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2006 Lucerne Transmission

Is it difficult to put a new transmission in a 2006 Lucerne

Where Is The Starter Located


How do I pull the old starter out

Car Made A Loud Ticking Noise Then It Shut Off And Where The Radiator Hose...

Car made loud ticking noise then it shut off and where the hose comes out of the plastic radiator a chunk broke off what kind of damage can I expect

2010 Buick Lucerne

I just bought a buick lucerne a week ago. Drove fine for a few days untill it rained. Didnt drive it in the rain. Next day car wouldnt start would crank bit not fire. Next day it eventually sta...

Buick Lucerne Overview

Continuing its rebranding in a hope to boost sales and attract younger buyers, Buick has replaced the extremely popular LeSabre with the new full-sized Lucerne. The Lucerne has big shoes to fill, as the LeSabre accounted for more than half of all Buick sales until its demise.

Marketing itself as a luxury sedan, the Lucerne also signals the return of the V8 engine to the Buick lineup after a ten-year absence. Offering upscale comfort and room at a lower price tag than many foreign sedans, the Lucerne comes in three trims (CS, CXL, and CXS) with two different engines. The different trim names are supposed to evoke luxury and sport styling, though they only really vary by their standard features. Even the base model comes loaded with standard power elements, air conditioning, ABS brakes and traction control. Leather seats are the norm for the luxury and sport models, and a navigation system, leather steering wheel, and heated seats are nice options.
The Lucerne has received a big, though decidedly unnoticed marketing push, being featured on Martha Stewart's short-lived "Apprentice" show and serving as the car that toted Tiger Woods around to his appearances in 2006. These stunts hint at Buick's attempt to aim at a younger market than its stereotypical retiree driver.

Still too new to gauge its success or failure, the Lucerne has scored highly for a quiet and comfortable driving experience, and the V8 is a welcome addition under the hood.

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