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What Does Code 84 Mean?

Code 84

Looking For Someone To Drive My Car To Florida

looking for driver to drive my car to florida

When Selling My Car To Carguru Can My Offer Change Upon Pickup?

When selling my car directly to cargurus can my offer change? I was offered $6000 and have set a pickup time

Unidentified Metal Object

Recently had some body work done on my 2015 Chevy Spark. This metal object (photo) was left in my car. Does anyone have an idea of what it could be? Is it a critical part that could affect the safet...

'17 Chevy Spark Loud Engine After Air Filter Check

A few days ago I wanted to check my engine air filter to see if it needed changing. I took off both screws holding the housing together, but in the process dropped one and couldn't find it. I'm no...