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Air Climatr Control

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Acura Type S Transmission

I have a 2003 Acura TL type S. Its transmission is bad. I was wonder what models I could use as a swap. For example. They have a 2001 TL NON type S and I want to see if that will work on the 03 typ...

2000 Acura 3.2tl Won't Start

My problem is that after I got my head gasket change, my car won't start. I turn the key and it cranks but won't start. I did the dignoise and it says that I have a IAT senior voltage problem. Fir...

How To Add Vin Number

2005 Acura TL

I lowered my car and now when I drive the car dance or slides left and right. I know that the lower I go the more it dances because of the camber but it eats my tires fast and I wanted to know how ...

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Acura TL Overview

The Acura TL has taken its place as one of Acura's most popular models since its inception in 1996 as the successor to the Vigor and Legend. During that time, the entry level luxury sedan has undergone 3 major revisions.

In 1996, the TL debuted in 2 trims: the 2.5TL and the 3.2TL. The 2.5TL featured a 2.5 L, 176 hp I5 engine while the 3.2TL offered a stronger 3.2 L, 200 hp V6 powertrain. 1999 marked the elimination of the 2.5TL. In addition, Acura added 25 hp to the 3.2 L V6.

After the second major revision, the new Type S trim added some extra power to lineup in 2002 and if you're looking for something used with 2 doors, the TL coupe sipped an extended cup of coffee from 2001-2003. Finally, in 2004, Acura ratcheted the power up to 270 hp on the 3.2 L V6.

Through it all, the TL has maintained its sense of style with interior and exterior makeovers over the years.

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