars. First. The bugatti ss is 4200 pounds. Secondly the koeningsegg is electronically limited to 232mph. It cant go any faster and it has 1200hp. now my car, ive gotten mine up to 242 before i ran out of road, it can get to 215 in under a mile. What i am trying to look for here is a car that is FASTER than my lambo. buggatti, no, the koeningsegg, no.


First off, you have a high-boost turbo system, and probably couldn't run more than a few thousand miles on the boost required for 1,500 HP without getting a full rebuild. The Koenigsegg and, admittedly, the Bugatti (I'm not a big Bugatti fan) can run for more than 40k miles before a rebuild. Also, is top speed the only thing that matters? I think not. In a measure of actually tractable performance, I would suggest you do a 0-300-0 (in km/h). See if you can beat the Agera's time, I bet you can't. And this is still only paying attention to straight-line performance. Try going up against any Koenigsegg, any Pagani, a Caterham R500 or any Ascari on a track and you will fall far behind, no matter what boost levels you have running. Also, unlimited, the Agera would far outpace your car in pure straight-line speed because of aerodynamics. They limit it for the same reason VW limits the Bugatti, safety. And this Ford GT, along with a variety of other high-boost supercars similar to yours but faster, could beat you in straight line: http://jalopnik.com/5524786/heffner-ford-gt-sets-26693-mph-standing-mile-record This early 90's 911 has a faster mile speed than your Gallardo (236 mph): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CwlJaeKQ_k There are also a couple Supras that have faster mile speeds than your car. The 9ff GT9 is faster than your car: http://jalopnik.com/5426828/9ff-gt9+r-an-insane-257-mph-murder-machine The Hennessey Venom GT would undoubtedly beat you, no matter the performance measure: http://www.hennesseyperformance.com/venomgt.html There are a multitude of muscle cars, still street legal, that would walk all over your car, and have 500 HP to spare. There are a variety of Porsches worked over by 9ff and RUF that are faster than your car. And that's before we get to the ridiculous boost levels that you're surely running. When you start going there, there are EVO's and STI's faster than your car. Hell, someone in Dubai has probably built a sleeper Civic that's faster than your car. Basically, your car is fast. Extremely fast. Ridiculously fast. I wish I owned a car nearly as fast. But there are MANY faster cars in this world. Just because you're the best in your little bubble doesn't mean you're the best there is. That's like the best rugby player in the US thinking he would be one of the best in the world. In reality, he would be pitiful. Similar thing when you try comparing your car against the true players. Tl;dr: Don't be a cocky asshole.

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my car can

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well until i race any of those cars, how will i ever know that they are faster, only car i witness beat my car is a alpha 12 gtr. also im trying to be cocky, its just i havent found a car, that on street tires, can run 0-200 faster than my car yet. I know i have the fastest car in Missouri and second fastest in the MIdwest. But thanks for the list of cars that might beat mine.


Fastest in Missouri.

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Im pretty sure i have the fastest street legal car. that will still pass emissions here and everything. Now there are some other 7 second cars, but they run that on slicks(illegal tires) and they probably wont pass emission levels.


thendo you wan to race


ya sure, what do u have?


i know about 50 cars that can whip your ass


Ya, but what if give those tunings to a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport or a SSC Ultimate Aer, or even a Lamborghini Aventador? Would it be the fastest car then?


The aventador you can get a UR tune, have it at 1200whp

henry just raped and annihilated your ass hole, just saying.



The Hennessy Venom GT would beat that car

And maybe Ryan Woons toyota supra look it up


Chuk Norris would out run your car

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Have you seen sal's 1999 viper. It's pushing 2200 to 2500 hp and runs the quarter mile in the low sevens.



The ONLY CAR THE Veyron FEARS is no longer in production. It was a street legal California made production car called the Vector W2. It had 1350HP from a chevy Donovan twin turbo V8 and a recorded stop speed of 302mph- the test driver got scared and backed off at that speed because the car became unstable.


Actually upon further research about the Vector W2, the driver was forced to back off because the tires were starting to fall apart as tire technology back when the Vector was in production could not meet that vehicles performance requirements.


Google fastest mile car and it will be a twin turbo Ford gt and not a portly Italian car

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Performance Power Racing's Ford GT TT. Less horsepower, less pistons and covered the mile at 283 mph. Fastest street car ever! Of course better aerodynamics.

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A bugatti veyron supersport will beat a tuned lamborghini gallardo. With a top speed of 267 mph the lamborghini wouldn't stand a chance. A Hennessey venom gt would go even better than the bugatti. A Koenigsegg one-1 will also beat the tuned lamborghini gallardo.

Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

I own a custom hand made car I made from diffrent car accessories and did momodmodifications I think I created the car that is so fast it'll pick up the pavement on the road and leave it blisters my car goes 2800whp and it still has more whp to spare it'll make your Lamborghini LambCake my speed is beyond 380 my car kicks dust when the engine spits it'll pile up a stack of fallen trees for you in one step I can't drive these car I barely hit the P and im at ridiculous speed FUCK a second my car hardly roars but like I said I've seen cars roar like they going speed of light and they on the same spot I believe you can make a fast car if you manufactured it with your own hands I also believe that I would prefer a car that drives smooth and has impeccable turning sensation and a feel like Im floating instead of driving I would prefer the Mercedes Benz i8 I know that you'll by far out runMzB-i8 but I like impeccable performance over speed that's just my opinion.

Don't underestimate the old model cars some of them pushing 2200 to 2500 hp and runs the quarter mile in the low sevens they will run over you and make your Lamborghini begging for Mercy


whattt o to 200 mph in 15 secs and call himself the fastest lol lol lol how aboutttttttt well lets see u ever heard bout street legal drag supercar made in germany that uses a 12.7 liters killer best motors ever built bbc it takes 10 secs to hit 200mph 1200hp pump gas and hiperreliable probably the most durable car ever, in fact anything built around a chevy block is unbetable in terms of DURABILITY and durability is the best way to win races do u still wnt to to the name of the car whel here it goes : WEINECK COBRA ur lambo might some fast speccs in determinated distances or times its one of the best but no body is more than any body my friend the life is full of surprices , you winn more by being humble , coz u never know how might be around the next corner next day . just a frienlly advice.


ever heard bout LAREA GT! SUPERRACE CAR also made in germany 2.0 secs to hit 60mph and only with 1242hp LS motor and close to 400mph top speed limiter bv gearing ever hear bout 720ho LS motor ULTIMA GTR lol this baby only weights 2000lbs it has the same power to weight ratio of ur car with apunch of hp and costs only 100k$ yurs cost around 500k$ too much $ to go that fast and last too little lol ever heard bout 1750hp nelsons racinf ultima gtr this car has a power to weight ratios of 1,4 pounds per hp meanning that each hp only moves 1,4libs yur lambo is about 1,7libs per hp , meanning that on paper the ultima might be faster so dont be too too happy about what u got coz there are hiper light powerfullsupercars out there u just havent raced them , likr i say be humble cos some one might put you down one day my budy in life we all win and lose amen

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